Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last Ever Updated Weather Forecast?

On this blog it is anyway.  I have decided to open a new blog for my weather forecasts and various thoughts, which will give me more options to put bits and pieces of weather stuff without distracting too much from my main blog.

I will put up links to good weather videos, etc, and update my thinking on weather more often.

This bank holiday weekend should end up pretty decent, though not quite as good as the last one which was quite exceptional.

'THE DAY' should start off cloudy with perhaps a little light patchy rain, but it will brighten up and warm up - though this may trigger off a few showers, 19'C if you are lucky with sunshine, 17'C if not so lucky.

Saturday sees low pressure to the south, high to the north, with easterly winds over much of England.  Showers to the south and west - Reading should be too far north and therefore stay dry, it may reach 21'C, though 19'C is more realistic.
Sunday sees only subtle changes, more cloud, again a chance of a shower, probably only 18'C - unless it does turn out to be sunny, but I am expecting cloud to be more likely.
Monday looks a bit more favourable for sunshine, but still plenty of cloud potential and slight shower potential, 18'C.  I would not be surprised though if it turned out better than the current forecast - the very warm air is still over France and it would not take too much to change things markedly for the better.
Tuesday, the low pressure which has been very slowly developing to the west of the UK over the weekend will start to form more and progress towards the UK, rain in the west but Reading should be fine and dry, but cooler air, 16'C.
Wednesday looks likely to see some rain at some point, as the low pressure moves slightly further eastwards towards Ireland.  15'C.
Thursday, low pressure still to the west of Ireland, not really moving anywhere now, and if the rain has clearly it should be bright and sunny, but with showers, also with warmer air again, 18'C.

And from then on, the signal is that there will be more warm air trying to get into the south-east of the UK, with low pressure slow-moving to the north-west.  So a mixed feel to the first half of May.

Comparing Messi To Windass

It probably shouldn't be done.  But I was quite impressed with Messi's goal last night as Barcelona beat Real Madrid 2-0.

He still isn't a patch on Dean Windass though.  It is like comparing beauty and the beast.  Deano wins hands down every time.  If you don't believe me, then compare the photographic evidence below, and the video evidence below that.

Messi's goal - quite beautiful

Deano's goal - beauty and a beast

Surely there is no comparison?

James Went To Withernsea

Some say it is grim up north.  I am here to try to prove otherwise.

On my recent Easter break in the city of Hull, myself and my sister decided to go to the seaside - it was a very warm 18'C in Hull so we needed to cool down.  Thankfully, Withernsea offered a pleasant sea-breeze from the North Sea, and temperatures of 12'C.

This is the beach.

Then there is the entertainment area, with a variety of amusement arcades.  I spent 44p playing the slots.

We had a walk along the high street too, which was bustling with activity.

And we had a look in the local shops.

We could have stayed the night in the hotel, but being a tiny bit more accustomed to temperatures higher than 12'C it was best that we didn't spend too long in the lovely sea air.

There used to be a pier in Withernsea, but a few ships crashed into it in the 19th century.

It is a shame that we seem to have missed the biggest event of the year so far, which was reported in the Hull Daily Mail, as a 150m knitted scarf was wrapped around the lighthouse.

So, on my UK 2011 tour, I have been to Watford and Withernsea, I guess I should continue the W theme.  Where next?  Widnes?  Woking?  Wolverhampton?  Who knows...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back From Hull & Wedding Planning

So in case you hadn't worked it out, I am back from Hull, and feeling refreshed and re-aligned. Or I was on Monday afternoon anyway until I realised that no bank holiday weekend should go without a bit of a session, shame I picked the night before work to do it, oops.

Anyway, there is nothing like a trip to Hull to remind me of why I live in Reading.  I would like to think that my temporary unsettledness of the mind last week has been put to rest for a while.  The BBC have been writing about how tough life is there, I do have things very easy.  Though perhaps there is a reason that things seem relatively easy and that is the previous years of hard work, good decisions and education.

