Friday, February 28, 2014

Goodbye Detox

So did I manage a month of detox?

Yes.  Kind of.  One minor infraction on the home straight but we aren’t even talking half a unit of alcohol.

Many doubted me but I knew I would be fine.  I am in a determined kind of mood at the moment, inspired to achieve my goals especially since I now have Margaret watching over me.

It was difficult to resist temptation at times.  On the first day in a pub in Shoreditch, I really wanted a drink to go with Sunday lunch.  When we had our house Christmas dinner there was wine open in front of me.  I had a real craving for a glass of wine but I knew it would be game over if I succumbed.  I didn’t even dare go into a nightclub.

So now it is effectively over, what did I notice?

I didn’t really expect a health boost as I am hardly a raging alcoholic but I do feel a bit more alive.  I was kind of hoping I might feel like an 18 year-old again.  Alas this is not the case.
I found it much easier to wake up earlier than I needed to, to do some studying.  Consequently I did more studying than for some time, including finishing my DJing website.
Social engagements don’t always require alcohol.  Though they are more fun with stimulation.
My bank balance improved.  By about £450.  Albeit only to zero.
I didn’t waste any weekend days spending all day in bed hanging.
I didn’t really get bored at any point, in fact I had a busier social life.
I lost a little bit of weight.  Though I actually lost more weight in January!
I have probably been slightly happier – no silent Mondays or comedown Tuesdays - but very few highs.  Just consistently quite happy - no roller-coasters.
Disappointingly, I farted less.

I quite enjoyed it but I bloody well cannot wait for a beer.

I am going to do this every year from now.  Maybe even twice a year as it is clearly a good way to save up for something I wouldn’t normally be able to afford – like a holiday for example.

Anyway it is soon time for a drink and I like breaking rules so I am going to have a drink before March.  Fuck it.  My detox.  My rules.  I am amazing.  I love being me.

I would be delighted if anyone joined me in getting well and truly intoxicated tonight.  Especially 10pm to 11:30pm when I shall be playing really sobering minimal at a night which has the d-word in it's title.