Friday, November 22, 2013

Manic Weekend Number 1

So the first of two manic weekends approaches.  I am tired just thinking about it, despite having slept for 10+ hours last night.

First up tonight is my first DJ set since my enforced headphone silence.  Of course I am not anywhere near as prepared as I would like to be, I feel out of practice, not got a clue what I am going to play.  Any support would of course be appreciated.  Zeus 10pm.

It will of course be alright on the night, it always is.

I have set myself a midnight curfew, but then again, how many times before have I said that?!

Onto Saturday and starting with watching England vs New Zealand in the rugby.  Kick off at 1pm and if we win, I will fulfil every sporting fan’s dream of seeing England in a World Cup final in England, actually at the stadium.  Stick that in your dream-pipe football fans.

Then Hull City have a vital match against Crystal Palace which is a must-win.  Our form has dropped, injuries have kicked in and a defeat on Saturday would be concerning with Arsenal, Liverpool and Man Utd all to play by the end of the year.

Following this up with a couple of drinks for Mr Bolger’s birthday – a diamond of a young chap and a rather popular one too.

Sadly I cannot stay for too long as then I am going to fabric to celebrate my diamond of a dancing partner’s temporary freedom.  Deetron, Craig Richards and Eats Everything, amongst others.

Sunday for washing, ironing, roast and recovery.  And hopefully a 12 hour sleep on Sunday night.

Roll on Monday for restful chill-out time at work.

Next weekend is another level.