Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Teachers Strike

So it isn't only me having a day off work today, the teachers are on strike too.

You probably know my opinions so I thought I would do something more interesting than the usual moaning about lazy public sector workers.

I decided to do a little test and post the same comment on both the Reading Evening Post website, and the Hull Daily Mail website, to compare the reaction.

The comment, of course, was "Get back to work".

On the Reading Evening post, there is a lot of support with a rating of +12 (as it stands).

On the Hull Daily Mail, the opposite occurred with a rating of -5, currently.

Shock horror.

8 Hours Of Work Later...

Whilst you lot have been chilling out at work, I have been sat in front of a computer working hard, updating my other website, Ubereadoolische.

It has taken me about 8 hours but I have done a full redesign, simplified it and amended most of the content.

This is what it used to look like.

This is what it now looks like.

So much cleaner and more modern looking.  I am very happy with it.

I still have a few bits to finish but that can be done whenever.

The next step of my project is to set up a site called, Winfield Web Design.

I think it has a ring to it doesn't it?  I will eventually have that change of career.  Why I didn't do this whilst I was unemployed I don't know - though that was a very busy 6 months of my life.  Or even when I had that job with no work for 12 months.

Any comments or suggestions always welcomed.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Reading FC Experience vs The Hull City AFC Experience

So I have just been to watch Reading.  I thought a lot about Hull City during the game.

Despite the similar-sized stadiums and clubs been of reasonably equal stature on average over the past 5-6 years, there were many differences.

Before you ask, it was a free ticket and I supported Barnsley, albeit secretly.

1. I paid £8.80 for two pre-match pints in a local pub.  I probably would have got four pints in Hull.
2. The food looks much better at Reading.  At Hull the seats look more edible that the hot dogs.  At Reading, the food looks appealing - and they sell fish and chips at the Madejski - no surprise with Reading being well-known for its fishing.
3. I didn't see anyone smoking in the toilets at the Reading game.
4. They played music after the Reading goal.  WTF?  If Hull City think there is an uproar about the name change - that is nothing compared to what would happen if they dared play after-goal music.
5. The quality of football was much poorer than Hull.  To be expected given that it was a lower division but some of the mis-hits were shocking.
6. Booing.  1-1 at half-time and there was some audible booing.  At full-time, having lost 3-1 at home, admittedly against the team at the bottom of the division, there was significant booing, and also jeering after mistakes.  A lot of negativity.  Far more booing than I have heard at Hull in recent seasons.  A bit of reality is required, Reading fans - 6th in the Championship is decent.  Less jeering, more supporting.
7. Even at 3-1 down with 5 minutes to go, there was only a trickle of fans leaving.  At Hull there would be streams leaving if it was 1-1 which is totally nonsensical.  And if people think the traffic is bad in Hull then you ain't seen nothing compared to Reading!  Though there does seem to be much more organisation at Reading in terms of various park and ride systems, loads of buses, plenty of nearby car-parks, etc.
8. The Circle (or the KC Stadium if you have to call it by it's official name) is hardly renowned for its atmosphere but I recall hearing just ONE chant tonight by the Reading fans, which was after the game - "That was embarrassing, that was embarrassing...".  One chant, is indeed embarrassing.

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Most Important Vote of 2014

No not the Scottish Independence vote, or the European Elections (you do know there are European elections in May, don't you?).

But the NAME CHANGE vote.

Anyone who has seen the badge on my coat, the banners on Facebook or pays any vague interest to football will know that our owner is trying to change our name from the historic and traditional Hull City AFC, to the ridiculously cheesy Hull Tigers, all because Hull CITY Council won't give him the football stadium for free.

So after denying that we needed a poll to say what the fans supported, back in November, as soon as the FA advise that they will be recommending to reject the proposed name change, the owners suddenly say "Yes we need a poll, we always said were going to have one".

The poll should simply read:

Do you agree with the proposed name change to “Hull Tigers”? – YES/NO

But of course the owner who has run our club during the best part of our footballing history, and rescued us from a serious debt (albeit we are now in debt to him, at 5% interest), has decided to make it a vote on him and his family running the club.

So in the name of fair polling as I am sure our erstwhile Egyptian owner has plenty of historical experience of, he has issued a totally disgracefully loaded question assumedly after reading the Putin Book of Democracy, as thus:

* Yes to Hull Tigers with the Allam family continuing to lead the club
* No to Hull Tigers
* I am not too concerned and will continue to support the club either way

So in other words, if you want the owner to stay, and the vast majority of fans do despite him telling us we are thugs, hooligans and can die when we want, you have to vote Yes to Hull Tigers.

The No to Hull Tigers option, then implies that you will not continue to support the club with the way the dodgy third option is included.

As a Hull City fan I am well used to dodgy deceitful owners, but this is almost the worst as he was our saviour and him and his family as should be local heroes yet they try their hardest to piss off all the fans - and believe me many of us are 'raaht fooked off'.

