Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Hull Mugging

Another reason to be 'proud' of Hull, as described in comedy on

Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow.

Should make you smile, it did me.

My Dream Holiday

So what would my dream holiday be?

Ibiza? - no done that.  But would happily do it 10 times every year.
Las Vegas? - no, but would like to play in a major poker tournament there one year.
Tokyo? - Close, would be so exotic, so unusual, would love to visit, but not the number one.
Skiing/Snowboarding? - We get enough cold weather here
Australia? - I'd enjoy it, f'sure

What I really want to do is go storm chasing across the plains of America.  One of the main websites I use to get basic forecasting data from do 10 day tours for £1,700.00 (does not include flights) would love to do that.  Something I might well think about saving up for.

My David Miliband Next Job Theory

I'm doing politics today.

I hesistate at posting anything which may promote the Labour party (or more accurately known as the anti-Tory party...or we need power to finance our houses as we are unable to behave and work to an acceptable standard in the corporate world to get a job like the evil Tories tell you to party), I purposely did not post about their electing of a new leader as I did not want anyone to think Labour were interesting.

To clarify, I fully believe that the Labour party have destroyed the economy and society of our once-great country, for their own gain.  They did it for them.  The Coalition government will repair it for everyone.

Anyway, that is not what I wanted to talk about.

Ed Miliband, the younger of the two Miliband brothers, has been elected to leader of the Labour party, mainly thanks to the trade unions (those people that persuade workers to go on strike).  David probably thought he was a shoe-in, he possibly would have won the last general election had he had the balls to try to oust Gordon Brown when he had the chance, and now he has been kicked in the teeth by his younger brother, Ed, who has less experience of government, and less credentials in many people's eyes than David.

So the job he thought he was destined for has been snatched from him by his younger brother.  That has to hurt.

James' Theory time!

I'm not sure if there are any jobs in the Coalition government going at the moment (though Liam Fox is doing a good job of talking himself out of being the defense secretary) - surely David Cameron and co must be thinking of what job they can offer him?

David Miliband, after all, actually was quite realistic about having to tackle the deficit, and he did a decent job as foreign secretary.  I think, like Tony Blair was, that he is quite Conservative in quite a portion of his thinking - he definitely disagees with his brother on quite a few things.

And David Milliband has a lot of disaffected supporters now.

Could he defect to the Conservative party?  It would be beautiful to see.  A true "ner-ner-ner-ner-ner" to his younger brother who has seemingly got the upper hand.  Stranger things have happened.  It's a win-win situation for all concerned...except Labour of course!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Heavy Drinking Better Than Not Drinking

Good news fellow binge-drinkers and alcoholics.

A new 20-year study has shown that non-drinkers have a higher mortality rate than heavy-drinkers.

It is a shame that drinking tends to reduce my bank balance, but I'll take this good news and celebrate with a drink tonight...and tomorrow...and Friday...and Saturday

Hazel Blears Lies

Oh this made me laugh and will anyone who has a general loathing of the Labour party and all those within Andrew Neil is a fantastic presenter.

Amber Nectar

Ok this may not be for everyone but this website is an excellent site for all things Hull City.  And their blog with the subsequent write-ups always keep me amused.

This is what they have had to say so far about the 4-0 defeat to Burnley last night:

"The match report for this one is going to be grisly. From the pitiful non-triers (evening, Mr Fagan) to the hopelessly finished (safe journey home, Mr Ashbee?) and right through to the comically inept (are you sure it was THE Arsenal, Mr Simpson?), it’s going to be a thoroughly grim affair.

The hardy/masochistic can tune in later on for the post-mortem of this train wreck of a performance. To be honest, we recommend pretending the whole thing never happened and coming back on Saturday."

Choose My Day

Well there is very little in my inbox today, so apart from reading the news and trying to discover hot new tunes for me (and you if you want to know?), I am going to do some online training.  Oh and decide what cake I would be if I were a cake.

But I am offering you the chance to pick which course I do - first person to post a comment here or Facebook gets to choose.

Life couldn't be more exciting could it?

