Friday, October 18, 2013

Ibiza 2013 - The Review of My 11th Trip

Ahh Ryanair.  It is amazing how many morons are on the Ryanair flight to Ibiza.  Can anyone answer if other destinations have such a high proportion of nobheads on their respective budget flights?

I decided that it would be more fun to fly with Ryanair from East Midlands…first going south to Basingstoke, then west to Bridgend before ending up near Derby…as you do.

Ryanair don’t make things easy so why should I?!

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on going to Ibiza this year due to finances but there was an excellent offer available that I just could not resist, a few weekends of staying in and I had scraped enough spending money, albeit only enough for one proper night out.

We got to our villa and were shown around by a beautiful stunner – the villa wasn’t bad either. 

5 bedrooms, several toilets, a freezing cold pool, BBQ area, real grass, leather sofas, the all-important microwave (though didn’t come as useful as planned), a proper BBQ area, quite an authentic look inside with the obligatory selotaped plug sockets found all over in Spain.  And a do not go area upstairs.  Which of course was the first part of the villa that I checked out.  Always good to check out these things whilst relatively sober instead of when hammered (it was a staircase to nowhere other than an 8-foot drop onto the marble floor).

Hotel Tarba from my first visit in 1998 this was not.

Saturday night, the 8 of us (I think - it varied through the week) just had a night in.  Good potential for noise prior to midnight and we made good use of it.

Sunday was going to be all about Space but I saw the line-up to DC10, knowing I could only afford one night out so I changed my plans.  Those that went said it was really good and not too packed.

Monday was the slow process of persuading others to go to DC10.  It did get to the point where I may have been going by myself but slowly as more alcohol was consumed, more were converted and we were on our way by 1am.  Except there were 500-1000 people outside and absolutely no chance of getting in, plus quite a commotion at the front of the queue.  Not quite sure what went on but it didn’t look like a scene of joy.

There were other parties still left so we went back to the villa, cracked open more bottles of vodka and the next thing I know it is 7am – why not try DC10 again?  So we woke up our driver, negotiated cheaper entry (you don’t ask you don’t get) and we were there for the last few hours.

I have been to DC10 only once before – because I always go to Cocoon as it is my number one love in Ibiza, and the only time I did DC10 I found it a bit frustrating and left early.  3 hours was not enough but the effects of all night (and day) drinking were taking their toll so it was enough.  Tale Of Us were excellent, the back to back between Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler was good (Seth is by miles my preference musically to Jamie), the crowd were really good and I had a great time.  And by 9am it was busy but not overcrowded.

The rest of the days did go into a drunken blur but highlights included a visit to Destino for their closing party.  I don’t really do these pretentious gleaming kind of places – fabric is about as up-market as I get but this place was really nice – half of it was VIP but I wouldn’t do VIP even if I was a millionaire, fuck that shit.  No idea who was DJing but music was really good, there was a nice vibe, the sun was shining and unlike Ushuaia you don’t get chucked out for going in the pool.  Would definitely go again.  Free entry though €10 a beer.

A lot of time was spent around the villa and the pool.  Too much for my liking as I like to be out doing stuff, we did go for a drive to the north of the island (which was my first time in 11 visits), and around some twisted roads in the hills, really enjoyed that.  Could see the damage that previous fires have left on parts of the island.

There were the obligatory visits to CafĂ© Mambo for sunsets and their closing party (not especially busy), and a visit to Linekers closing party (the football was on and it was €1 a drink – about an 8th of the price of Mambo!  Forgive me).  And not to forget the delicious Tapas Bar & Restaurant.  Amazing pork belly, one of the nicest things I have eaten all year.

Probably my most chilled out Ibiza holiday ever, and I didn’t spend quite as much as I expected so I could have gone to Space after all.  A bit more clubbing would have been ideal – it was strange seeing the island so quiet though the clubs certainly were not.  I still dream of living and working in Ibiza one day.

In fact it was so relaxing, it was almost like a normal person’s holiday – I came back wanting to get on it!  Still I don’t have long to wait – fabric’s birthday on Sunday.

Overall a really enjoyable holiday, really nice holiday partners, good weather and not too hot (though more cloud that ideal), oh and not forgetting these amazing Ryanair chicken nuggets on the way home.

One of my goals for 2013 was NOT to go to Ibiza.  Sometimes it is good to fail.

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