I don't have too much to report from Hull, it was just decent time spent with the family, me and my sister went to Withernsea for 30 minutes (I will do a separate blog to show the highlights), I went to watch the most appallingly terrible defending in a football match that I have seen in some time as the play-off hopes for my football team, Hull City, faded very quickly.

Oh and I had a Sunday lunch at a pub. Note to chefs in pubs down south - this is what a roast dinner should look like.  Note the quantity of food.  Stop ripping me off you tight southern bastards.

Oh and I have applied for Olympics tickets. Going with the folks.  Really hoping to see some people running or something.  Should be inspiring.

So back to Reading, all is well and good, as it should, and as it really always was.

Looking forward to this weekend. Friday I do want to go to London to get involved with the Royal Wedding stuff (why I am not invited, being a King, I do not know, but hey), and then afterwards I was thinking about taking it up a notch and going to Public Life, yes Royal Wedding to a toilet, that is the way to do it surely?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Updated Weather Forecast

I do hope that you appreciate this weather forecast, it is coming after the odd beer and a little bit of sunshine, and is therefore taking up more of my resources than usual, but I love doing my forecasts - so here goes.

It may be a case of that we have had the best weather that we are going to have for a while, in Reading, we reached 26.1'C on Saturday.

Tuesday will be fair, more cloud than recent days but still some sun, 17'C but that is noticeably less than we have been used to.
Wednesday I see more sunshine than cloud, 18'C perhaps.
Thursday I will be quite cloudy, perhaps with a light shower, but some sunny breaks too, 16'C.
Friday - the day of the Royal Wedding - 18'C may be reached, but I am pretty sure that there will be a shower or two.
Saturday should be a touch warmer, perhaps 19'C but again more showers are quite possible.
Sunday looks a little more like typical bank holiday weather, some sunshine, but some showers, 16'C.

I think the outlook is downhill.  More rain, less sun, and less warmth.  But I believe that we need this pattern to happen for a good summer.

Remember 2006?  Brilliant April, but disappointing May and June, followed by scorching July and August...

That is what I am thinking.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Updated Weather Forecast

You will be pleased to hear that there is plenty more very warm, warm or quite warm weather to come, with just a chance of a shower and plenty of sunshine.  There are indications of a change during next weekend, we shall see.  By the way, it is pissing it down with rain over most of Spain this weekend, and much less warm than here, he he!

It has reached 25'C here in sunny Reading for the first time this year.

My forecast is as thus:

Friday will again be sunny, very warm, cloud will bubble up and there is a slight chance of an afternoon shower, possibly thundery, 23'C - maybe 25'C if you are lucky.
Saturday will start sunny but cloud will build up quickly I think and some thunderstorms will break out, most people will experience dry and very warm, quite humid weather conditions, but a few will get a downpour which could last a couple of hours, 23'C to possibly 27'C.
Sunday should cool down to around 21'C, it should start sunny but cloud will build up and there is again the potential for a shower or two.
Monday, the wind will come from the east and bring quite a lot of cloud, but it will still be warm, 19'C.  There could be some sunshine eventually, equally there could also be a shower but less likely than the previous couple of days.

The mid-part of next week looks more likely to be cloudy with some bits of rain possible, temperatures around 16'C to 18'C which is still pretty good.  But the warmth to the south is very close so this could be upgraded quite easily.

Royal wedding day is currently looking fine and 18'C.

Though I currently suspect that the second of our bank holiday weekends will revert to the usual wet type.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Impressive Service From Amazon!

It's nice to be able to report on good service as well as moan about crap service.

I bought Addictaball from Amazon the other week (yes I know I am 31).

Anyway, it should have arrived by 8th April.

It hasn't.  So I sent an e-mail to Amazon to advise.

I received a response within 15 minutes advising that a new one will be posted.

Unusually impressive customer service.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time To Go Elsewhere?

