Thursday, March 31, 2011

Updated Weather Forecast

This time last week, I was getting a little bit excited about the prospect of a day or so of much warmer than average weather, and it is going to come true.  Though it will quickly get swept away but not for long as even warmer weather is set to approach.

The source of this is a big plume of hot air from Africa which I have previously hinted would happen, I hoped we would catch some of it, but in fact we are getting two bites of the cherry, much more than I hoped for!

I do love it when I can give out a really enjoyable weather forecast - but it ain't going to be all sunglasses and shorts/short skirts - umbrellas and jumpers too.  I think we are going to have a very interesting month of weather, which after the last 3 months of benign dross, I am quite excited about.  Only downside is that the details are a little more difficult to forecast, but I shall try.

Friday is the really good day, there will be cloud to contend with, especially in the morning, but the sun should burn much of it away, it should be the best day of the year so far (assuming you like warm sunshine), 19'C, woohoo!  Somewhere will probably reach 21'C, perhaps Hull.  How warm it becomes will depend on how long it takes for the sun to burn away the cloud.
Saturday sees a band of rain coming across the country from the west, but it will disintegrate quickly and most places will only get a bit of rain, perhaps none, and brighter skies will follow later in the day, fresher, 16'C at best.
Sunday will be a more disturbed day, with showers, which could be heavy.  The further west you go the more likely you are to have them, further east and you may stay dry, 15'C.
Monday will be fresher but high pressure is building from the south-west, it will be sunny, but perhaps a chance of a shower in the afternoon, 13'C.
Tuesday sees high pressure building, centred over France and Germany, with the south of the UK at its northern edge so it might be quite cloudy, but it should be dry, and in some sunshine, 15'C.
Wednesday sees high pressure moving slightly to the east, allowing a southerly wind to tap up more of this African heat, it will be unperfectly sunny, 18'C, perhaps 20'C.
Thursday will be another warm and sunny day, 19'C, maybe more.

I get less confident now, but Friday and Saturday I expect to remain warm, possibly warmer - I don't rule out 23'C.  I also don't rule out a thunderstorm or two imported from France in the evening.

Cooler weather to follow at some point next weekend - but that is a long way off and may only be a blip.

Plenty to enjoy!

The one other bit of good news is that the Met Office have updated their weather warnings system to make it more understandable, and instead of being given a warning for London & The South East of a severe thunderstorm in Kent when you live in Reading, it is going to be more area specific.  I approve.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hang The Anarchist Scumbags

OK perhaps hanging would be a little extreme but I am pretty fucked off to see these stupid, irresponsible, selfish arseholes causing mayhem across our wonderful capital city, London, once again.

And equally annoyed to see that they are now threatening to disrupt the royal wedding.  I have no idea what they think gives them the belief that it is acceptable to disrupt two people's special day, no matter whether you support the existence of the royal family, or not.  Not only that, but Prince William is a member of our armed forces, so for me, this is an extra reason why he should be supported.  And the royal family generates a lot of tourist income.  To threaten to cause disruption to this event is totally out of order.

I really would like to see some harsh punishment to those who cause trouble on the street.  I fear that they will however just be given a small fine, which they will not bother paying.

Our economy is in enough trouble as it is, thanks to the ruinous policies of Mr Brown and those lot over the previous 13 years, and we really do not need potential tourists to question whether London is a safe place to spend their money.  Nor should we be discouraging businesses from investing in the country.

As much as I might disagree with the peaceful protestors, the Labour Party and the trade unions - sadly they do have a right to protest, even if it means that they are giving an umbrella to the selfish scum who just want to cause trouble.

If the Labour Party got their way, we would likely end up more like Ireland, Greece and Portugal (we were talked about in the same terms just a year ago, albeit further down the list) and then have external organisations like the IMF force us into making much larger cuts in exchange for loans at higher interest rates to be able to pay back our debtors who were losing confidence in our ability to pay back our very substantial debts.

And if the anarchists got their way, there would be no state, hence no shops, no banks, no police force, no education system, no health system - we would all be forced to fend for ourselves.  Though we wouldn't be paying any tax.  And the first thing we would probably do is take it out on the anarchists to protect ourselves.  Then set up a police force to combat the very high levels of violence and crime.  Which we would then have to tax.  Then set up a health system due to our failing health levels and another increase in tax...and so on.  Ie - anarchy is not a viable outcome.

I do wish someone would organise a protest in support of the savings that the government are doing.  Next time the unions arrange a protest, I might go down with some placards saying "I Love The Banks" and "Fuck Off Labour Scum" - anyone up for joining me?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Updated Weather Forecast

I said March would be dry and on the cool side - I think I was pretty spot on.

