Tuesday, November 30, 2010

fabric (with Cocoon)

This weekend just gone was one of those fairly rare weekends where everything looks so exciting, and everything and everyone comes together as planned quite spectacularly.

The highlight was always going to be my trip to fabric, only my third this year - for Cocoon - also my third Cocoon event of the year.

I did expect that my favourite club night at my favourite nightclub with my favourite DJ playing should be the most amazing night ever.  So much was my expectation that I was a little apprehensive on the way.

Alas, it was not the most amazing night.  But it was still absolutely fantastic.  Ricardo at fabric in March was better, as was Cocoon In The Park.  But take nothing away - this was a 9.5 out of 10 night - the others were 10 out of 10 - almost impossible to beat.

Cocoon, and Sven, do however work best in a larger nightclub like Amnesia in Ibiza, or the sadly deceased (temporarily???) matter, as they can put on more of a show.  fabric is all about being under-stated - the opposite to what Cocoon is about.  So combining them together, didn't make them better than they are individually, at their best.

But this is kind of like saying you have just had the second best steak and blow job day ever.  Unless you are a girl in which case I guess you might say this was the second best day's shopping ever.

We did spend the best part of 10 hours in there.  Of course being a member, I got to walk in straight away rather than queue in the freezing cold for ages with what was probably approaching about 1000 people when it opened at 11pm.

The music played at the beginning by Marcus Fix, Matt Tolrey and Jozif was a bit much of a muchness, just warming us in.  All deep hour in all three rooms - I would rather have heard something a little different in one of the rooms - maybe some minimal or some disco.

Sven came on at 1pm and he did play some really good stuff, mainly house as one has come to expect from Sven nowadays.  But it was like a sauna in the main room - the complete opposite from outside, I haven't been in a club that hot in the UK I don't think.  It was a bit much so we went into room 2 to see Ilario Alicante who was excellent, playing lots of good house and mixing it up a bit.

We did wander from room to room a bit, catching Craig Richards play a few fantastic tunes, a bit more Sven, but then the highlight of the evening - Dinky.  I cannot recommend her enough (Dinky set).  Lots of late 1990's house, mixed in with some speed garage which I think Berlin-based DJs have just discovered (I'm sure they would not have heard of it back in 1997 as it was very much a UK thing).  Also some new jacking house.  So so good.

Heard the end of Sven, and then spent a few hours dancing to Onur Ozer who is really good - but couldn't match Dinky, and was perhaps a little soul-less towards the end - I would have preferred him before Sven, but life isn't perfect, and this was one excellent night out.

I love fabric and Cocoon - life wouldn't be the same without them.

James Is A Model - Part 1

For anyone who missed out - this is me modelling a full length fake fur coat - in the style of Kind Henry 8th apparantly.  I believe it is still available to buy in the Oakford on a Sunday at the lovely Heather's vintage clothes stall.

Updated Weather Forecast

I do feel a small apology is in order, last time I offered a 70% chance of heavy snow for today, with a smaller chance of light snow.  I feel I got a little carried away with some unlikely outcomes. Said winter storm has remained west of France, and we are getting snow developed over the North Sea instead.

And not much snow either.  I do see a little more light snow at times but we in Reading are on the western side of the snow.  And it is light and patchy.  Probably not this afternoon.  It might reach 1'C and -4'C overnight.

Wednesday I would say that there is a 50% chance of a little more snow, perhaps more likely later in the day, but again, nothing substantial.  It may not get over -1'C, and -3'C overnight.

Thursday perhaps a 60% chance of some snow showers, perhaps a massive 1'C but -5'C overnight.

Friday looks dry at the moment, maybe as high as -1'C during the day, and -5'C overnight.  At the moment it looks like a band of something coming from the west, I would guess snow at first but turning to rain.  Quite uncertain at the moment.

Saturday could be less cold, at 3'C and perhaps some light rain at times.  Again - uncertain.

Sunday, maybe some light rain, maybe some snow, 1'C.  I would also say a small chance, 20% perhaps of heavy snow in the south.

It really does get quite uncertain at the weekend so the above is my best guess.  It looks like milder air tries to push in from the south, but the cold air is so entrenched that it may not get further north than France.  And there does seem to be quite a large and strong pool of cold air developing over the Arctic which has potential to spread south in 10-15 days time - a reload of cold.

So a lot of uncertainty I'm afraid.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Fridays

Well I feel like blogging so here we go.  No idea what is going to come out of it, nor whether there is any point to it, but I feel I should.  Like Gordon Brown would say "it's my duty" and would probably not add "I have elected myself to this position and I like it, so go stuff yourself, unless you are from where I am from in which case you can build some great big aircraft carriers".

