Monday, September 20, 2010

Public Sector Pay

Is it right that 6,500 NHS employees earn more than the Prime Minister?  One GP earns £475,000.00.  Is that really a necessary wage to attract a GP to whichever location this is?

I'm not sure I can actually answer this, I don't think the question can be answered by who has the most demanding job.  I think it should best be answered by the principles of supply and demand, and surely the NHS could find a qualified GP for less than £475,000.00 for this particular role...surely?

I note that 362 local council employees earn more than David Cameron.  This has to be questioned rigorously.  Whoever thought that employing someone on higher wages than the Prime Minister to do less demanding work (I think is safe to assume, given the problems this country faces) in the local council, deserves a chainsaw to the knees.  OK, perhaps something a little less violent.

Happy now I've had a rant.  Anyone care to comment, to make me think again?