I said April would be unsettled and I think I will again be right.

Happy days for me after the varying success of my winter forecast which I would say was only 50% accurate.

I have always expected the first half of April to be unsettled and slightly cooler than average, and the second half to see some warmer interludes though also some rain at times - I see no reason to change my forecast.

And on we go:

Tuesday I expect an organised area of showers to cross the country from the south-west, the rain could be quite heavy at times, but as it will be in the form of showers, some places will stay dry - but expect showers.  There will be some sunshine at times, 14'C.
Wednesday will see rain crossing the country which could be quite heavy at times, fairly miserable day, 12'C.  But we are sucking in warmer air, believe it or not.
Thursday sees low pressure over Scotland and high pressure trying to build over France, I expect more cloud with showers or longer outbreaks of rain for most of the day, but perhaps brighter later and it could be surprisingly warm at around 17'C.
Friday is a day where it could be really nice with the warm air from Africa that I talked about in my previous forecast reaching here briefly, but with low pressure near Scotland, how nice it will be I am not sure.  I am hopeful of something fairly sunny with 20'C but equally I think it is realistic that there will be more cloud and some showers so around 17'C but it will still feel quite warm.
Saturday looks likely to start with some rain or showers but to end fine, 16'C - I'm not especially confident on this outcome though.

From then on I am expecting changeable weather, with cooler showery days, say 11'C interspersed with drier and warmer days of 16'C or more if lucky, and also warmer showery days.

Changeable is definitely the weather for the near future.

I find it more interesting and more enjoyable, amongst the rain and showers there will be some enjoyable weather too.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Celebration Of Dean Windass

Dean Windass is one of the greatest footballers even to have played for Hull City.  A true legend of Hull.

Watch his magnificent goal at Wembley in the play-off final to take them to the Premier League for the first time in their history.  Amazing.

Even more amazing is how he managed to get a job on Sky as a football reporter:

What is your name?
Flat as my missus' yorkshire puddings
Someone just scored, not sure who it is
I don't know what club it is, mate
I don't know who scored

I hope you can translate his accent.  Truly beautiful.

Pissed Off to Happy In One Post!

Writing my blog always seems to be quite helpful to my mood, it has been a bit of a frustrating last week or so.  A rare rubbish week, even then it had a good Wednesday night and some other little highlights hidden away.

Firstly I didn't get the job that I went for within my current company in my old team with the best ever manager that I have worked for in my life, which I really wanted.  I did of course get good feedback as I do tend to interview quite well, however there was someone just that bit better than me this time.

It hasn't exactly been a barrel of laughs in my current job, in fact it has probably reached it's lowest point so far.  At least there is plenty of work so I am keeping relatively out of trouble, as impossible as it may seem when one does not feel so appreciated.

And then flat-hunting - I recall from my previous two experiences just how frustrating this process is and this time is definitely no different - I was pretty damn fucked-off last weekend about it and I don't use the f-word lightly!  Estate agents are a pain in the ass, good flats are getting taken before we even view them and there isn't a huge amount on the market.  Patience is required.  Not a substance that I find easy to procure.

One assumes I have done something to upset the universe.  Thinking about it, I didn't say 'white rabbits' as my first words of March.  That'll be it then.

I don't even have that much coming up in the diary to do - might go to fabric to see Magda on 16th April though.

And I have only discovered one new top tune this week (though I did add a few more on my top tunes blog that I had forgotten to do last week).

At least it is sunny, and there is even hope for a day or so of much warmer weather next weekend - though far from guaranteed.  I would love a week's holiday in the sunshine though, especially abroad.  Ibiza!  I wish, as my financial situation and lack of annual bonus means I am really going to struggle to be able to afford anything, and I really need a holiday especially after not having one last year. Unless I get a second job, get made redundant (don't laugh, it is not impossible, sadly), win a holiday (also not impossible as I have done it twice before!) or I win the Euromillions tonight, I don't see how it is going to happen.

And my diet has been rubbish this week and I am now feeling very lethargic for it. I am back to craving bacon and egg sandwiches.  Not eating fruit and veg - why, James?  Sort it out!

And I am bored of being sober and without money I may be facing a weekend of sobriety, this does not appeal!

Oh and then I discovered that there is another James Winfield, living in a town called Reading, in a county called Berks, in USA who was arrested for attempted murder, firearms offences and having 7 packs of crack cocaine.  I guess I may have difficulties if I ever go to America!

