Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fat And Limping

I don’t do enough moaning and ranting on my blog.

I weighed myself this morning.  The shocking but unsurprising conclusion after a week of binge-eating was the fact that I have put 3kg of weight on and have reached a new morning weight record of 94.6kg (I have weighed more a few times but that was in the evening).

What the fuck?!  3kg in one week?

Very annoying as I was gradually losing weight this year and at one point had lost nearly 5kg which is quite reasonable for someone who does fuck all exercise except some walking and going clubbing once in a blue moon.

I was in a miserable fucker kind of mood last week post-Ibiza and couldn’t stop eating – every breakfast I had sausage rolls (plural) or sausage and bacon sandwiches, eating cakes before bed, eating 8 sausages for dinner on two occasions, even had gravy for breakfast once, loads of huge meals, lots of chocolate at work.  I used to get drunk when I was miserable but don’t tend to drink an awful lot nowadays – so I binge eat instead.

There is nothing more guaranteed to make me down that feeling fat and putting weight on as I do find it really difficult to lose weight so this is a negative virtuous circle.  Except for the sugar/gravy hit which of course gives me instant satisfaction.

Anyway, enough moaning – look what I have found :-)

Overall I am less miserable this week, I might even scrape a below-average 3 out of 10 on the happiness scale.  I expect that I will be thinking more rationally as the week goes on and may even crack a smile.

Annoyingly I seem to have developed a slight limp as I have a bruised right foot.  No idea what I have done to it and it seems to be getting slightly more painful every day.  If it is still like this come December then I might have to consider a trip to the doctors.  For now I will soldier on like the tough Northerner that I am.