Here is the list - don't fall asleep:

Emotional Intelligence

Diversity Awareness

Managing Conflict

Positive Work Environment: Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace

Project Management Fundamentals, Part Two

Project Management Fundamentals, Part One

Investigating the Problem

Microsoft Office Access 2003: Level 4

Microsoft Office Excel 2003: Level 3

Microsoft Office Excel 2003: Level 2

Effective Management: Developing as a Manager

Effective Management: Cultivating Great Teams

Effective Management: Creating Successful Solutions

Developing and Leading an Effective Team

Change Management for Employees

Monday, September 27, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

The British weather has many varied ways of being unpleasant.  Fortunately for weather-freaks like me, I enjoy varied weather, especially extreme weather.  So I did get a little excited about some particularly unpleasant weather which over the weekend looked like it was on it's way.

Some of you may however be pleased that it has been downgraded.

However, it has been downgraded from extremely wet and very windy, to very wet and windy.

Tuesday will be cloudy, bit of drizzle perhaps.
Wednesday will see a period of rain, possibly heavy.
Thursday might be drier in the morning, I expect more rain later.
Friday looks wet, with heavy rain probably, and increasing winds.
Saturday looks more like showers.
Sunday looks like potentially heavy rain again (this could be Saturday night instead quite feasibly).
Monday looks wet and potentially very windy.
Tuesday and Wednesday next week have the potential for more wind and rain.

It does however look like being drier later next week.

Although there have been downgrades this evening, I would not be surprised to see any of the weather systems upgraded back to something rather stormy, especially from Saturday to Wednesday.  One thing is for sure - autumn is here.

On the bright side, it will be fairly mild, and perhaps even quite warm despite the wind and rain.  No frosts, and temperatures between 15'C and 19'C for the forseeable future.

New Labour Leader

I wasn’t really bothered about who would be the next Labour leader but I thought it was about time they had one.
I’m sure the chance of you caring is pretty limited too. But I like a bit of politics so tough shit if you are not interested – go read The Sun.  Or better still, something else on my blog.
As a Conservative voter, and strong supporter of the coalition government – I want it to last the full 5 years. I fully believe that this is the best chance of our economy and society being repaired.
Labour are the deficit deniers – they seem to deny that it exists (though David Miliband was a little more realistic), and deny that anything has to be done about it. I strongly believe that if they had won the election, our credit rating would have gone down, our deficit would grow and we would have come closer to bankruptcy – and in the long run, much more severe cuts would have come, and probably not of the government’s choosing.
Anyway, Labour have elected Ed Miliband. I am fairly happy with this as I do not think he is a strong enough politician to attack the coalition. I don’t think the public are willing to support someone left of centre. Albeit he is now denying that he is, now that he has been elected. Surprise, surprise – another shape-shifter in charge of the Labour party.
Had David Miliband won, they might have been a little more electable to the general public, but then again he is a wet blanket.

I have to be satisfied with the outcome. The longer Labour stay out of power – the better for our economy, society, and standing in the world.

Monday Morning Thoughts

Unusually for a Monday morning, I have lots to say. I am tired, I am a little irritable – it is Monday morning and I want to be in bed. I have spent way too much money. I am incapable of saving money. I am desperate for a good night’s clubbing. It has been way too long. I don’t think I have actually had a really truly good night out since Cocoon In The Park in July. This is ridiculous. I am planning a plan to resolve this stupidly insanity-creating situation – somehow I always feel fantastic on a Monday morning after a fantastic night at fabric or something. This situation must not be allowed to continue for much longer. It must be resolved.

I finally have broadband in my flat. It has taken a while. It didn’t work when I first got it – so I called to have it activated. It still didn’t work so I got put through to technical support. Still unable to get it to work. I asked if I should restart my computer – no need apparently. After 15 minutes, technical support advised there was something wrong with my computer and I need to speak to the manufacturer. So I pressed restart and it works perfectly now.

One thing I have learnt in my years of working in an office environment is if you call your IT support team with a problem – they will ask you to restart. And then tell you how moronic you are and how they had a girlfriend once.

Today is actually quite a sad day as I really feel like I should be in Ibiza for Cocoon closing party. That I have gone a whole season without going to Cocoon in Ibiza really doesn’t feel right. I’m not going to get too upset about it as I have other plans which if just a few of them come off, will make up for it.

And I cannot really afford a trip to Ibiza. I should have gone earlier in the season whilst I had the money – instead I blew it on many pointless objectives. I need to find a way to earn extra money. And I need to find a way to stop spending so much on a weekend. Both things that I can work on now I have broadband at home.