Things could be worse though. I could have a fetish for cow manure.
Or I could be living in Turkey where Blogspot has been banned.
Or someone could have told me that I need to change my name to Edward.  Just how pathetic are the Labour Party?
And at least I have the Charlie Sheen soundboard to play with.
See - writing my blog and having a moan helps.  I am now deliriously happy and so incredibly motivated.  I have a reasonably decent job, I work for a very good company, there will be other job opportunities, I have the best set of friends one could ever dream of, I have an amazing amount of fantastic repetitive music, I have seen Ricardo Villalobos recently, I should see Sven Vath in May, I will at least go to Cocoon In The Park if not Ibiza, I get to see my family in a couple of weekends at Easter, Hull City can still get promoted, I have just had a bacon and egg sandwich, I am going to have a pie tonight, I have a very good friend coming round for the evening, I get paid next Thursday, I live in a really good part of the best country in the world, the Conservatives are back in charge, Morrison's are stocking Goldenfry gravy once more (it was Sainsbury's I wrote to, so not my doing), the sun is shining, I shortly have 2 days and 3 evenings to do whatever the hell I like and I am now about to go for a poo.  Oh and memories of those Spanish girls at fabric that we were surrounded by and crushed up against due to how packed it was, they seemed equally happy about it - I certainly was!  Oh, I do love this world, I am very glad I wrote this to remind myself :-)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Updated Weather Forecast

I offered you a good week of weather and we got it - 16.9'C on Wednesday, 16.8'C on Thursday in Reading - my forecast was pretty damn good I must say.  This forecast will suggest the chance of a little something even better towards the end, though note the words 'chance' and 'little' before you get too excited.

Friday will be sunny again, some cloud perhaps but more emphasis on sunshine and 16'C-17'C once again.
Saturday sees the cooler air introduced from the north, and it will be cloudier.  There may even be a light shower.  But there will still be some sunshine and I don't rule out 14'C.
Sunday will likely be an improvement from Saturday, more sunshine and maybe 15'C.
Monday I expect more in the way of cloud, small chance of a light shower, 14'C.
Tuesday will see the breeze pick up from the south-west - always a warm direction but also a moist direction.  There will be cloud and there is a reasonable chance of a shower or two.  14'C to 16'C depending on sunshine amounts.
Wednesday will be cloudy, quite windy and there will be a band of rain to contend with, still on the mild side though at maybe 15'C.
Thursday sees high pressure trying to build from the south, with a very noticeable plume of hot air coming up from Africa towards Spain (more about this in a minute), but low pressure to the north, so sunshine and showers looks most likely, perhaps 16'C if on the sunnier side, less if lots of showers.
Friday currently looks like starting wet (not especially confident on this) but sunshine developing from the south and with this plume of African air starting to reach it could just reach 18'C.  This may well not happen - equally it could be upgraded to a higher temperature.
Saturday looks pretty fantastic - high pressure, warm southerly winds, maybe 21'C.  There is a tiny chance that it may even trigger a thunderstorm.  But please note though this warmth is currently what I think is most likely to happen, it is still only a 50% chance in my opinion.  The warm air from Africa will shoot north but it may get pushed to the east of the UK and miss us.  There is too much weather to get through first to be certain about this outcome.

One thing I am certain about is that it will be short-lived if it happens and last for no more than two days before cooler and more unsettled weather comes once again.

I am of course keeping a very close and excited eye though as if it comes off it will be absolutely beautifully fantastic.  For a day or two.

My Thoughts On The 2011 Budget

According to the budget calculator, I will be £90.66 a year better off.  I wonder if this ever happened when Labour were in charge?!

I would hope by now that I don't need to explain why we are in a financial mess...if I just mention the name "Gordon" that should do.  We still have a huge debt, it isn't going down - the amount that we add to it every year as per the deficit just isn't getting any bigger now (give or take).  Eventually it should reduce to zero.  Which will still mean that even at the end of this parliament in 2015 we will still have a massive debt.  Although inflation of 4.4% and growing is eating away at the value of the debt - I wonder if this is the real reason the Bank of England are effectively ignoring inflation by not raising interest rates like they usually would with rising inflation?

The really good news for me was the extra cuts in corporation tax.  You may wonder why we would want to tax businesses less - but in theory this should attract more world-wide corporations to set up their tax-paying head-quarters in the UK, and of course, employ people.  Already one company has suggested it is now thinking of moving from Dublin to UK.

Of course, most people will focus on the 1p cut in fuel duty (I was expecting this as there were quite a few hints from David Cameron in parliament that I had picked up on in responses to questions about fuel duty) - this might seem small fish but combined with scrapping the plan inherited from the previous Labour government of 1p above inflation fuel duty escalator (that would have been 5p!) until 2015 and the usual inflation increase has been scrapped full stop, this is quite significant.

I also heard that coal miners are having their tax-free coal taken away from them.  Maggie will be proud of young David.

The response from Ed Milliband (he is the leader of the Labour party now for those not following), was absolutely so negative and pathetic.