He probably wouldn't be singing the lyrics which are going around in my head right now.  Which I cannot sing out loud at work.  Nor can I really repeat here.  Well I could, but then you would think I had a girlfriend that didn't wash her clothes.  Which I don't.  Or you could just go to my top tunes blog and work out what song is top of my list.  Ooh maybe I will have to put a few more up there to make it difficult.

Still reading?  I'm still writing.  Are you dancing?  I'm dancing.  Well my feet are tapping away very merrily.  And I shall be dancing on Saturday night.  My favourite DJ is going to play my favourite nightclub.  I like DJs and I like nightclubs.  And I will have some most excellent companions.  Too fantastic for words right now.

It's a shame that it may involve standing in the cold queuing up because nobody has tickets and it is sold out, but it shall be warm inside.  Are you disappointed with the lack of snow?  My forecasts always said "chance".  I was never convinced.

What is quite exciting me is the potential for "Snowmageddon" on Tuesday.  Now it is really not possible to predict the exact track or development of the winter storm, but something is coming for Tuesday.  Ironically, the Met Office have just issued weather warnings for blizzards (not just heavy snow) and the latest GFS charts I have viewed (nothing to do with the Met Office, in case they are watching me again, bless their cotton socks) seem a tad disappointing for those that might want a free day off, but I still say 70% chance of an absolute blanket of snow, probably worse than anything last winter threw at us.  So there.  Go dig it.

Not sure I agree with these latest charts full stop as they extend the cold snap right through to 12th December.  Goes against my surprisingly mild December forecast.  Urm.

And tonight - doesn't really link in does it.  Think again, James.

Tonight I forecast much fun and frolics at the delightfully enchanting Oakford Social Club thanks to the return of a certain fabulous friend.  I forecast I get drunk.  I'm still playing that damn song.  Still want to sing those lyrics out loud.

Oh and another thing that tickled me - "Dane Bowers arrested in mephedrone probe" on  I was never one for feeding plants.

I trust I have just made your world that little bit more special than it already is - as it must be a special world if you are in your world.  Ahhh.

Kisses!  Hugs!




Thursday, November 25, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

I guess you want to know - will it snow?

I bet you will love my answer - I don't know.  There is however a substantial chance of a major snowfall next Tuesday - more about that later.

For now:

Tonight, maybe the tiniest of snow flurries, like about 5 flakes, -3'C.
Friday, again, maybe a tiny snow flurry, probably cloudy, 3'C, maybe down to -5'C overnight.
Saturday, the previously expected low pressure hasn't developed hardly at all, that said I think there will be some bands of light snow around, so a 70% chance of a slight covering, 1'C, maybe -3'C overnight.
Sunday, perhaps a 40% chance of a little light snow again, 2'C, -5'C overnight.
Monday, 30% chance of a snow flurry or two, 3'C, -3'C overnight.

Now Tuesday is where it gets interesting.  A low pressure is set to develop over the Bay of Biscay, and move towards the south of England.  It depends on how it develops as to the likelihood of snow, but I reckon there is an 70% chance of heavy snow, perhaps up to 20cm, especially in the afternoon, with gale force winds making it a real blizzard.  There is a smaller chance of a light snow event, and a small chance it could be sleet rather than snow.  And 0'C all day.

I strongly recommend you keep an eye out for this.

Currently, I think there is a good chance that it will turn back to rain either overnight on Tuesday or into Wednesday, so it will melt quickly.

So, Wednesday if Tuesday happens like I think most likely (but far from guaranteed), then it will remain cold with a gale force easterly still, however I think upper air temperatures will be too warm for snow, and hence it could rain.  Potentially could see some flooding as well due to snow melt followed by heavy rain.

Thursday, low pressure moves away - I wouldn't be surprised if there was a little snow on the back edge, colder, 2'C.

And from there on is anyone's guess but it looks like remaining cold.

I am, believe it or not, going for a milder than average December!  Once the cold clears away.

I'll probably do another forecast over the weekend if I can get more certainty on what exactly is going to happen on Tuesday.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Angry Birds

Now you know what to get me for my birthday!  Though I think you still have to import them at the moment.