I really missed having broadband – I think the things I most missed was being able to download new tunes, and new DJ sets. Thankfully before the move I made sure I had nearly 1000 new tunes to listen to (only about 50 still to listen to) and about 30 DJ sets which have been on repeat and really need replacing.

I didn’t especially have an exciting weekend – end of the month, need to save money. But one thing I did was get my stuff back in my flat and I have to say that it is looking surprisingly homely now. It might actually be a more enjoyable place to live than Queens Wharf was. Which I was not expecting. I may have surpassed my expectations. I would still rather live with someone that I get on well with as I can find it hard to occupy myself but that is something for the future. For now, this is working for me, and is going to work for me.

And one more thing for Monday which I will write more about this evening – the weather looks like it is going to get a bit wild over the next 10 days or so, starting later this week. I am selfishly pleased about this as I have been warning of a stormy October for many months now, albeit with a calmer break in the middle. I enjoy more extreme weather. I feel a little bad for those who are planning outdoor activities this weekend – but guys, it is October and you live in the UK. I would apologise but I do not control the weather (not completely anyway) – blame the jet-stream, not me. I only forecast it.

Have a good week – and say hello if you get chance.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pre-Advice for Updated Weather Forecast

Autumn looks set to hit us slap bang in the face later next week and over the weekend.  Rain and wind, with a ferocious jet-stream pointing straight at us...Monday evening's forecast could be an interesting one to make.  I will probably know tomorrow just how severe it will be, and roughly when and where the impact will be.

Electronic War

Interesting news story, in that Iran has suffered an attack on its Nuclear facilities, and namely the ability to operate them.  In the old days, a state would have bombed it, as I believe Israel did in Iraq in the 1980's.  But now with the modern media, it is not so easy to get away with such violent acts.  So enter the new era, as predicted long ago by Hollywood - a worm has infected the operations of this plant.

I think this is a very interesting news story, with many implications, and one very worth following.


I would like to introduce you to a rather delightful game called Osmos.

You control a blob of matter in the is best to try it.  Click the link to the page to download, or find it on your iphone perhaps (when will all developers realise the iphone is so 2009???).

Well worth 15 minutes of your day, especially if you feel like floating out at space...and consuming matter

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Most Insignificant Post For A Most Insignificant Day

I have concluded that today is insignificant. Meaningless. Pointless. Worthless.

I’ve tried reading the news, sport, Facebook – nothing of interest or amusement. No e-mails, no messages, not even anything into my work inbox. No IM’s, nobody going to the pub at lunch. Nobody going out tonight. Not that I can afford to go out anyway. Maybe it is just me? I don’t think it is though.

I am listening to so many tunes at the moment which are so dull and uninspiring. Why make something which has already been made? Music is supposed to be a creative industry.

Oh. Typical, a few seconds after I write that I come across a rather fantastically creative tune, ha ha! What is it? I’ll post it on my top tunes blog before the end of the day.

Ok, maybe the corner has just turned.

I am not unhappy about the lack of significance to the day so far. I have plemty to look forward to in the coming weeks so all is good. But it is just a really pointless day, I want to go home, chill out, have a nice long sleep and be refreshed for the rest of what will be a chilled weekend thanks to my current financial situation.

But I might have broadband tomorrow. Or I might be blogging about how shit Virgin Media and/or their delivery company they use are.

And on a final note, I’ve just discovered a second gem of a tune and my feet are tapping away furiously to the ridiculously funky beat. All is good.  Where would we be without music?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

It really does frustrate me when I think I know the weather pattern for the next couple of weeks, and then a couple of the models I follow suggest a bizarre outcome which I haven't seen emerging which questions my judgement.  The model in particular which has thrown me, comes out every 6 hours and it is not guaranteed to be perfect as I believe they are taken from flights into weather systems, etc, and data can and does go wrong, what is called, an outlier.

This is possibly the most rubbish forecast I have...I cannot even find the words for it.

Friday as I previously expected will have the remnants of this low pressure system, so maybe more rain at times but a bit of sun too - but hello - quite a temperature difference from a couple of days ago.  24'C to 12'C?

The northerly wind will not feel pleasant!  It should be fairly dry this weekend, but chilly at night.

