Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April Excitement

It’s been a pleasant but unremarkable first quarter of the year.  I feel like I am missing some excitement in my life at the moment.  Average is the word.

So for April I have planned:

Sunday in London with a very special friend.  I cannot unveil my plans as she does read my blog from time to time, and also I haven’t actually got a definite plan yet but I have been told my idea of a toilet tour is crap.

Name change decision.  April 9th is the day that the FA reject the name change to Hull Tigers.  Or at least they better reject it.  And then our owner is putting the club up for sale the day after…yeah right.

Fa Cup Semi-Final.  The last time Hull City AFC were in an FA Cup Semi-Final, even my grandmother hadn’t been born.  Yes, it was 1930 and we lost to Arsenal.  All of myself, my sister, my father and mother have seats at Wembley sat together and I truly cannot wait.  And we are the favourites to go through to our first ever FA Cup Final.  And we have a 100% record at Wembley.

Hot Cross Bun Day.  Yes I am going to eat nothing but hot cross buns on one day (tbc) before Easter.  Butter and jam also allowed.

Easter in Hull.  I feel overdue a visit to Hull and Easter is the perfect time – all my family will be there and my Grandma as well and I might persuade my sister to go to the Clubbing Museum.  Yes it exists, in Hull of all places.

Glory supporting.  Yes I am officially a glory supporter, not only do I have tickets for Wembley, and the other match I went to this season was Man Utd – I of course have tickets for the Arsenal game.  I shall have to invest in a half and half scarf like a plastic.

Notably no partying at all is planned.  This is accidental, no nights in Reading, no big nights out in London (and fuck do I need one!), no DJ sets.  Weird.  I seem to be changing.

I do have a holiday to look forward to though, he he he.