Students Feel My Wrath

OK, when I went to university back in 1998, I only paid £1,000.00 a year tuition fees – though in my second year that did work out to about £250.00 per lecture (perhaps if I had turned up more then it might have worked out better).
So perhaps you could sit there and think, well it is ok for me to be arguing against higher tuition fees as I did not have to pay them and won’t have to (unless I ever have kids and they want to go to university of course, though I will encourage them to be bankers if that is so, so I can then retire earlier. Small problem, James – you are 30 already…better find a wife quick sharp if you want to retire early on this plan. One which doesn’t watch X-Factor. Oh you’ll be working until 75 then).
Anyway, and but, when I went to university, we didn’t have a humongous debt as we had just had 17 years of the Conservatives running the country, and had just handed over the running of the country and the economy to a Labour party which was still continuing sensible Conservative economic policy, for a couple of years at least. We also had no huge budget deficits. In fact, we were in a good economic position and could afford to hugely subsidise university education.
Now things are different – there are a huge amount more graduates than graduate jobs – we absolutely cannot have any more reckless spending on what we cannot afford, and also do not need.
If you feel let down by the government then you probably have a point. But it was the previous Labour government who wrecked the economy. Students, and anyone else suffering, should point their wrath at them. The coalition government is trying to rescue the country from financial Armageddon. Which is far from assured despite the cuts, thanks to possible defaults in other countries and our own huge debt and budget deficit.
There should not be any entitlement to a subsidised university education. Yes I had one and so have millions of others. But until the country gets back to a good economic position which won’t be for many many years, perhaps two decades, then this is a luxury that we cannot afford.
Besides if this means less students going to university, then you will also have less graduates to compete with in the jobs market. There are also plenty of other options to kick-start a career (Open university, the army, starting a business, to name just three) – university is only one. It is not the be-all and end-all. And the new higher education bill actually looks after poorer students and lower-paid graduates far more than now and is in my opinion, much fairer.
I despise this current protesting – where were you when the previous government were destroying the country? Where were you when they nearly bankrupted the country? Why are you not angry with them? What is your suggestion for reducing the deficit? Shall we scrap pensions instead? Privatise the NHS? Increase tax by a few percent? Double alcohol tax? Increase VAT to 25%?  Answers on a postcard - or stop moaning and get back to studying.  Or drinking.  Or dossing.

Make Bono Pay Tax

I have signed the petition to support our Irish brothers.  Does this man have no conscience?!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

David Cameron Approves Of Extra Bank Holiday for Royal Wedding

Just two days after my e-mail to David Cameron (the news story is from last Thursday), Dave has said that he thinks it would be a good idea if the Royal Wedding next year was a bank holiday.

Granted this is not the official go-ahead but I think if it is formalised that you perhaps all owe me a drink as he has clearly listened to my advice, just like he did earlier this year when I advised him on his election campaign a couple of times.

I look forward to receiving lots of gifts and love for probably gaining you an extra day of next year.

Three cheers to myself and Dave, I reckon.


Ooh it has just been announced as 29th April - so a 4 day weekend :-)
You definitely all owe me a beer!  And Dave.  And Kate & Wills.

Updated Weather Forecast

So I guess you are expecting snow.  It is more likely than not, but don't expect a guaranteed dump of snow.

Today should be quite sunny at times, 6'C, with a frost overnight, -1'C.
Wednesday similar, a touch colder at 5'C and -3'C overnight.
Thursday sees the first chance of snow, more likely in the morning, but far from guaranteed and I don't think it will be more than a cm if we do get some.  Colder, 4'C and -3'C overnight.
Friday a dry morning but again, a chance of some snow showers in the afternoon.  I would say again a 50% chance.  No higher than 2'C and -5'C overnight.
Saturday sees low pressure coming down from the north-east, perhaps no higher than -1'C during the day and down to -6'C overnight.  Again, a 50% chance of snow but more cloud than previous days.  And a particularly cold wind.
Sunday, perhaps up to 1'C, again a chance of some snow showers and -4'C overnight (perhaps down to -15'C towards Scotland!).

From then on, I see it remaining cold for perhaps up to another week, maybe not getting back to normal temperatures until Sunday 5th December.
Any day could see snow showers, perhaps more organised towards the end of the week.
Again, I don't see it getting above 1'C during the day or -5'C most nights.

I expect a few cm of snow in total.  I don't expect any massive snowfalls but these tend to come at short notice - last year I rarely had more than 48 hours notice of one of the heavier snowfalls.  I will of course advise if anything heavier or more significant is expected.

Remember - the snow is likely in showers and the nature of showers is hit and miss.   But more likely to get some than not.

Enjoy...until you get fed up of it!

Bus Drivers Are Wankers

I seemingly made a fundamental mistake this morning in thinking that Reading Buses provides a service for their customers.

I saw the bus at the bus stop (ok perhaps 20cm away from it) having just picked up passengers, now with it's door closed and waiting for the traffic lights to change.

Surely he could let me on too?  But no.  A deligerent shake of the head and I am left waiting for the next bus.

I cannot understand any reason why he could not let me on.  Though I did think beforehand that I should not bother as I have on several occasions seen bus drivers not pick up passengers (I would call us customers but clearly this is not how Reading Buses see us as we are clearly just a hindrance) that were perfectly ok to pick up so maybe it is my fault.