Once the wind subsides, temperatures may recover to about 15'C from Sunday onwards.  But I really don't know what the weather will do.

I was projecting high pressure building both from the north-east, and the south-west, and then merging, with low pressure cells travelling above the UK.  But no, it appears a low pressure cell may get stuck between the high pressures - right over the UK.  It seems bizarre.

I will give an update tomorrow.

I am not proud of this forecast.


I'm sticking to the original plan that I stated last Monday, high pressure to build, for a few days but not over us, so it will be weak, and perhaps quite a cloudy high, so not warmer than 15'C.  Maybe some light rain on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning.

Probably more unsettled later in the week I think.

Blogging Explosion Impending...Or Is It?

I have spent all day desperate for some free relaxing time to blog away about things on my mind, now I have got home, guess what?  I just want to eat some fish and have a glass of wine.  But I feel duty bound to at least write some inspiring drivel about what I wanted to blog about, but daren't, during the day.  Like a naughty schoolchild looking to have a cigarette behind the bike shelters.

Firstly, Tesco - where the fuck is my wine?  You reduce the price of my favourite rose wine to £3 but neglect to stock your shelves with it.  This is twice in one week.  What are you doing to me?  Sort out your procurement or I will be making a complaint about false advertising.

Secondly, Judie Chisholm - the woman who is going to sue the council (ultimately her local fellow council tax-payers) £5,000.00 for compensation because they swapped her recycling sack with a wheelie bin and it has allegedly affected her home's appeal.  I quote ""wrecked all kerb appeal in one fell swoop"." - what the fuck?  I would suggest that she has a little look around to see if there is anything else her time and energy can be spent on.  Get a grip woman!

Next I have some good news; - Young Question Time is going to return.  But I hate to say it but I think the word "young" will put people off? Or is that because I am not "young" any more?  Ouch, James - in your thirties and still not married?  Tut tut.

And I definitely have to share the link to the Commonwealth Games pictures - I have no idea what the fuss is about.  Or why we bother with any form of athletics.  Maybe it is like art or golf, and I will appreciate it when I am older.  I do not disparage athletes by the way, I admire their discipline and determination.  OK so they are a good role model for the young then.  Maybe we should fund them more?  I argued myself out of that one.  See how my brain works?!

It can suck being me, one minute I am right...the next I am right again, or more right.  Ha ha!

So there you go, that is about it summed up in a single blog rather than a few.

Did you enjoy it more?  One day I might set up a survey.  I have plans you know...plans!  We can build tramlines to the sea and....

Weather Forecast Coming Up - Stayed Tuned x

Oh and don't forget my sister blog - your ears need love too xx

A Slow Day

I can feel a slow day coming on today - and why?  Well because I got a little too engrossed in Football Manager last night, and determined to end my losing streak - I started the season with 10 straight defeats.  I think I turned a corner around 2am with my first victory, which came after three draws, two of which were against very good opposition.  In case you hadn't already assumed, I am playing as Hull City (in the premier league 2009/10 season).

Anyway, so I did eventually drag myself to bed, and got a very minimum amount of sleep and woke up stupidly early and got up to play it again before realising that I am not a desktop football manager, I am a commissions specialist. And I do not have a button to click to get the assistant manager to do it for me.

So here I am at work, tired, very tired. Was it worth it? Well - I got the victory I was craving! Shame a defeat followed. There are still 22 games left of the season. I have 6 points so far. This may well be my weekend thanks to my limited bank balance...but I'm quite satisfied with that. I'll be even more satisfied if Virgin Media do actually connect broadband tomorrow and deliver the router, as requested. I have little faith though. They are a bit slow. As is my current internet connection.

So in theme with the slowness of my brain, body and internet connection today, I am going to listen to a lot of Wolf & Lamb stuff (don't forget I have a new blog with links to where you can listen to all the fabulous new tunes I discover, and I put quite a few Wolf & Lamb tracks up there) whilst I do my 8-hour finance gig.

