Friday, August 09, 2013

Project Boring James

Today is the birth of Boring James.

Mundane, monotonous, tedious and tiresome.

This will be my most challenging project for many a year.  This most crazy yet supremely dull endeavour will involve lots of staying in, and very little going out.  Old forms of fun such as drinking, partying and nightclubs will be sent to the gutter.  Yes from now on, fun will consist of making bread, buying new pillows and re-organising music folders.

Staying in is my new going out.  Except for the fact over the next few weeks I have a family wedding, a daytime London clubbing sesh, two DJ sets and a trip to Wembley for the rugby league cup final.

Erm…not exactly sure how successful this is going to be.

But I have to do this so I actually have something to spend in Ibiza and am not relying on the poolside banana trees for sustenance.

It is time for change and reprioritisation.  I need to start achieving other goals – concentrate on the medium-term goals and my dreams, instead of always stimulating the short-term desires of life.  Time to behave like a responsible Tory instead of a reckless Champagne Socialist of the Labour party.

Expect a lot more bullshit status updates and random blog posts.

Enough about me, I’m too boring.