I remain hopeful of the future as long as this government remains in charge.  The economic ship has stopped rocking, we are trying to encourage private investment and there is a ridiculous amount of sensible reform going ahead across most government departments.

There are of course risks; increasing inflation, oil shock potential through Middle East unrest (though we are in a far better place than previous oil shocks in the 1970's) and selfish mass trade union strikes are all potentially damaging.

On the bright side, I do think GDP growth might be higher than the 1.7% expected this year, I think we may be pleasantly surprised.

Where Do They Come From?

40% of the visitors to my blog that have used a search engine to reach here, use the words "james winfield".

There are other common ones too like "james winfield blog" and "winfield rants".

4 people got here by searching for "sausage toaster".  3 people searched for "bacon bikini".

I'm quite impressed that someone got to my blog by searching for "sven vath" - just how many pages on Google they would have had to go through I cannot be bothered to find out.

Some people really cannot spell; "james a. winnefeld blog", "james winnefeld blog", "best james winnfield lines", "james wilfield", "james windfield weather blog", "james winfild"...the list goes on.

I do wonder why someone searched for "james winfield sexual".  Or "james winfield divorce".  I like "bus drivers are wankers", "rants about dickheads" and "is it me or is sky tv shit".

Perhaps most worrying is "james winfield arrested".  Apparently there is a town in Pennsylvania, called Reading, where someone called James Winfield was arrested for having a gun and 7 packets of crack cocaine.  Spooky.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

James' Global Empire

Good morning, I thought I would share you a map of my global blogging empire, I have now been read in 87 countries/territories.  I am progressing in my goal of conquering the world.  I believe that I am now more widespread than the original British Empire.  Though perhaps not quite as influential, yet, give me chance though.

Have a nice day.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Updated Weather Forecast

Apologies for the lack of joviality in my forecast, especially considering that it is going to be the most pleasant forecast that I have been able to make for some months now (though I did enjoy forecasting the snow and cold back in December, he he!).

Temperatures are slightly upgraded from my previous forecast, due to the position of the high pressure and the ensuing airflow - we actually reached 14.8'C in Reading today.  Not exactly anything to get excited about seeing as it can reach 22'C in optimum conditions at this time of year but we are far from optimum and we would also would have had to have had a much milder winter, same goes for all of western Europe, for this to occur.  We are doing well.

Overall, high pressure remains in charge this week, but colder air will try to come down, probably in time for the weekend, but not as cold as it could be, just less nice.  Details...

Tuesday will be nice but there will be a fair amount of cloud around at times, 15'C, maybe 16'C if less cloud than expected.
Wednesday we are generating our own warmth with the sun and not importing warmth, 16'C, sunnier than Tuesday but I don't think it will be perfectly sunny.

Thursday will be a repeat of Wednesday, perhaps, just perhaps 17'C though more likely 16'C - it will feel nice though.
Friday we should just about hang on to the nice weather, but there is a big cold plunge coming from the Arctic - it is to the east of the UK so we will miss out on the proper cold weather but it will introduce somewhat cooler air and much more cloud, later on Friday, so enjoy it while you can at 14'C to 17'C depending on how quickly the cooler and cloudier air arrives.

Saturday will see high pressure remain in charge but with much cooler air, so no higher than 10'C and maybe only 8'C, probably quite cloudy but some sunshine potential - could be a cold night, -3'C if the cloud clears.
Sunday a more respectable 11'C and hopefully quite a bit more sunshine.  Chilly at night once again.

From then on it looks to be getting more unsettled as we get into April (as per my long range forecast, get in!), though more in the way of sunshine and showers, cooler days followed by more pleasantly slightly warmer days.

Read my previous forecast if you want to know my thoughts on the longer term!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Updated Weather Forecast

I would love to be able to say that beautiful weather is just around the corner.  Patience, my friends.  Considering how cold the continent has been over winter, we won't do too bad.  And it could be setting us up for favourable summer conditions.

At this time of year, 15'C is the magic marker I am looking for on a sunny day to be able to fully appreciate it, a 16'C or even an 18'C would be lovely.  None of these are out of the question but it just depends on where the high pressure settles and its movements, I think it will do ok for us but nothing better than that.

Currently I am expecting...

Friday will start off with rain, it will clear later in the day, it will be quite chilly at 8'C at best, slight frost overnight, -1'C.
Saturday should be mainly sunny, some cloud potential in the afternoon but nothing too much, 11'C, chilly overnight again.
Sunday will again be mainly sunny, could be some cloud at times but more sun than cloud, 12'C.  Getting there...slowly!
Monday, it is still air from the cool continent so it ain't warm but it will be pleasant, should be sunny all day, maybe 13'C.
Tuesday will be very similar, sunny, 12'C.
Wednesday may see the sun generate a little more vague warmth, again mainly sunny, 14'C.
Thursday, very similar, sunshine, oh yeah, maybe even the magical 15'C!
Friday and Saturday should follow suit.

