Friday, October 26, 2012

The James Winfield Cure For Famine

I have long thought that I would be one of those rare people that vastly changes the world for the better - someone like Edison, Einstein or Oakenfold.

And finally I can announce my cure for famine.

A product which can feed so many people so cheaply that even I can buy a packet in a reasonably upmarket supermarket for just 37 pence.

Just one packet I estimate could keep someone nutritionally fed for a week.

37 pence.

Yes, I present to you my very exciting cure for famine:

I look forward to my Nobel nomination and subsequent prize.


  1. You are ever so funny sometimes. I like your blog. Particularly the frequent references to gravy. Which is brilliant.

  2. Wow my first comment in months and it is good! Thank you ever so much :-)

  3. You're entirely welcome. Makes me laugh. like the pink coathangers too.


  4. Thanks. They are now 40p. I fear inflation may destroy my idea. x

  5. Possibly yes. That's sad, but something else may come up, who knows. Hard to be Most Stylish with coathangers anyway because they just stay in your wardrobe.