However, other bus companies seem to go out of their way to pick up passengers.  So why not Reading Buses?

I have concluded that all Reading Buses' bus drivers are wankers.

And as such, I am going to withdraw my politeness.  From now on, whenever I have to get a Reading Buses bus (and I do have another company I can choose which are slightly cheaper but I have to leave my house earlier as it gets stuck in traffic usually) I am not going to say please or thank you.

I do not see why I should remain polite to a bunch of wankers.  They do not deserve it.  I like to think that generally I have an above-average level of politeness but I am now withdrawing it to those who do not deserve it.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Reasons To Be Cheerful

I am trying to persuade myself that it isn't all doom and gloom.  I don't like Mondays.  I guess you probably are not overly in love with them too.  Here are my reasons to be cheerful:

1. I had a good weekend.  My parents came to visit which was very nice and I had probably the tastiest lamb ever at LSQ2 at the Oracle - definitely recommend a visit.  I also spent a drunken evening at Mango, which was fun but it is still sad to see how far downhill it has gone from it's glory days a few years ago.
2. I watched the Oracle fireworks and lights spectacular which I have to say was rather impressive.
3. The Ashes starts later this week, possibly the greatest sporting event in the world, though I will get to see very little of it as it will be on overnight and it is on Sky which I refuse to ever have again as I think it is shit.  And if it weren't for Sky then nobs like Wayne Rooney wouldn't be getting so much money.
4. Snow.  There is a good chance of snow from Thursday onwards and it will be fricking cold.  Oh wait a minute - I don't like the cold.  Though at least it could potentially snow so much that the buses are "cancelled" and I won't be able to get to work.
5. Sven Vath is playing fabric on Saturday.  My favourite DJ in the world playing probably my favourite club in the world (this does alternate between fabric and Amnesia depending on which one I went to previously).  Granted it is sold out and none of the dearest friends planning on coming have tickets, but where there is a will, there is a way.
6. There is a new bus stop at work which is two to three minutes closer to my desk than the old one.  Happy days!
7. I just had a bacon and egg sandwich and they only charged me for two pieces of bacon rather than three.  Amazing!  Highlight of my day!  And I had two greasy under-cooked sausages.  Hmmm.
8. I have a blog.  And I probably love you.  And clearly you love me.  Is it my sense of humour?  My intelligence?  My artistic abilities?  My music taste?  My hard-working nature?

OK, I'm kind of clutching at straws.

Roll on this evening so I can go to bed and have a long, very long, stupidly long, incredibly long sleep.


Ooh I have a number 9 - I had a massive 18 visitors to my blog yesterday which is crazy for a Sunday considering my average for a Sunday is about 1, maybe 2.  And not only did I have my first visitor from the United Arab Emirates, I also had my first visit from Malawi.  I trust you are proud to know a truly international blogger.  My star is rising.  Love me, love my blog.  Unless you are Gordon Brown.  Or the Met Office.


And another reason.  I just read that Amazon are going to sell Take That's new album for £1 - I look forward to having extra material for the fire.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

I've been waiting all week to give you this forecast, and still I cannot have confidence on exactly what is going to happen.  I think this will happen a few times this winter.  I think you know what is coming.

Dum dum derrr...


In November?

Well the potential is there.  I would be shocked if there was no plastering of snow within the next 10 days over some part of England.  But the devil is in the detail and it is continuing to change.  Even the Met Office are expecting something wintry.

I alert you all right now to the possibility of a huge dump of snow late next week or next weekend.  It isn't likely, but it is a significant enough possibility for me to be willing to say this.

Details, you ask?

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be much of a muchness, a lot of cloud, some outbreaks of rain are likely, maybe some overnight fog, Friday will be 10'C but Sunday only 6'C as the wind picks up from the east.

Monday may feature some showers, with a cold wind, 7'C.

Tuesday, less wind, less showers, 6'C and cold overnight.

Wednesday, sunny but cold, 4'C.

It is then that things might start to get interesting.

I cannot promise snow.  All I can say is that everything has been set up.  And there is potential from different sources for unsettled weather towards next weekend - possibly a system coming down from Scandinavia.  Possibly.  Which would mean a lot of snow.

Wow - and to think it is only November!

Apologies that I cannot give you guarantees but I give you fair warning, and I suspect things will be a bit more certain for my next forecast on Monday.

I might have to do a bit more research so I can give my winter forecast, which I shall endeavour to complete by the end of the month...I'm fairly sure with December and January but February has me utterly perplexed at the moment.

Snow is the word.