And then guess what - high pressure now to our west - hello Arctic.

There could be a wintry feel to the end of March, which falls fully in line with my idea of the month of March being cooler and drier than average, very happy with that forecast.

I fancy April to be unsettled and cool to average for the first half, drier and average to slightly above for the second half.
May, warmer than average especially the second half of the month, June warmer than average too but wet.
Summer I remain hopeful will be quite good albeit with significant rain interruptions.
Next winter I am expecting to be quite mild compared to the last few, but the one after quite severe in its coldness.

Long way away though, for now, enjoy - sunshine!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Want A Good Job More Than A Blonde

So I decided that at 10:45pm on the day before a job interview that I would go to Tesco just before it shut, not for alcohol, but for chocolate.  I have a chocolate craving.  How odd.  This keeps happening to me at the moment late at night - is this normal?

Anyway, standing in the queue, minding my own business, two drunk and fairly attractive young ladies in front of me (the sort that would be far more attractive if they weren't so obsessed with fake tan, fake hair, way overdone make-up, you know the sort), one turns around and says "hey sexy, what are you listening to?".

Why does this opportunity have to be presented right now?  Why not last Friday night?  Or Thursday night?  Or Saturday evening?

Of course I advised her that I was listening to some minimal techno, and went on to ask her if she listened to it and what her favourite producers were, she pretended to like it...

Any other evening and I would be doing my manful best to ensure I were turning up to work rather dishevelled after an unexpected adventure.  That was like my most open opportunity for a while with the opposite sex and I just had to let it pass.

Some things are just a bit more important...karma please read this and deliver me a beautiful young lady this weekend who likes house music, hates X-Factor, and isn't obsessive/twisted/a head-fuck.  I surely deserve it now?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ricardo Villalobos at fabric

The night started off at Mango, which was probably the first time I had enjoyed a night out there for about two years - no unbearably loud sound, a good reasonably friendly crowd with no sign of dickheads, some good underground music in the garden and some good looking girls (though not a patch on those at fabric!).

Then to fabric.  We were lucky to get in at 08:30 - went to the front of the queue to be told members have no priority - went to the back to be told the queue is closed but they saw my members card and told me to go to the front - no luck again but managed to push in the middle of the queue without anyone saying anything.  Probably because nobody in the queue was English so people pushing in was perfectly acceptable.  Having got the 6:22am train from Reading after being out much of the evening and then having to kill 3 hours before the first train, I would have been pretty annoyed if I couldn't have got in, especially as I didn't have the foresight to put myself on the Jaded guestlist or something similar as a back-up.

Amusingly the guy in front of us managed to piss off the bouncers by rocking the barriers and being cheeky to them, when he got to the front they asked him when he was last at fabric, they replied 'last week', they asked who played and he had no idea. So they didn't let him in. Harsh but one should never annoy bouncers.

We only managed 3 hours inside before starting to flake, also had to get back to Reading for a birthday drinks sesh. I enjoyed Ricardo more last March, probably because I was there much longer.  Some of the music played was typically experimental from Ricardo - last March there was much more house.  One can never tell what to expect from him, which is one of the reasons I enjoy him so much.  Along with the clanging mixes, one was just shocking - I assume it was him as shortly after apparently he was slumped on the DJ booth floor completely wasted.  Some people might not like that but I love a DJ who parties as much as me!

But it was still thoroughly enjoyable, highlights were the remix of Ultra Nate and House Nation  which just went down amazingly (I'm sure it was played twice?!)...would have liked to have been there earlier for Nina Kraviz and Julien Chaptal, but the deal for JP coming was to go see him DJing at Mango.

It was of course rammed, but no drunken idiots pushing everyone around, the only such 'trouble' as such was two very hot Spanish girls pushing their backsides into me and JP squashing us into the stage.  I rather enjoyed those few minutes it has to be said.  Maybe I do like women again.  It is spring after all.

Couple of quiet weekends now required...before some April madness. Maybe Cocoon warehouse party on 9th April?  Or M.A.N.D.Y. and Heidi at fabric on 2nd April?  Maybe Benoit & Sergio on 30th April?
Anyone fancy joining me?

Updated Weather Forecast

For the second week in a row my attempt at doing my weather forecast on a Monday night failed, one believes fabric is to blame.

Nothing too exciting coming up, staying mainly dry and getting cooler (sigh).