Two bananas for breakfast I hope will see me through.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Love Bankers

I Love Bankers

I’m always one for a controversial statement now and again, and this one is perhaps more controversial than most, but I can actually defend it, and explain why you should be grateful for the bankers, and ignore the crap Vince Cable is coming out with today.
Banks should take a share of the blame for the financial crisis, but the regulators, government and the Bank of England could have done something about it long ago.
Banks should also however take a share of the credit for how far advanced the UK economy has come since the 1980’s, not long prior to that the UK was known as the “Sick Man of Europe”.
Since the 1980’s, when the ‘Big Bang’ under Maggie Thatcher opened up the banks, London has become one of the great financial centres of the world, if not perhaps the greatest.
What tends to happen across the world and local economy is that employees and companies in a subject tend to want to work near other employees/companies, for various reasons, including the ability to recruit staff of a similar calibre, and economies of scale when purchasing requirements for their business. A la Silicon Valley, or the IT industry in the M4 corridor.
So naturally, the banks congregate in an English-speaking city with an excellent level of culture.
If the bankers were not in London, they would be elsewhere. They would be paying tax elsewhere – not into HM Treasury.
OK they earn massive amounts, but where do they spend it? Or a substantial amount of it? On buying property, cars, hair cuts, drinks – all kinds of products and services on offer in this country. Which keeps people employed.

So I say, it is about time we stopped being so jealous and hugged a banker.
I love bankers!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Women In Heels

Apparently researchers have found that men do not notice women wearing heels.

Bollocks. If a woman is showing her legs then it is likely that I will also notice her foot-wear. A woman in heels is sexier than a woman in trainers.

Whatever I say though I am not going to beat the comment on the attached story, near the bottom by ‘Timon’ who states:

If a woman is wearing a skirt (especially above the knee) then of course men will notice if she is wearing heels and will be attracted to her.

If women are wearing trousers, on the other hand, then they look repulsive and I wouldn't give them a second glance.


May I just clarify that these are not my views.

If a woman is wearing trousers but she can name 5 Ricardo Villalobos tracks then she becomes very attractive indeed. In fact she could even wear a jumper and trainers and be very hot - as long as she can tell the difference between Fizheuer Zieheuer Part 1 and Fizheuer Zieheuer Part 2 then I am all hers.

Morris Group Seeks New Dancers

Anyone looking for something new to do?!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Good evening.

I can bring you pretty good news for a change.

Tuesday, sunny and warm, 22'C.
Wednesday, sunny and warm, 23'C
Thursday, ok start but rain later, 21'C

Then I can bring you bad news.
Friday and Saturday, much colder, possibly as low as 12'C with a nasty north-easterly wind.  Maybe 15'C if we are lucky.  And cold overnight.  Maybe still some rain on Friday left over, but the really noticeable thing will probably be a horrid wind.

Then I can bring you good news...for 5 days?  7 days?  10 days?  Who knows.  But it looks very much like high pressure will build over the UK (why didn't it do this in July or August?) and we will have a significant settled period.  I doubt temperatures will be as warm as this week, and there will probably be rather chilly nights.

A much earlier prediction was a mild (albeit not necessarily dry) start to October.  And a break-down towards the 10th with more wind and rain.  It looks quite possible.

Enjoy the warm sunshine - have a vodka fanta limon and pretend you are in Ibiza!

Mapping Stereotypes

This is quite a funny site - maps of Europe according to other countries.

My favourite countries according to the USA:
Spain = Mexico
Portugal = Brazil
Russia = Commies
Italy = Godfathers
Germany = Dirty Porn

According to France:
Sweden = Meatball Eaters
Turkey = Definitely Not Europeans
Poland = Plumbers

According to Germany:
UK = Enigma Code Hackers
Sweden = Ikea
Russia = Gas Vault

According to Italy:
North Italy = Italian Republic
South Italy = Ethopia
Corsica = Somalia
Turkey = Belly Dancers
Belguim = Europe

According to Britain:
Most of Europe = Evil Federated Empire of Europe
Holland = Drugs
Germany = Dirty Porn
Poland = Beer
Bulgaria & Romania = Immigrants

And many more - enough for 5 minutes amusement.

Win A Holiday In Basingstoke


Cheryl Cole Makes House Music?

Apparently Cheryl Cole is now making a 90's house tune.

Has she been inspired by the music on my top tunes blog?

Has she been to Ketoloco or fabric recently?  If not then I would quite happily introduce her to the delightful fabric, and she'll even be able to jump the queue on my membership card, like a pretend celebrity.