Fish & Chips

Reading readers - you can now get fish & chips delivered to you.  Happy days!

Name Vladimir Putin's Dog

Russia Today, which is quickly becoming my favourite news outlet, have been asked by Vladimir Putin, the ex-president of Russia, current prime minister and the man most Russian women have a topless photo of him adorned to their wall, to name his new pet dog.

I feel this is a chance to really connect with Russia, the "big angry bear" to the east, who I feel are suspiciously just like you and me, I am getting to rather like Russia.

I have suggested George.  My auntie has a dog called George, and he is adorable.

Or course, there could be other connotations, such as it could be named after his old friend, George Bush.  Or perhaps the country that they last invaded, Georgia.

Either way, the invite is there for you to take part in shaping the future of Vladimir Putin's life.  How democratic.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prince William & Kate Middleton's Wedding

In case you haven't heard the incredibly heart-warming news, Prince William and Kate Middleton are going to marry.

As David Cameron has posted his congratulations on Facebook, I thought I should write to him:


Dear Dave

I note from Facebook that you are also offering your congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton on announcing they are to marry.

I wonder if you would be so kind as to announce an extra bank holiday to mark this special occasion?

I think June would be best as this seems to be the only month of summer nowadays.

I have written extensively on my blog a strong dislike for Gordon Brown which I believe contributed towards you winning the election (

I also promise not to vote AV in next year's referendum if you can promise this.

I might even get involved in the Big Society one day.

And I promise not to save any money, and to keep spending to help the economy.

I didn't even go to Ibiza this year - I have so far spent all my wages in this country.

One final thing - it will make people happy (perhaps we should have a bank holiday week before the next election?)

It would be much appreciated, Dave.

Ta, James xx

Bacon Porn

Hmm, bacon.  Simple things in life.

Junction 11 Workmen

This is a collection of workmen working very hard on finishing Junction 11 by summer 2010 as per the schedule.

One is leaning on a cone.  Possibly talking to it.
One is scraping a brick on the kerb.
Another is watching.
Another is leaning on a spade, also watching.

Further up, one is sweeping the pavement.
Another is leaning against the railings, watching.

And further up, another was leaning over brushing the soil from what I can tell.  Perhaps he was planting some daffodils?
And of course, one watching him.

I don't want to appear too hypocritical as I know I have written this in work-time in between analysing a spreadsheet for discrepancies, but there are not two people watching me do this, and I am not four months behind schedule.  Lazy, lazy, lazy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

I bring you news of a taste of winter.

First some more autumn.  Cold tonight with some frost and potentially quite foggy, possibly 0'C.

Tuesday sunny, perhaps 9'C at a push.

Winds increasing overnight, rain on Wednesday morning, maybe into the afternoon too, chilly perhaps only 6'C.  Not quite cold enough for snow!

Maybe some showery rain on Thursday but nothing too much, milder at 10'C.

Friday into Saturday looks like low pressure coming in from the south but I'm not yet hugely confident about this, it should be reasonably mild at about 10'C.  Maybe the same story on Sunday too.

The wind does however looks very likely to turn to the east next week, and by Wednesday/Thursday at the current rate will have pushed in some damn cold air for late November, perhaps down to 3'C during the day, but I don't rule out it being even colder - perhaps no higher than 0'C, and down to -5'C some nights.

And yes - a chance of snow.  It does depend on what weather systems are near by, if any.  I'd say the east coast has a very high chance of snow, but somewhere like Reading needs more factors to go in it's favour to get snow.  But I rate the chance at 40-50% which for the end of November is very good.

The cold snap may well last a week or so, as it really is quite a potent and noticeable blast of cold air.

Monday Warblings

Good morning readers.

I cannot say that I am exactly over the moon about the fact that it is Monday.  I like my bed especially on a cold morning.  However on the bright side, I have a new desk and I am quite happy with the positioning of it - I'm on the third floor and at the opposite end of the building so now I get to watch all the cars attempting to navigate the poor lay-out of the new junction 11 of the M4 which cost a bargainous £60million and managed to employ lots of workers during the recession who seemed to do nothing but talk for 2 years and when one was working, there were two idly watching.  Perhaps they were following health and safety rules.

I had a slightly disappointing weekend, it didn't quite live up to the previous fun-packed weekend - I felt too tired to go out on Friday night, but in hindsight I wish I had pushed myself as there are always ways to liven oneself up if one so desires - I hope I learn my lesson.

Then on Saturday evening I wanted a pie from Sweeney Todd's.  I love their pies.  I was so looking forward to my favourite - chicken, broccoli and stilton.  So imagine my disappointment, and near fury, when I arrived to find just two vegetarian ones and steak & Oyster which may well be a true delicacy but I was not feeling especially adventurous - I just wanted a beer and a pie.  A trustworthy pie.

