Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Detox

The aim is for all of February – no intoxicants, not even caffeine.

Why the fuck am I doing a detox?  I used to be a proper party animal.  Friday to Sunday - Mango, after-party, pub breakfast, all day session, quick shower, Mango, after-party, Sunday lunch beers and finally to bed for a 14 hour sleep before work.  Always going out, always clubbing, always partying.  Granted I am too old and eminently sensible for that kind of regime now!

I have come to the conclusion that after nearly 20 years of drinking every weekend, normally heavily (though less so in recent years), my body and my internal organs may appreciate a rest.

There are other reasons too.

I need to finish paying back my overdraft.
I want to spend more time on web design and studying for it.
More time for catching up with non-clubbing friends.

Can I do it?

I think it will be fairly easy for the first half of the month but temptation will increasingly irritate me and I reckon the last two weekends will be difficult.

I have never gone more than 7-10 days without a drink since about the age of 15 (maybe except the time at college when I had severe pneumonia, but then I had steroids so that doesn't really count…oh they were good!).

So it is also a challenge, a change of behavioural patterns.  I am confident that I will achieve my goal.

I am hoping to feel good at the end of it but I am kind of expecting to ironically end up with severe manful, headaches, leprosy and trench foot.

Maybe I will love sobriety and never drink again?

Ha ha ha.