I'm pretty sure I have these thoughts every year, or I have done for the last two years anyway, and they are resurfacing once more.  In fact, I first had them in 2006, but then met the most fantastic group of friends I have ever known, had the time of my life for a few years but then things went not so good and these thoughts re-appeared.

The thoughts being - should I go elsewhere?

It isn't exactly as if I haven't done it before.  I left Hull in 1998 to come to Reading, for university.  I didn't regret it for a second.  I have seen other people leave and enjoy life.

I do enjoy life, but I am not getting what I want out of it, especially in terms of my career, and also living situation - I don't like living on my own.  I don't see either of them improving in the short term if I stay in Reading.  And also the night-life is crap around here, which being a connoisseur of underground house and techno, is not especially inviting.  The only thing I am really getting enjoyment out at the moment, is going out partying, which I am very good at.  And is ensuring a generally positive outlook.  But I don't think this is sustainable.

So the question is, is it time to go elsewhere?

These things take planning, of course, and I would need a little bit of money behind me.  And preferably a job to go into.

I hope I am not appearing too negative here, as it is not a negative thought, it is me trying to work out how to get the best out of life.  Maybe I just need a little re-assurance - after all, I seem to have these thoughts every year, normally it is in spring/early summer too.  And every time I seem to conclude that I should stay in Reading.  A life coach would probably tell me it is the lack of goals in my life.

But I do have goals that I am considering setting myself...I am just becoming increasingly unconvinced that I am not going to achieve them whilst living in Reading.

Maybe it boils down to spending most of my life on my own - I am very much a people person in that I really appreciate the company and thoughts of people around me, and it seems that I spend so much of my time on my own - at work (I possibly work in the most silent office in the world), going to work (then again do I want to talk to anyone else on the bus?), living on my own, and often struggling to find people to do things with that I really enjoy.  Very easy to find someone to go for a beer...or five though.

However, I do appreciate myself, I do quite like myself, I may not be perfect but I am quite happy in my own company.  I just prefer to be interacting with others.

So please forgive me if I spend the next few weeks, wondering where I am going in life.  Maybe I need a big change.  Maybe I need a slight re-alignment.  Maybe I just need a little re-assurance, a bit of appreciation, and a bit more love.  I don't know.

If you have any thoughts to add to the melting pot in my brain, feel free to add to them.

Given the title name of 'Time To Go Elsewhere?', I should use this opportunity to plug an event that a good friend of mine is organising in Reading on Sunday May 1st, called Elsewhere.  And another good friend is DJing at.  I am hoping that this might bring a spark to the underground house/techno scene in Reading - and it is free entry.  And I reckon it will be good weather that day.  And I know it will be good music.

And it won't be long until I get chance to go elsewhere, when I go to Hull for Easter holidays on Thursday evening.  That normally reminds me of why I live in Reading!  As much as I love seeing my family, and I do miss the good parts of the north dearly - though there are many things of the north that are not so appealing!  Such as the lack of opportunities and much higher crime rates.  And distance from London.  Or Europe.  Or Reading?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Updated Weather Forecast

As much as I might enjoy extreme weather, it really does put a smile on my face when I can forecast really good weather.  I am enjoying my forecasts at the moment!

I have to say that I didn't expect the first half of April to be as warm and dry as it has been, though I did expect it to warm up in the second half with the potential of some heavy showers.  I will be part right on this, if not fully right - the uncertainty is with the chance of rain - the certainty is that there is going be to some nice warm weather coming up.

We might reach 25'C.  It could even be the warmest ever April for average temperatures (that is the average for the whole month, not the highest ever temperature).