And then on Sunday, I ventured to the delightful Oakford Social Clun for a roast dinner, and was disgusted to find peas on my plate despite my demand to not have peas on the plate.  Now sweetcorn I can deal with despite not liking it - but peas, for anyone who doesn't know me that well, I have a real issue as I really do not trust their lack of discipline.  They get everywhere, and move around of their own accord and, well, they cannot be trusted.

That and the concrete carrots, the potatoes which required a chainsaw to slice, and the gravy which was thinner than water and less tasty than cat piss led to quite a disappointment.  I must get back to cooking my own roast dinners on a Sunday, which whilst not the tastiest food in the world is far from a world of disappointment and with the world's best gravy from Goldenfry which has recently found it's way down south and it thicker than cement, even the most under or over-cooked meat in the world can taste rather delicous.  Plus I can choose my vegetables.  And I can splash out on expensive meat and it will still cost less than £8.50.  Though I wouldn't get to enjoy the delightful surroundings and wonderful company.

Roll on Friday.  Or perhaps Thursday at the Oakford - anyone up for it?!

Feel free to engage me in conversation - I love a bit of week-day entertainment.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Magic of Seth Troxler

Everyone needs to know about this guy and his music, and his bats.  And his attitude.

Producer, DJ and vocalist.  And mentalist.  And inspiration.

For his personality, you have to watch the 5-minute interview he gave for DJ Mag at Miami WMC 2010 .

And for a slightly more sober interview

And for his music - check out this 47 minute video of him playing for Mulletover in London.  Absolutely top stuff.  Very now. 


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

This will not be exciting.  But I still feel I should give a forecast.

Friday will be windy, cloudy mostly, perhaps some rain at times, 10'C
Saturday perhaps a bit brighter, still chance of a shower, less wind, 9'C
Sunday has the potential for some showery rain, 8'C

Then high pressure makes it's first attempt to build - Monday should be fine and settled, 8'C.

I think it will hang on into Tuesday, but then there will be a band of rain for either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

I do expect high pressure to be in control by next weekend.  Which will mean cold nights with frost and fog.

Told you it was boring.


I think Ricardo makes his music here.

Student Riots

Finally something has got my back up.

I can understand an element of anger from students who were promised by the Lib Dems that they would not face higher tuition fees if they voted for them and they got into government.

Well they have got into government, and realised that we cannot afford the education system as it is, at the moment, and are having to go back on their promises.

I can understand why students might feel betrayed, and perhaps the Lib Dems should have done a bit more research into the financial situation of the country...that said, the previous Labour government were not exactly open about the state of the finances, they seemed to deny how bad it was, so maybe they did truly believe it was possible.

The way I see it at the moment, anyone with reasonable intelligence can go to university to study anything they feel like, for a set fee, and the tax-payer subsidises all students to quite a substantial extent.

The way I think the government are heading, is that those with more money, should pay more for university, those with less money, should pay less.

I don't see what is wrong with that?

I hope those involved in the violence and vandalism yesterday are convicted.  It makes absolutely no sense to direct anger at the Conservatives who are trying to sort out the mess left by Labour.

I suspect that those who caused the trouble are just upset that now the government won't pay for them to sit on their back-sides all day and contribute nothing to society.  They are anti-Tory protestors.  Which to me, means anti-work protestors.  Anti-responsibility protestors.  Selfish, moronic arseholes.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

I'm sure you will agree that today's weather was lovely.  It will get better.  Depending on how you define better...ha ha ha ha!

Tonight will see the wind pick up and it will feel pretty cold and miserable again.  There is a chance of rain but the worst will be further south I think.  Ditto tomorrow.  A proper horrid cold wind direction too, 7'C, and cold overnight.

Wednesday should be nice and sunny, but quite cold, 6'C.  Cold at first overnight but less so as cloud increases later on.

Thursday will see heavy rain and strong to gale force winds in the morning, followed by more strong winds and maybe some showers, but it will be milder, 12'C.

Friday, windy and cool, maybe a shower or two, 9'C

I expect the unsettled weather to continue through next weekend, and probably for much of next week too.

My Shameful Behaviour

I disgraced myself this weekend.

1. I danced to electro-house.
2. I requested 'No Limits' by 2 Unlimited.
3. I got quite upset when I was dragged away from the dancefloor when "The Timewarp" came on.
4. I didn't drink on Sunday despite spending several hours at the Oakford.
5. I went to Revolution, Walkabout and Rewind all in one weekend, and didn't have to be carried kicking and screaming to any of them.
I actually had a hell of a lot of fun, for which I blame my delightful friends. Both nights were leaving parties for three individuals who have been a delight to know and I wish them well for their new adventures in life, and I will endeavour that it won't be the last I hear of them, despite our different continents.