Tomorrow's game may see the first Allam Out chants.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Budget 2014

Some of my friends think that politics is boring.

Well, this budget was indeed boring.

But that is a good thing.  For boring, read stable.  Resilient and steady.

Personally, myself and all working people will benefit from the increase in the personal allowance to £10,500.00 (ie the amount you are not taxed on - so if you earn £25,000.00 a year, you will only be taxed on £14,500.00 of that).  Small change but better than tax increases under Labour.

A penny will be knocked off the price of a pint.  Labour would have put your beer tax up, like they always did (not to mention how much they put on fuel duty - do you remember?).

The most striking thing about it, is that 14 months away from the general election, it is of course a political budget, with the aim not only to ensure that traditional or sometime Tory voters that might either be wavering towards UKIP or Labour, will be more minded towards voting Conservative in May 2015, but also to ensure Mr Osborne is well-thought of during his battle with Boris, which if things go tits up for Dave next year, will become very pertinent.

So the allowance before the 40% tax rate has been increased slightly, of course many of those that earn enough to have to pay the 40% tax rate are potential Tory voters.  This is a clear signal for what would happen if the Conservatives are re-elected, ie the squeeze on the middle-income folk will abate.

There were also changes for pensions that may well appeal to older voters (also more likely to vote Tory...or UKIP!) but they are too boring for me to talk about and my readership doesn't include many people approaching pension age!

Interestingly there are new powers against tax avoiders.

Most importantly though, bingo tax has been halved.

So yeah, it was boring and I don't really have anything to say about it.  So boring that it should be commended.

I wonder what Omar S thinks?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Farewell Bob Crow

I decided to bide my time before making comment upon the death of an enemy, Bob Crow, as I did not want to fall for the temptation to say something inconsiderate.

Bob Crow was an enemy of the state, an enemy of the people.  An enemy of mine.

This was a man who called regular strikes on the London Underground, almost seemingly for fun – a power trip for a spiteful man, in battle against those who have almost eradicated the disease of socialism.

Someone who would think nothing of damaging the London economy to receive some minor personal gain and/or benefits to his followers.  A man who thought it his right to have a council house when on £100k a year salary when many others are homeless.

A man who wished Margaret Thatcher, upon news of her passing, to rot in hell.

Yet he was a hero to a small community for those same reasons, and from what I gather, a personable and amiable person to those he dealt with – even those he loved to hate.

More importantly, he was a reminder of the perils of socialism – mass strikes, economic chaos, etc that Mrs Thatcher and others (yes even Blair and Brown) have fought to eradicate to give everyone the opportunity of a better life.

He was a reminder of the importance of the fight against socialism and communism in this delicate economic and political climate experienced within many advanced countries such as ours.  A reminder that we should not let our guard down against the red peril.  A reminder that we should not fall for cheap Labour or UKIP-style populism when requiring serious decisions about the future of the economy, power-supply, the health-service, education and infrastructure in the country.

He was a reminder of the dark days of the 1970’s when unions succeeded into bringing the country into chaos for their own selfish desires, often for their own pathetic power games.  A reason to despise trade unions and ensure that they are the enemy of those that want to get on in life.

Trade Unions should not be there for the political battles of the likes of Bob Crow and Len McCluskey – they should be there to look after the rights of all workers, they shouldn’t be anathema to a hard-working man from Hull – someone of my northern working-class background should not view them as the enemy.

But by regularly causing misery to normal people through their pathetic strikes, disregard for the working man, and downright disrespect for the sadly deceased Margaret Thatcher, Bob Crow and his trade union became a symbol of what myself and so many people across the country despise (or maybe a symbol of defiance for those dreaming of being the next North Korea/Cuba/Venezeula).

I hope that the next leader of the RMT is more amicable in nature and we can avoid pointless strikes, the subsequent needless damage to the economy and the damage to the reputation of trade unions and those members that want to get on within their particular organisation whilst living and working in a prosperous country.

Bob Crow will be remembered as a character in a political world peppered with dullards such as the Milibands and the Cleggs.  A world of politics which is losing interest to many outside the Westminster bubble.  Where the main parties seemingly increasingly sound alike.

And you know what – I think I will miss him.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Lent 2014

Those of you that know me well will know that I am always keen to respect the religion that I was forced into as a baby without choice and always try to do something for Lent.

Last year I gave up zebra crossings.  However I take little notice of where I walk so I have no idea if I succeeded.

A few years ago I gave up paper clips for lent.  I did succeed with this but I got annoyed with stapling and unstapling, a tad inefficient.

This year I have decided to give up swearing – in French.

You may think this is easy for an Englishman but I live with a Frenchman.

Vaffanculo scheisen fuck.

That's the French President by the way.  Answers a few questions doesn't it?