Tuesday will be sunny, the source of the warmth is again coming from a much warmer than usual Spain, which is the effect of the big plume of hot air I have been talking about for weeks.  Some cloud will bubble up and there is a 10% chance of a shower in the late afternoon, but at 22'C - it will feel super!
Wednesday will again be very warm, and sunny, some bits of cloud in the afternoon but at 23'C (or maybe more if you are very lucky) this will not matter.  Again a tiniest chance that there could be a shower.
Thursday will see the wind pick up a little from the south, again 23'C, sunny, tiny chance of a shower, and if you do get one it could be thundery.
Friday, the same!  Yes!  Mainly sunny, tiny chance of a thundery shower, and around 23'C.
Saturday sees the wind swing to the east - but fear not as countries to the east of the UK like Netherlands and Belgium are also enjoying this so we will just import their warmth, although perhaps more cloud, but yet it might be 25'C.  Again, small chance of a thundery shower.
Sunday I expect to be sunnier, but feeling a little fresher, 22'C, still very nice.
Monday still to be sunny but with the easterly now fetching in winds from a colder than usual Eastern Europe and Russia, it will be down to 17'C.

I expect something a little more unsettled during the week, but then probably warming up in time for the next bank holiday weekend for the Royal Wedding.

Enjoy!  It may well be quite wet and cool in May, at least for a week or so at the beginning, we shall see.

More Drunken Purchases

It seems that I am increasingly unable to control my spending when inebriated.

Last summer there was the vuvuzela bought for £5 off Ebay which surprisingly turned up at my door (yes I know they were much cheaper in the shops).

Then recently there has been a string of scratchcards that I have found in my jacket pocket the morning after, always unscratched, of course.

And then I bought a record.  Yes, a piece of vinyl.  And yes, I do not have a record player.

The latest though confounds all possible explanation - daffodils.

WTF was I thinking?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Brown Is Back (Again)

Sadly I am not talking about the Tango one, the hero to zero of Hull folklore.

(I love him, admit it, you do too - future England manager in the making).

No, it is Gordon Brown who is coming back.  Not content with destroying the economy of the UK, and much of the country and it's reputation in the process, he now seems set to try to destroy the world.

Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Updated Weather Forecast

We have gone back to average April expected weather, but there has been so much warmth pumped up to our south, and in fact over us, that it will not take much to warm up even further.  It does look like being one of the warmest April's ever.  Though, I do not believe that the current lack of rainfall can last.

At the moment, we have high pressure trying to build from the south-west, and also high pressure trying to build from the east.  Both cuts off our southerly warmth, but also stop the northerly cold incursions which means that Eastern Europe and Russia are having a particularly cold start to Spring.

Friday should be a slight improvement, a little less cloud, but still the chance of a light shower in the afternoon, 14'C.
Saturday should be quite sunny, and noticeably warmer, at about 17'C in the sun, however I expect the cloud will build up to give one or two showers - it will be luck of the draw as to how your day is, 50% chance of one.  I do not rule out a rumble of thunder.
Sunday is similar, high pressure building and starting to suck the warmth in from the south in a rather meandering fashion, but with some instability around, I expect a shower or two is possible - 35% chance, again possibly with a rumble of thunder, nothing even vaguely spectacular, 18'C.
Monday should follow the pattern, with less cloud, less chance of a shower, and around 18'C.  But still, we ain't talking glorious sunshine, just less cloud than the day before.
Tuesday also looks similar, some cloud, some sun and the chance of a shower or two, 18'C.
Wednesday looks like having high pressure settled over the UK, so more sunshine, but blocking off the warm air feed temporarily, so perhaps only 15'C.  But the shower chance seems almost diminished.
Thursday looks like it might start to import more of this warm air from the south, I am not expecting anything over 17'C, and I do not rule out a thunderstorm or heavy late afternoon shower.

And for the Easter weekend?

I expect temperatures to increase, to around 20'C, possibly 23'C at times.  But I also expect a higher likelihood of some heavy showers.  There could be a day of heavy, thundery rain.

And for the Royal Wedding weekend?  Again, I am expecting warm temperatures but also the chance of a shower - could be thundery and perhaps quite a downpour.

I am expecting the weather to play a part in the wedding proceedings, I think it will make it more interesting!

Lots of good/interesting weather to come - I hope you enjoy it.

We Don't Lose Away (and other things that have amused me)

I cannot say that I have had the most inspiring week of my life.

