Thursday, January 30, 2014


Oh decisions, decisions.

I have been deliberating whether to go out on Friday night for some time.  I am still deliberating.

If I go that will mean I probably have a budget of £100.00 for the whole of February, after rent, bills and food.  Not ideal.

But there is a good DJ playing in Richy Ahmed, a really good DJ in fact (don’t let the Hot Creations tag fool you, he is more interesting and more underground than that).  I haven’t been to Cubed for ages, the guys who run it are sound – and it is my last possible night out before February Detox begins.

Right now, all I feel like is staying in and having a pint of gravy!  Catching up with ironing and stuff on Saturday.  Oh I don’t know what to do!

I want to go but I know I shouldn't.

But I could be missing out on an amazing night out.  I may just toss a coin.

Sunday I don’t have to make any such decisions as it is a continuation of my birthday celebrations (I do like to drag these things out as much as possible).  I am meeting my sister in London and she has booked somewhere for a roast dinner.  I have no idea where and I am really looking forward to it.

She does have a huge challenge to beat my gastronomic treat for her birthday back in September when I took her to Poppies Fish & Chip Restaurant, which won the 2014 Independent Fish and Chip Restaurant of the Year award recently.

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