Monday, September 29, 2014

The Adventures Of James - Trees Everywhere

Trees - trees everywhere!

Do you remember that Seth Troxler video about the bats?

Well this was similar.  Except I could see lots of trees.  And I wasn't on acid.  Or wearing my girlfriend's pants.

I have decided to get out and adventure more and explore more places.  As I cannot afford European travel, I shall make do with the land around me.

And what a green and pleasant land it is.  Thank you dearest rain.

So yesterday morning whilst having a long procrastination session during my studying, I eventually decided that I would wonder into yonder for an adventure through Swinley Forest near Ascot.  I already have a train ticket to Bracknell so the extra from Bracknell to Ascot was just £2.10 – well within my budget.  Who would have thought working in Bracknell would ever come useful?

I don’t think I have been in a forest since adulthood, not a proper forest – a wood yes, forest no.

First I had to walk through parts of Ascot - as you can see below, it was very dangerous.

Apparently that is the normal colour of water in Ascot.  I carefully avoided any contamination.

I was particularly impressed upon arrival.

Trees, forever trees.  How exciting.

More trees.   Less exciting.

Yet more trees.  And on, and on.

Trees are pretty boring.  No bats.

I did however find the landing strip for those cocaine planes from South America:

There was one interesting part where they were breeding dragonflies, which are damn cool insects.  So there were lots of dragonflies.  But I didn’t see anything else.  Except trees.

 My conclusion is that trees are better as furniture.