However, there are things that still amuse me.  And I always feel the need to share.  Sharing is good.  Sharing makes one happy.  Spread the love, and all that hippy stuff.

Firstly I have decided that I am going to go to more Hull City away games.  I know football may not be at the higher end of interlect, but I really enjoy the camaradery and the banter of my brothers from Hull. We have shared many decades of dispair, only to find that suddenly things are looking brighter.  I do feel a lot of affinity for my home town, despite the fact that it is still a dump - it is the people that make it (except the large criminal/scrounging/junkie minority).  Anyway, from 38 seconds on this video, I have decided that this song must become my ring-tone.  For anyone not able to translate, it was "we durnt lose awah, we durnt lose awah, we arr ull citeh, we durnt lose awah".  In reference to the fact that we are now 16 games unbeaten away from home - which comes straight after our record run of games away from home without a win, which I think was 30, perhaps 31.  This is how we roll in Hull.  If we are going to be bad at something, then we like to do it really badly, and we enjoy doing it badly.  But then we might decide to spring a surprise and be surprisingly good.  Need to keep the non-Hull people on their toes, need to keep them guessing.

Secondly, my musical obsession, I cannot stop playing this set by the rather smoky-looking Nina Kraviz, surely the best DJ to come out of Siberia, and my new favourite.  I love her music.  And amusingly she asked to be my friend on Facebook - I thought it was the other way around - I thought I was supposed to stalk the DJ?  I accepted, even though it goes against my rules of not accepting friendship from anyone I have not personnaly met.

I also discovered this rather interesting website called DJ History, and in particular interest is their book reviews.  Having followed dance music pretty much since its popular birth (though I achknowledge its roots do go much further back from 1989), there is still plenty for me to read and learn.  I can come up with quite a reading list there.

Finally, I have just been recommended a holiday which will blow my idea of going storm-chasing out of the water, quite literally.  Basically you get to attack pirates off the coast of Somalia, no charge to hire an AK-47 for the day and 100 rounds of ammo is $14.95.  You do have to pay $800 per day.  Meals not included.  And you get half of your money back if there is not at least 2 hijack attempts.  I'm thinking Ibiza and storm-chasing can wait - lets go battle some pirates - yeeha!  Where is my cowboy hat...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Thought I Had Lost The Game

I thought I had lost the game, again, but it turns out that I have won.

About time - took about bloody 10 years.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Updated Weather Forecast

And that was that.

My long-range forecast for March may have been spot on, but my long-range forecast for April seems to have gone upside down, as I predicted a cool and unsettled first half, followed by an above average second half of April.  Instead, it appears that it will be the other way around.

I am not complaining, even though my long-range forecast was wrong, as I definitely enjoyed the sunshine, and this forecast isn't all doom and gloom, but we have had the best weather we are going to have for a little while at least.

Tuesday will still be sunny, but the source of the air has switched from the warm south, to the cool north, so down to 13'C at best, there is a chance of an afternoon shower.
Wednesday will see low pressure coming from the west which will die as it crosses, but this means a cloudy day, and perhaps some rain, especially the further west you go, 12'C.  Which is the normal mid-April temperature.
Thursday will be mainly cloudy, some light rain at times is possible, 12'C.
Friday perhaps slightly better in terms of sunshine though there will be more cloud than sun, and again, there is a chance of some showers, 14'C.
Saturday and Sunday both currently looks like they might be quite reasonable, 16'C, with some sunshine and the chance of a shower or two again.  Confidence not especially high on this outcome.

I don't rule out an upgrade to next weekend's temperatures, it might end up being 18'C

Not as good as we have had, but still not that bad considering the time of year.

James Went To Watford

Dear readers - please do not accuse me of not being adventurous.  How many of you have ever been to Watford?  Well I have.  And so did my little sister.

Watford is not a town known for its architecture.  Which suits the folk of Hull who have travelled for the football.

I think the highlight was the below town centre pond, with its green water.

We managed to find a reasonably-priced pub, at least for food with a bacon sandwich at just £1.75 - bargain.

