Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Is Back

I am back from Ibiza, having spent most of the 36 hours in bed - I can cope with the hangover, the comedown and the sore throat and cold - but my sun-cream deficiency syndrome sadly meant I could not go out and enjoy myself last night, as planned - I always like going straight out after getting back from Ibiza so I don't suffer the post-Ibiza blues but I would have got thrown out for punching someone if they even came within 5cm of my burning back and shoulders, let alone touch them, so bed it was.

Thankfully I am not at work next week so I may escape the Ibiza blues.

Oh, by the way, Ibiza was pretty damn amazing, as always - perhaps only a 9 out of 10 holiday, but the best week of my life since 2009 quite easily, loved it so much, so many funny times and enough parties - though I can tell I am 31 now and not 26!

I will do a proper write-up tomorrow (ish)...not yet fully engaging brain but I need to as of tomorrow as lots to do.

Hope you are all well...all 2 people alive enough on a Sunday to read my musings x