Monday, April 04, 2011

Farewell Daily Sport

News has reached me of the sad demise of the breast ever (sorry) publication known to modern civilisation.

I don't think any newspaper had quite such an educational effect on me as a youngster as the Daily Sport.

The final publication for example, has a very enlightening headline of "Cheryl Cole Upskirt Pic Shock".  Quite how it could run into financial difficulties with such exceptional reporting, I do not know.

Such were the high standards of this publication, that the editor used to do a nipple count, to ensure that there were no fewer than 26 per issue.

Other famous headlines included:

Mum Gives Birth To 8lb Trout.

Greenfly Ate My Lover.

Bus Found Buried At South Pole.

There is something quite quinticcestially British about this marvellous publication - I am partly to blame for its demise as my increased education standards over the years have led me towards slightly more challenging publications such as The Economist.

The memories still remain, and I will always appreciate how much I learnt in my formative years about such important topics.


  1. right back on form monkey

  2. The Cheryl Cole upskirt pic shock has got me about 2/3 of my visitors over the last couple of months :-)

    Glad you approve.

  3. Rudes1:17 am

    I love that they're inviting their readers to solve Fermat's Last Theorem!!!

  4. This one completely passed me by but explains why the second half of my year was some what dull.

  5. how do a bloody plane get on the bloody moon