Tuesday will be dry, a good chance of some decent sunny periods, and if it stays sunny then maybe 15'C (warmest day of the year so far I think).
Wednesday is uncertain for Reading, dull and cloudy to the north, brighter and warmer to the south, Reading right on the boundary - if it is sunny then expect 15'C, cloudy then 10'C, I guess the most likely outcome is somewhere in between with some sun and some cloud.  Chilly overnight.
Thursday will be fairly sunny, some cloud at times, 13'C, a band of light rain overnight.
Friday will start cloudy but gradually brighten up, cooler, 9'C and a slight frost overnight, -1'C.
Saturday will be sunny with high pressure right over the UK, 10'C, slight frost overnight again.
Sunday should remain sunny and 10'C, bit of an easterly breeze may pick up, another slight frost overnight, -1'C.
Monday will feel increasingly cold in the easterly breeze, 9'C, should start sunny but may get cloudy later, -2'C overnight with a frost, depending on cloudy amounts.
Tuesday may be rather cold at 6'C with some cloud and some rain, perhaps sleet.

Most likely to remain mainly dry, though on the cool to average side until the end of March.

I fancy April to be unsettled and cool to average for the first half, drier and average to slightly above for the second half.

Coat and scarves still required.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Updated Weather Forecast

I'm struggling to find the words for this forecast, as I am a bit confused about what might happen, so I have poured myself a glass of wine and shall hope for the best.

I have to say that it is a bit of a mess, there is no dominant weather pattern likely to be established.  Colder air is trying to come down from the Arctic, milder air is trying to push in from the south-west.

There isn't anything in the way of high pressure cells or low pressure to take control so it is going to be a bit hit and miss this forecast, I'm afraid.

I might at least be able to offer you something quite pleasant I hope at some point soon.

Friday should be fine, some sunshine in the breeze, 11'C.
Saturday is probably going to be quite cloudy, maybe some light rain at times, 11'C
Sunday should be dry and we might start to have a feed of southerly winds, so if we get some sunshine, maybe 13'C.
Monday could be quite pleasant too, perhaps up to 14'C.

I am not hugely confident about the above, it does depend on the area of low pressure to our south-west and how it develops, but I think this is the more likely outcome.  It could instead be wet and 10'C.

If this does happen, then Tuesday may even see 16'C which will feel rather nice indeed.
Wednesday could be similar.

Apologies for the uncertainty but it is quite a complex scenario for the next couple of weeks until a new pattern is established.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Traffic Light Genius

Click the photo and tell me what is the point of the green traffic light in the middle of the photo.


Looks like Reading has some competition in it's bid for city status.

Goole has applied for said status.

According to Howard Duckworth who spearheaded the campaign, Goole has everthing going for it - I quote "We've got one of the biggest ports; we've got junction 36 industrial park which is inches away from the M62 [motorway]... we've now a fledgling tourism industry with the Waterways museum and Blacktoft Sands."

Even people from Hull take the piss out of Goole.

I have unearthed some photographs of Goole.

Roadtrip to Goole, anyone?

Visionquest At fabric, Jaded At Cable (oops) And A Walk Along The Thames

I have decided against disturbing my vocal chords today, or at least my brain has decided not to activate them.  It appears that I have limited resources so I fear my review of the excellent night out on Saturday may be a little limited in descriptive vocabulary compared to what it deserves, I appear to have used more resources than I originally anticipated and therefore I need to conserve my limited resources for more productive matters.

I remember putting in a lot of effort to try to persuade my delightful collection of friends to come to fabric with me almost 5 years ago when our friendship group started to blossom, sadly to no avail in the early years.  I reckon there was about 20 of us there on Saturday which is a pretty damn excellent turn-out!  If only we had a fabric or similar in Reading!

Visionquest is made up of Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves and Lee Curtiss, all from Detroit scene, and all causing quite a stir in the underground over the past couple of years, generating quite a lot of hype.

And they totally lived up to the hype for my first experience.  I arrived at fabric in style - much later than anticipated and in a transit van for my choice of vehicle.  Being a member I swanned into the full club leaving hundreds queuing outside in my wake...yes I do enjoy the benefits of smugness that comes with fabric membership, the cheaper entry and priority entrance over VIPs.

I missed the warm-ups but caught two of the Visionquest guys playing live, I think it was Ryan Crosson and Lee Curtiss but not entirely sure, my sobriety levels had faded quickly upon entrance and vision was not a quest that fabric was allowing me to chase with the ever-bewildering lights, laser and smoke displays which make the atmosphere even more special (many nightclubs seemingly do all this at random which is quite frankly annoying).