Finally, I can report the following:

1. The Walkabout still smells of vomit, and the what goes on downstairs is an absolute vile abomination of all the senses.
2. Revolution plays some of the worst examples of dance music known to man. A disgrace to modern society.
3. The Oakford is an absolute delight but even here there was some nasty electro-house and we had to enter to that godly awful Barbara Streisand track which nearly made me run away to Slough.
All in all though, a top weekend. More please.

John Prescott Does Gordon Brown

This is John Prescott doing an impression of Gordon Brown.

Friday, November 05, 2010

I Am Friends With The 1497th and 15422nd Best DJ's In The World - I'm So Cool

Wow, I feel like a true groupie now.  My dreams have come true.

The attached link will take you to the page where you can search for the position of your favourite DJ in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ poll.

My friends, Tina Martin came 1497th, and Matt Powell 15422nd.

Perhaps nothing you might think, but as it seems nearly everyone I know claims to be a DJ, I think these are creditable results and I am celebrating them.  Congratulations, guys.

Sadly, I do not figure in the list.  It seems nobody voted for me.  Not even me.  Nobody remembers the hour or so in 108 bar back in January, or the impromptu set after a night at Cocoon that I did at some wild villa party out in Ibiza in the summer of 2009.

I will endeavour to make it into the list next year, so I can have one of those fine polished aluminium blocks with my name and position.  I trust that my blog will be the promotional tool that I need to feature in the poll.  That is my next goal in life.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Well I promised you mild weather, and it did reach 17.7'C here in Reading today - it hasn't been below 10'C even at night over the last few days.  That is about to change.

Friday will still be mild though, but there will be some rain around, more particularly in the evening and overnight when it could be quite heavy, still about 15'C.

Saturday the winds swing to the north-west, will be cooler, 9'C, with some showers around.  Maybe a slight frost overnight

Sunday is more likely to be dry, chance of a shower still, chilly, 7, maybe 8'C.

Then comes quite an intense and developing low pressure system from the north-west.  The exact path isn't known yet, but the most likely path will see it go past the west of the UK towards the north of Spain - an unusual track to take.

If it does so, then from Sunday night until Tuesday night, expect gale force winds at times, heavy rain at times, and generally a pretty unpleasant feel to things, no higher than 10'C and at times cooler.  And it will feel raw in the wind and rain.

It could intensify further and change direction a little, it should be watched.

Wednesday should be drier, 7'C, still some rain and wind around but improving.  Cold overnight.

Thursday looks like being chilly, 6'C, maybe some rain later.

Next weekend should be milder though, with temperatures back up to 12'C, but more rain and strong winds.

If, however, the low pressure on Sunday night does something different to what is expected now, as this is not set in stone, then the outcome for next week could well be different.

I do not have so much confidence in my original expectation of a cold but dry middle to end of November.

So, a good old fashioned bit of autumn is coming up.  Enjoy.

John Prescott

He's from Hull too.

Is he more attractive then me?

Dave Goes To Shoreditch

So David Cameron is going to Shoreditch today.  I wonder if he will be going to Public Life or 53 Feet East?


I thought I should communicate with my readers once more, I know I have been a little slack on blogging recently, but it tends to come in waves.  I did try to find a mathematical function to represent this, however I do not think there is a linearality to the distribution of posts.

Going on the fact that only two people read my post in French yesterday, that there was very little interest in this, so I have reverted back to English from now on.  For the 1065 readers (ok granted the absolute vast majority have only visited once and even then probably only enough time to scan the page for e-mail addresses to spam) who didn't see it, I was speaking in French to mark my appreciation of the new treaty between France and England.  I drank some Kronenbourg and ate plenty of cheese.

Highlight of today, at least in the 9-5 bit (ok 9:15 to 5:25 bit...I struggled to get out of bed and therefore missed the bus again) could be the workgroup which has been set up by management at the company I work for, to try to find ways to improve communication within the department...the department is very large, at least 100 people, probably 200 in fact.

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I studied Business Studies at degree level (along with Economics) and I actually have quite a keen interest in how businesses are run, and how they can be improved, and I am actually looking forward to seeing how I can make an impact on something which is vital in all areas of life - communication.

So many times I have been frustrated in many areas of life by people who are incapable of communicating effectively and decently.  I really do appreciate the power of communication, and the joy that it can bring to people.  Positive communication does bring rewards.  Bad communication brings failure.

I'm not convinced myself that it is a problem at the company I work for, however it could always be improved, and I am quite pleased that I am getting the chance to help.

