Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Clubbing Drought

I am officially in a severe clubbing drought.

I have only been clubbing in London twice this year.

I have only seen one DJ that I can say was outstanding, Nina Kraviz.  One of my favourite DJs was a total let-down.  No Shoreditch day-time sessions, no roadtrips for great parties in other cities and Ibiza is just an unaffordable pipe-dream, I’m as likely to go to Space as I am to…space (on Virgin Galactic).

And I have not been to fabric since November 2012.  What the fuck is that about?  My favourite dancefloor in the world, the room that I feel most at home in the world.

I have to take affirmative action to correct this nonsense.

So July 6th - fabric with Ricardo Villalobos.  And July 13th - Cocoon In The Park with Craig Richards, Richie Hawtin (albeit I think he is shit), Sven Vath and...Ricardo Villalobos.  Ticket bought, dancing partners arranged and respective Mondays booked off work.

The end of the drought is nigh.

But maybe I don’t need to go in London any more?  The club scene in Reading is expanding and there are some really good nights out now in this town of ours…dare I say it, there is a bit of excitement at last?  Good excuse to plug Ubereadoolische.  The website about the underground house scene in Reading.  Designed and updated by yours truly.

One day I will be a very rich web designer living on Ibiza.  One day…