Tuesday, February 04, 2014

The End Of The End Of The World Hole

Back in December 2012 when those wise scribes who believe everything on the internet, but nothing from the likes of government, scientists, etc, were predicting the end of the world I was convinced that nothing would happen.

Imagine my shock the next day when I found this hole on a grass verge near where I live.  Clearly a lucky escape from some kind of meteorite.

Or was it?  Were we doomed to some kind of poisonous radiation seeping into the atmosphere and sending the local residents crazy?

It does seem now that the danger is over as Reading Council have deemed it safe enough for their workers to fill the hole, finally.

But was I imperilled for those 13 months?  Did the planting of trees and the resurfacing of the pavement mitigate the radiation levels?

It was a good job that Reading Council put up the council tax by 2% last year, ignoring the government council tax freeze and the likely resident preferences to be able to take this action.

Tax and spend.  Yeah, it's a Labour council.  Useless tossbags.