And then Seth came on afterwards, always seemingly the centre of attention and he did not disappoint.  A lot of melody in his music, kind of reminded me in some ways of what I was listening to in 1999 in my trance days...albeit this was heavily techno influenced as you would expect of those from Detroit...just with some similar elements to trance music...perhaps why Seth and co have generated such a lot of excitement in such a short time.

I left at a disappointingly early hour somewhere between 7am and 8am I think, only to find myself shortly afterwards at a night called Jaded at Cable.  This was also rather superb, a true collection of proper club kids in there and a very friendly atmosphere, one girl did insist on walking around the club with my bottle of beer upon her head which concerned me as I quite wanted to drink it.  They are quite picky on the door and did question my sobriety upon entrance but I apparently passed the test.
Once inside we were treated to some excellent music by Konrad Black, delightfully dark and spooky at times, perfect for that completely wrong time in the morning.

I eventually decided shortly before midday that I really should go home, I received instructions on how to do so but once outside the club I decided that I knew where I was and could walk to the tube station easily, as I recall being at Cable previously, however I later figured out that it was Cargo that I was thinking of, and Cargo is in Shoreditch, Cable in London Bridge, so yes I didn't have a clue where I was.

So I ended up wandering around lost, not quite as lost as the guy dancing to himself at the side of the road 5 minutes walk away from the club, and ended up having a pleasant walk along the Thames, trying to look like a tourist as opposed to someone who had spent the previous 9 hours in deranged nightclubs.

I was suitably impressed with Tower Bridge, very impressive structure.

And yes, I started writing this on Monday, and it has taken until Wednesday to get around to finishing it.

Oh and I have found an excellent new mix from Sven - not a drop of techno but very enjoyable.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Updated Weather Forecast

I did start writing my forecast last night but couldn't quite complete it due to severely depleted energy resources.

Tuesday will be sunny, the last of the sunny days for a while, 10'C though may get cloudier towards the end of the day.
Wednesday morning will see a band of cloud and some light rain come down from the north west, introducing somewhat colder air, it will turn sunnier after with the chance of a shower, 8'C.
Thursday will feel cool in the wind, it will be fairly cloudy, perhaps a little light rain at times, but also the chance of some brighter periods, 10'C.
Friday should feel a touch milder at 11'C, especially if we get some sunshine, though there will be plenty of cloud around, maybe some light rain overnight.
Saturday is a bit of an unknown at the moment, low pressure to the north could mean some rain, but it will depend on the exact position of the low pressure, it could feel a bit milder too, 12'C if the rain stays away, 10'C if not.
Sunday is likely to be cooler at 8'C, hopefully some sun but I wouldn't rule out a shower or two.

From then on it looks like a battle between cold air from the north, and slightly milder air from the south - the slightly milder air looks more likely to win but we are a million miles away from being able to ditch our coats I'm afraid...unless you live in Newcastle.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Updated Weather Forecast

It's that time of year where I have given up hope of getting a couple of days off work for free because there is so much snow and the country grinds to a halt, and I start looking for where I can start to feel a little bit of warmth.

Sadly, I don't have any vague hope of anything even kind of mild right now, it actually looks more likely to get colder.

Friday sees high pressure remain in control to the west of the UK, and slightly to the north, so a frosty start, I am hopeful it will be rather sunny, 8'C.
Saturday will start frosty again but become cloudy, perhaps up to 9'C though, and there is a chance of some light rain or drizzle.
Sunday still has the high pressure around but it has split into two cells, to our east over Denmark and to the west over the Atlantic.  It won't make much difference to you but it does make a difference as to what future weather patterns can be established, so fairly sunny, 7'C.
Monday sees these too high pressure systems try to connect to become one, but the Arctic ain't having any of it and keeps them apart, but we remain sunny and cool, 8'C.
Tuesday will see increased winds from the north west, with a big pool of Arctic air trying to push down into Europe, it should be mainly dry but there will be a chance of a shower or two, 10'C may be reached but it won't feel it at all.

Wednesday and Thursday will remain cool, with some showers, no higher than 9'C, and there could be some wintryness in the showers.

And after that it could get colder with a more northerly airflow, and the potential for some wintry weather - though it being March and the sun being strong, it will be fleeting wintryness, if it does come.

Maybe around 20th March it may start to come to something like 15/16'C - hardly exceptional but it will be welcomed.  I think I am grasping at straws right now though!

I always expected a cool and dry March (I did say possibly colder than February), and also April I think will follow with more cool weather.

Summer I don't yet have any predictions for as I feel it will depend on how long La Nina lasts for, as whether it ends soon, or goes on all year, could be a major determining factor.  I'm not expecting much in the way of hot weather, I am thinking it may be more likely to be drier than average, and around average temperatures.  May I expect to be quite a warm month, ie warmer than average, and June possibly too but I think June also has the potential to be wet - hopefully in the form of significant large downpours as opposed to continuous rain or showers.