Sadly, you were only allowed to do drugs in the toilet facilities if you were on your own, according to the sign below.  Quite why anyone would need a second person to help them stick something up their nose or down their throat, I am not sure - it isn't exactly as if I need someone to help me drink a beer, but hey, perhaps the clientele of this establishment have difficulties.  And what if the two people in the cubicle were having sex, rather than taking drugs?  Would they still be thrown out?

The football ground itself was a bit basic, but like the town of Watford, it had a certain alluring charm.  Sadly away fans were not allowed to drink alcohol.  Though most Hull City fans were already pretty intoxicated by this point so perhaps not a bad thing.

It was an entertaining game - I would do a match report but the wordsmiths of the Hull City fansite, Amber Nectar, do a far better job than me.

The singing didn't have quite the variety that it did at Reading away, there was no repeat of "Fish Out, Dolan Out", those being the chairman and manager respectively, that we spent the whole of the 1996/97 season campaigning against - yes the people of Hull do struggle to move on sometimes!

There was however the ongoing chorus almost continuously for the second half of "she'll be wearing black and amber when she comes", "singing I love City till I die".

One last piece of Watford architecture.

I didn't go to Cocoon Warehouse Party in the end - intoxication, lack of sleep and lack of money all took their toll, but a very enjoyable day had nonetheless.

Followed by a very enjoyable day soaking up the sun around Reading yesterday.  A little sunburnt now.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Good News To Finish An Uninspiring Week

I have to say that I haven't been quite my usual cheerful self the last 2-3 weeks, I have been rather frustrated and unusually lethargic and tired.
I think I need a holiday. I only had one full week off in 2010 and that was in June - I really would love a week in the sun somewhere not the UK right now, or soon.
Sadly my finances and severely reduced annual bonus do not look like allowing this any time soon.
I might have to rely on winning a holiday! Not impossible - I won a weekend to Stuttgart last year. I am trying to enter as many as possible...or as many as I can be bothered to.
I have just won guestlist to the Cocoon Warehouse Party in London tomorrow which I am rather pleased about. This is the second good piece of news that has brightened an unspiring week up.
Though not as good as two of my loveliest friends announcing that they are expecting a baby - that really did brighten my week up!
One thing I have been particularly lazy with recently is my ongoing attempts to find new tunes - I haven't really bothered the last couple of weeks and there is a definite and substantial correllation between discovering new tunes I love and my level of enjoyment of life.
So apart from Cocoon tomorrow night, I am also going to Watford with my lil' sister to go watch the mighty Hull City. And to abuse anyone not from Hull. And hopefully have a couple of beers in the sun.
Not exactly the solution to my frustrations (lack of career opportunities, spending too much on rent still, not being able to afford Ibiza, lack of hot naked brunettes in my flat) but it should be enough to re-energise me, at least until the comedown!
I wish everyone an enjoyable weekend - enjoy the warm sunshine while you can (ie Saturday - keep your expectations low for Sunday but don't rule it out completely). x

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Updated Weather Forecast

You probably heard that the UK had the warmest 6th April on record the other day at 23.5'C.  It reached 21.1'C here in sunny Reading.  Not bad at all.

Records have been beaten all over Europe - see the below chart

This is due to the forecasted very significant plume of hot air from Africa that I mentioned more than a couple of weeks ago now.

Current patterns do remind me of 2003 and 2006 - two of the best summers we have had in recent years.  Given trends over the last few years, I am not getting too excited yet, but this is a good sign.

If we don't get significant rain in May and/or June though, I will not be so hopeful for the summer.

For now we have a few days of much warmer than average temperatures (we can expect about 12'C this time of year), then back to average.

