Friday, August 29, 2014

Sorry But I Think I Have Changed.

I think I have changed.

Don’t worry I have not had a sex change, or done something disgustingly immoral like get a gym membership, or hell something extreme like giving up gravy.  Though tonight will be my first pint of gravy for a couple of weeks.  And last time I didn’t like it, though I was ill at the time.  I called my boss to tell him I was too ill to go to work – he asked about my symptoms and I said “I didn’t like the taste of gravy” and that was enough.

I was planning to go to see Nina Kraviz and Marcel Dettmann at fabric on Saturday.  3 friends were in “agreement” to go when discussed a while back – I can just imagine how amazing Nina would be in room 1 and Marcel is one of my favourite DJs that I am yet to see.

But I just keep thinking about my future, and having to study towards it.

My plans seem to revolve around studying.  I want to understand JQuery.  I want to learn PHP.  I desire an understanding of Drupal, Wordpress, Sass – I need to improve my understanding of responsive design.  I want to test my newly-learned JavaScript skills.

I don’t want to waste potential study-time with day-long hangovers.  In fact they are usually two days long now and then I spend another two days having to catch up with things like washing, ironing, cleaning etc so a big night out tends to mean a week without studying.

Not that I do that much studying during the week as I set my alarm for 530am and think, oh let’s sleep another hour, as opposed to, woohoo get up and study JavaScript!  I think I should move Maggie to my room.  She would inspire me.  And I am too drained when I come home from work.  I do some but not enough.

I think I do 4 hours studying a week.  I need to do a minimum of 12.

I still love the music, and my arm was easily twistable to go to fabric this weekend though now my decision is made and I am not.

I am also enjoying saving some money, albeit not much but it is nice to have some money to spend on clothes and enough to be planning a weekend away with my sister to Belgium – on the basis that it is the nearest country that I have never been to.  And the Eurostar is cool.

Oh yeah and the beer in Belgium is ok.  And I would like to try to kettle the Belgian police and throw glass bottles at them in revenge for last Thursday.

So that is it.  I have finally turned boring.  I held out to the age of 34 so not bad going.  Slippers will be going on my Christmas list.

There is a greater plan though as I want to have an apartment in Ibiza by time I am 40, preferably not having to work too much as I will be rich from my random train station app or something like that.

And then I can go clubbing every day.

I hope your happy with change, Mr Obama.