The only other thing on my mind right now is a increasingly problematic addiction that I have developed.  To Angry Birds.  Two nights potential sleep ruined by firstly playing it on my telephone until the early hours, then constantly seeing birds being catapulted into objects and green pig faces hiding from me.  Good job I don't take acid.

Oh, actually, I nearly forgot.  I and many other amateur forecasters and model watchers, are getting quite excited about a developing low near Greenland, well I say it is developing - it hasn't really started yet but will today I think.  It will dramatically change our weather and could have quite an influence.  The word 'storm' would be overblowing its likely development but it has potential.  It certainly will be noticeable, though I think the worst of it should be just to the west of the country.  It will bring heavy rain, gales and much colder weather from Sunday night into Monday.  I should have more to say about it tonight.

One more thing to communicate - have a nice day, spread the love and give me a hug if you see me.

James Winfield's Artistic Abilities Part 3

I thought that I should share you my third piece of art, again completed on Sunday afternoon whilst at the delightful Oakford Social Club, in Reading.

It was inspired by X-Factor.

Yes, I have a dislike for this "entertainment show".  Quite a strong one.  Along the lines of my dislike for people like Robert Mugabe.
I am saving a blog for one Saturday evening in the future.

For now, I hope you can enjoy my art.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Vive La France!

Bonjour mes amis

Aujourd'hui, je vais célébrer le nouveau traité avec la France, et donc je vais partager ma communication en français et en anglais, car je me sens maintenant partie française.

Les Anglais et les Français peuvent prétendre à la haine de l'autre, mais en secret, nous voulons être les uns les autres.

Donc, je veille à ce que je augmenter ma consommation d'alcool de vin, et ma consommation de fromage. De même, j'entends que les fish and chips est la nouvelle nourriture fine à Paris. Je me demande si ils préfèrent Haddock à la morue?

Je pense que nous devrions aller plus loin et proposer aux Français de partager la livre - en retour nous devrions parler le français.

Je tiens tout particulièrement à toutes les femmes à commencer à parler anglais en français. Je pourrais ensuite la faiblesse aux genoux quand une jeune fille de chav anglais me demande de parler français.

Enfin, je voudrais dire merci à Google pour leur service de traduction.

J'espère que ceux qui pourraient être pris la peine de savoir ce que j'avais à dire, utiliser Google de le traduire vers l'anglais.

Bonne journée

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Met Office Predicts Mild Winter - I Don't

The Met Office last year predicted a milder than average winter, and has done so again this year - or more like their £33million supercomputer has - as they are too scared to issue a long-range weather forecast this year as they kept getting them wrong in recent years.

I do agree with them though that the winter is quite likely to be drier than average.

This so-called super-computer does not take into account such factors as the El Nino-La Nina high-low pressure system in the Pacific Ocean and the North Atlantic Oscillation.

I have no such computer system - I rely on around 15 years of studying weather patterns and historical weather patterns, and try to take into account as many factors as possible such that I have a fair understanding of their likely impact.

I repeat that I so far expect a milder and drier December than average, colder January and February with some snow though probably less than last year - though it might actually be colder than last year.

I am currently expecting a drier than average Spring, and cooler than average, at least for March and April anyway.

I shall update in December with more detail with regards to expecting timings of cold weather, I hope, for which I was pretty successful with last winter.


Following an e-mail from the Met Office Press Officer, I should point out that this is just an interpretation from the media based on probability maps on their website (I did not realise this at time of posting).

I cannot locate said probability maps, however I have a link to the statement.


Probability maps:

Sausage Toaster

I think my culinery life can now be fully satisfied - the Germans have invented a sausage toaster - only 4-6 minutes to toast a sausage.

Could life get any better?

Monday, November 01, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

I remain committed to my weather forecasts.  Twice a week.  Apologies for the lack of any other inane rants or spurious dribblings, I shall endeavour to get back on course this week.

I shall continue my service as a wannabe weather forecaster.

High pressure is to our south-west and this is sucking in warm air from this direction, towards us.

Monday night may see some rain, and following this will be a fairly stiff westerly wind, and there will be a band of rain continuing all week across some part of England, more likely to the north and the midlands, and towards the end of the week, over the south.

When it starts raining it is likely to rain continually for a day or two.

Temperatures could well reach 16'C, maybe even 17'C.  It will generally be cloudy, but perhaps some brightness at times.

Come the weekend and it looks like a fairly intense low pressure system is going to come down from the north-west on Sunday, with strong winds and heavy rain, and will also introduce much colder air again, with some snow for the north of the country.

This could lead to more Arctic air and a fair chill.

I still expect a settled but chilly middle part of November.

That's all for now.