Friday sees high pressure right over the UK, it should be glorious, just a tad less warm at about 19'C.
Saturday will be sunny again, though perhaps some more cloud in the afternoon, warm again at about 19'C.
Sunday may be quite cloudy, but there should be some sunny intervals.  There could also be a shower.  Depending on sunshine amounts, 17'C to 20'C.
The warm air should hang on until Monday, but increasingly cloudy, and a small chance of a light shower, 18'C.
Tuesday will be much fresher, but it may be sunnier again, 14'C.
Wednesday I currently expect to be fair, with a shower or two, 13'C.
Thursday also fair, with a shower or two, 13'C.

Normally, I would place bets on it remaining cool and unsettled for the rest of the month but with the amount of hot air pushed up from Africa remaining to our south, it wouldn't take that much for it to warm up again towards the end of the month.

Can A Collection Of Drinks Coasters Make My Life Complete?

Look at these beauties.

These are the new stylish drinks coasters which are adorning my living room.

Having someone quite so inspirational look back at me when I lift my glass of rose wine in an evening, should send me onto greater things in life.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Updated Weather Forecast

I have to admit that my forecast for some warm sunshine on Friday just gone was disappointingly inaccurate, and made a fool out of me for making such a prediction and taking a half-day just to 'enjoy the sun'.  I did sit outside a pub along the Oracle riverside in Reading, with a beer, but I kept my jacket on most of the time.

But still, the rest of my previous forecast was pretty much spot on, and my previous expectation of more warm sunshine at times this week remains.

Tuesday will see a band of rain crossing the country, weakening as it does as high pressure is building over France, so some rain in the morning, maybe brighter later, 13'C.
Wednesday will be dry, temperatures will depend on cloud amounts, more likely around 19'C, but possibly up to 21'C if the sun burns the cloud away early enough.
Thursday I expect to be sunnier but fresher at around 16'C.  Still above average and very pleasant.
Friday looks like being sunny again, some clouds, 18'C.
Saturday again looks like being sunny, 17'C.
Sunday again should be fine and quite warm, 18'C but a chance of a shower.

There is a chance that the coming weekend might actually be a fair bit warmer than I have stated above, but what I have stated is the more likely option in my opinion.

Signs are that it will then get cooler and somewhat more unsettled afterwards...Easter holidays are approaching, after all.

Farewell Daily Sport

News has reached me of the sad demise of the breast ever (sorry) publication known to modern civilisation.

I don't think any newspaper had quite such an educational effect on me as a youngster as the Daily Sport.

The final publication for example, has a very enlightening headline of "Cheryl Cole Upskirt Pic Shock".  Quite how it could run into financial difficulties with such exceptional reporting, I do not know.

Such were the high standards of this publication, that the editor used to do a nipple count, to ensure that there were no fewer than 26 per issue.

Other famous headlines included:

Mum Gives Birth To 8lb Trout.

Greenfly Ate My Lover.

Bus Found Buried At South Pole.

There is something quite quinticcestially British about this marvellous publication - I am partly to blame for its demise as my increased education standards over the years have led me towards slightly more challenging publications such as The Economist.

The memories still remain, and I will always appreciate how much I learnt in my formative years about such important topics.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Boris & Arnie

Sometimes I don't need to say many words.  I look forward to Boris being in change, once David has sorted out the mess that Labour left us with.

Friday, April 01, 2011

The Daily Mail Have A Sense Of Humour!

Shocking - maybe I should boycott Ibiza too?!

Cancelling My fabric Membership

The shame of it.

fabric, the esteemed nightclub which represents everything good about the underground dance music world, has branched out into selling energy drinks, named after their 30-hour parties 'On & On'.

Not only that, but they are discrediting the name of one of my favourite DJs in the world, Ricardo Villalobos, I quote from the article "Anyone who's seen Ricardo recently can probably tell you, sometimes these guys need something to keep their heads straight.".

How dare they sell out?  And how dare they suggest that Ricardo needed a little straightening out?

What do you expect if you ask a DJ to start at 630am?  Of course he is going to get a bit tired and may need a quick hour's snooze in the DJ booth after a few hours hard work.

I am so devastated that I am cancelling my membership, and will give my hard-earned cash to Ministry Of Sound from now on.