Monday, June 10, 2013

Back To Work

My holiday is over.  I am back to work.  I arrived back to 430 e-mails in my inbox.

I feel very chilled out right now.  I feel like I have been to Jamaica.  I look like I have been to Jamaica.  Yeah man I can get that invoice to you.  Pay me whenever, Winston.

I might have 430 new e-mails but they've mostly all been resolved so I don’t have a large blunt’s worth of work to catch up with.

Yes I am feeling remarkably chilled out.

I had a very pleasant week off.  Did lots of sunbathing.  I bought a new MP3 player – a Cowon X9.  None of this Apple bullshit for me.  I spent a lot of time investigating which had the best sound quality and had a vaguely usable interface.  Not only that, it has a rubbery feel to the outside so I am unlikely to drop it on the floor 5 times a day (hence why I needed a new one).  One of the biggest annoyance of my life is now resolved.  No more MP3 player crashing  because I have stepped up a kerb meaning that I would hear awful noises like cars and shit for 3 minutes.  Oh the difficulties of modern life.

The highlight of the week was going out for one pint with my very good friend, JP.  Just the one pint as I had loads to get done on my to-do list.  I left my house at 3pm.  I was home shortly before 5am.  I walked home too, playing "guess the crack addict".  Some slightly crazed and frazzled folk wondering around.  I walked home very quickly.

Was a very fun afternoon, evening and night.

Then I went back to austerity for the weekend.  Spent more time studying Photoshop as I want to get a logo done for my website by the end of the month.  Also updated it with my interview with Pete Wheeler of Skint Monday's fame.  Oh and I actually did some blogs!

And I had two portions of gravy.  Less than a pint each time though as I am trying to lose weight.

Just in case you have a munchies now, I have enclosed a picture of a fillet steak I cooked last week.

Fillet steak (I got a small bonus in my paycheck) with Dijon mustard and pepper, brocolli with lemon and mushrooms cooked in red wine.  Very, very tasty.

So that was my holiday.  I proved that you don't need to go to Ibiza to have lots of fun, get a tan and have some crazy nights out.

How do I send this promotional blog to Reading Tourist Board?  Anyone got an address for them?