Thursday, October 03, 2013

James & Kathryn in London

Firstly I would like to thank the European Union for granting me as a proud European citizen a minimum holiday allowance.

Every year I allocate some of these days to actual holidays (in other words, Ibiza), some to travelling to and from Hull, some to recovering from nights out at fabric, some to just random chilling out days and a handful are very special unique days.

I missed my sister’s birthday party due to my superstar DJ career (well, she didn’t turn up to mine – what kind of excuse is snow???) so I promised a day out in London full of surprises.

Last Wednesday I instructed her to meet me near the Victoria & Albert museum.  For those who have never been, probably the majority of my English friends and the minority of my immigrant/tourist friends, this is one large collection of historic artefacts from all over the world, with exhibitions such as UK Medieval ages – but also some more unexpected exhibitions such as 1980’s club to catwalk shows – which was probably the best part (sadly photography was not allowed in case people started dressing like that again).

History is not a massive interest of mine but I could not help being in awe of what was around me.  And free to get in too.  FREE!

It was one seriously impressive building, both inside and out – easier to get lost than fabric is due to the bewildering amount of rooms.  I hope we stole it all during Empire.

This is how they made joints in the old days.  Very educational.  Would get proper stoned.

Actually the best part was the amazing scone.

Part 2 was a canal trip through London – from Little Switzerland (not far from Paddington – very nice area!) to Camden Lock.  Neither of us had been on a canal boat before so this was a new experience, the lady gave us the history of the canals which was interesting, though seemed to have a particular obsession for the rope marks on the bridges, pointing them out around 10 times.  Sometimes it is better not to talk when you have nothing new to say.

It was really good.

Got to love a horse.

Part 3 after a few drinks in Camden was my mission to find excellent fish and chips.  I did my research on the internet, and this place came highly recommended by someone from Grimsby (a luxurious seaside town near Hull).  If Grimsbians know about anything, it is fish.

The waitresses were sexy.  Have you ever seen a sexy waitress in a fish and chip shop/restaurant?  Go to Hull (or Grimsby) if you want an education.

But the haddock was even sexier.  Just look at that beast.  This was amazing fish and chips.  Oh so good.  The best I have had for years.  Relatively inexpensive for a restaurant at £13 for the haddock.

But the highlight was still to come...

An original Crapper!  Wow.