Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2 Months Unemployed

So I have now reached two months unemployed (three months not working).

It isn't so much fun any more.

Generally speaking I remain confident, and positive about the situation - but I do have a few temporary moments of despair, but they are very short-lived, never for more than a day...I just have to keep plugging away!

The worst thing about it is the amount of time I spend by myself, inside the same walls, driving myself a little crazy sometimes - but I do set myself plenty of tasks to keep me occupied and I have a good, sensible routine now - waking up after 10am is very rare now.

My job hunting statistics so far read 57 applications (mostly serious, the odd silly one - I decided against applying for the Nuclear Power Plant Engineer) and 2 interviews.

The first interview was a total waste of time as she had clearly already worked out who to employ.

The second interview was much better, I thought I did well but always realised that I was very experienced for the role I was applying for, and I assume it went against me as I did not get invited back for a second interview.

More possibly in the pipeline, awaiting confirmation, and two more agencies to see this week.

A couple of my good friends have made some good suggestions to me too which are very appreciated - if anyone else has any suggestions please let me know.

Oh, and today I had the job centre experience.  I wasn't the only beautiful looking person there either.  Clearly I have competition.

I definitely want a job now, I really am bored of being unemployed.  It will happen.