Apologies for not being able to promise some soon as there is a chance of something nice, I will be blogging about it!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I Have Millions

Today I revisited my childhood and purchased some Millions.

So, a banana, some grapes, a sausage roll and a pack of millions - that is what I have decided to function on today.

It left me to think, what would I do if I had millions.  Millions of pounds, that is.

When I was growing up in Hull, I always said that if I won the lottery, I would buy Hull City.  Back then, a couple of million quid would have done.  In fact I recall the club being up for sale for £1 at one point - though at the time, that meant taking on the debt of about £1m.  A £1m debt now to a club like Hull City would be small change.

And anyway, I have lost my love for football over the years, I still enjoy it, but my passion is with music.

So if I had millions, I would have to open my own nightclub, in Reading.  It would be fashioned upon my experiences at fabric and Cocoon (Frankfurt).

I would aim for a capacity towards 1000, though with the option of extending it if it were to prove popular, and I would need a restaurant on the side, which would of course get a Michelin Star rating if I could persuade my very good friend and extremely talented chef, Ben Zagorski, to design and manage the restaurant side of things.

Inside, the club would have the full range of lighting effects, a Funktion One sound-system, and of course, some ice cannons.

Musically, I would try to persuade my very good friend, Matt Powell, to be resident DJ and help to set up a reputation as the best club in the south of England (outside of London, anyway), for underground house, techno, disco, etc.  And I would encourage all my other DJ friends to play here, too many to mention right now, but you know who you are.  And all my good friends would of course get free entry every night.

And there would be some kind of roof terrace to the building too, perfect for Sunday afternoon BBQ's in the summer, or chilling out on a Friday/Saturday night.

Unfortunately, the only kind of millions I have right now, are of the candy variety, and even those are mostly gone now.  If anyone has an idea how I can earn millions so the above dream can come true, please let me know.  Or if anyone has millions and would like to invest in my idea, again, please let me know.

Keep dreaming, James.  One day...

February's Top 5 Tunes

I would like to point out the top 5 tunes, according to visits to my top tunes blog in February:

1. Benoit & Sergio - Walk & Talk (409 views)
2. Art Department - Without You (Jamie Jones On The Fly Remix) (14 views)
3. Pteradactil Disco - Big Ass Biscuit (10 views)
4. The Gathering - In My System (Jef K System Mix) (6 views)
5. Nicolas Jaar - Student Hairstyle (4 views)

I remain amused that one tune is more popular than all the others put together, though I think this is because for some reason if you search for it in Google, my blog post about it is on the first page of search results.  Quite why I am not entirely sure.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

From Delusion To Reality

I cannot help but think that being in power or being a leader, encourages delusion and a disconnection to reality.

Firstly we have this nut-case who has been running Libya for about 42 years, who is claiming that Al-Qaeda have drugged his population's Nescafe and therefore they are uprising but it is calming down now the hallucinogenic drugs have worn off, that he isn't actually president of Libya so therefore any violence cannot be blamed upon him and that his people love him.

And then Iran's National Olympic Committee are threatening to boycott the London Olympics as the logo is racist (2012 is apparently too similar to ZION).

One only has to recall our dear estemeed Gordon Brown who claimed to have 'abolished boom and bust' not so long ago.  (Please do not fear about this government becoming as deluded as I am in regular communication with them to try to keep them in check.)

One of my favoured types of leader, DJs, also tend to become a bit deluded and self-consumed at times if they do not have people around them to keep them in line with reality.  Hello Tiesto.  But not the revered Robert Babicz, a prolific techno producer from Germany, and the creater of Dark Flower, whose Joris Voorn remix is probably my favourite track of all time (come on how can you not smile after hearing that song even on the most miserable of days!), no - he chose to keep it real this weekend when travelling between gigs in the UK, and got a train from Manchester to Newcastle.

Quoting from his Facebook fan page "an adventure, full of drunken people, fights, drama, love.... everything", his touch with reality, and having his wallet stolen by our finest Englishmen of the north, inspired him to make another track called 'From Manchaster to Newcastle'.  Yes I know he has spelt Manchester incorrectly.

Admiringly refreshing to see an artist from afar tackle the challenges of the UK rail system, as opposed to insisting on cheuffeurs and limousines.

And yes, this is what trains look like up north:

And you thought your Thames Train Slug was bad.
If ever become a leader, I promise not to become delusional and to stay firmly in touch with reality as it seems to be more productive to do so.

Wait a minute...I am a leader...I'm your leader.  Please continue your worship of me.  I'm off to go stroke my cauliflower ships.