Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What I Discovered In Hull Recently

You can get crab in Hull.

I do not like crab.

Trip Advisor has very limited suggestions for Hull.  And for East Yorkshire.  Which leads me to conclude that there either isn’t much to do, or nobody uses the internet there.

I often got a 2G network.  And very occasionally, 3G.

Footgolf is a thing.  Not only did I beat my sister, which is fairly imperative to manly pride, but also I got a hole in one.  I am the man.

There are no beards in Hull.

However there are plenty of cool bars in Hull now, especially in some of the more previous run-down shopping areas.  Dare I say it – a little East London ish.

My mother was hugely appreciated at the job she retired from.

My father cooks small portions of food.

Allotments are peaceful.

Hull has craft lager pubs too.  Very nice ones.

Leffe is apparently served with a glass of ice.  WTF?

Chip spice isn’t as good nowadays.

Neither is my local fish and chip shop.  But it is still miles better than anything in Reading.

More of my friends should visit Hull.

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