How long before she has her own live performance set-up at Cocoon in Ibiza?  One imagines that she would have at least two laptops, a keyboard and maybe a high-end drum machine.  We'll have to stop her singing though.

Public Sector Pay

Is it right that 6,500 NHS employees earn more than the Prime Minister?  One GP earns £475,000.00.  Is that really a necessary wage to attract a GP to whichever location this is?

I'm not sure I can actually answer this, I don't think the question can be answered by who has the most demanding job.  I think it should best be answered by the principles of supply and demand, and surely the NHS could find a qualified GP for less than £475,000.00 for this particular role...surely?

I note that 362 local council employees earn more than David Cameron.  This has to be questioned rigorously.  Whoever thought that employing someone on higher wages than the Prime Minister to do less demanding work (I think is safe to assume, given the problems this country faces) in the local council, deserves a chainsaw to the knees.  OK, perhaps something a little less violent.

Happy now I've had a rant.  Anyone care to comment, to make me think again?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

James Winfield's Artistic Abilities

I've never really been that impressed with my artistic abilities, I've always thought I was, well, a bit shit really.  I know generally that I am a talented person, but art has never been one of said talents - I can envisage something but not be able to recreate it.

So I thought I would try to draw with my emotions instead, and now I have realised that I am actually quite a talented artist.

At the top is anger - my anger is mainly with society; Gordon Brown, Mervyn King, financial regulators, etc - everyone who has contributed to my living expenses being so much higher than they should and ruined the economy.  My life is so much harder.  Thanks.  I am angry.  I thought I should make it 3D too as that seems to be the next coolest thing so I keep hearing, so I stabbed some drawing implements into the canvas.  I do also have a little bit of anger at myself for sometimes wasting efforts where they are not appreciated, but I cannot get it right every time I guess.

I then have confusion in the middle, as some decisions I make for good intentions seem to be causing me grief this year even though I know in the long run that they should still work out to be the best decision, just a few teething issues.  But more than that, I still remain confused by my position in the world as I really want to have a significant contribution to making the world a better place and I seem to be having a limited effect - perhaps if I reduced my ambition of bringing world peace to something a little more realistic then maybe I would be a bit more satisfied.  But what?

But last but not least is the love I have and receive from the special people in my life - those that make any negative emotions I feel from time to time totally insignificant in the scheme of things - and K obviously to represent two particularly special and lovely people who's names begin with K who's birthdays I have recently had a hand in celebrating, my dearest sister, Kathryn, and one of my dearest friends, Karen.

I hope you appreciate my artwork - this picture has been left at the Oakford Social Club in Reading and can be bought from them on a Sunday with a donation to the charity that they support, should you wish to have my masterpiece for yourself.  I will consider doing another one if the demand is there, I'm sure it will be once I become famous for art.  I will try to build a portfolio before I apply to be shown in the Potato Gallery or anything.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday - or Monday - or whatever day it is. x

Friday, September 17, 2010

20p Coins

Keep an eye on your 20p coins - if you find an undated one, you could get thousands of pounds from a coin collector!

Sven In London

Yes, that is right - Sven Vath is finally playing fabric again - Saturday 27th November 2010.


Ricardo Villalobos Follow-Up

Remember I posted a link to a review fawning about Ricardo Villalobos at Cocoon on 30/08/2010?

Well, cast your eyes on this one from the same night - it could not be more contrasting!

Some people get him immensely - others just get so frustrated.

He's playing fabric's birthday on Saturday 16th October - anyone joining me?

Updated Weather Forecast

Yes I know it is late, and recent ones haven't been as accurate as I would have liked.  I have two things to say to you:

The Internet Gestapo
Gypsy Curses

These I believe, are affecting my weather forecasting abilities, in various ways.

At least the cold snap I had forecast, and I'm sure I had mentioned a mid-September cold snap a month or so ago, albeit I did expect it originally around the 20th (blame the record-breaking hurricane season for making it come quicker), has arrived.

It won't last too long though, as yes, you guessed it, hurricanes are at work.  Specifially Igor and Julia I think which are going to join forces in the Atlantic and head towards Greenland (unless something odd happens?) and the impact of this will drag more tropical feeling air through Europe and up into England next week, on a south-easterly - which is pretty damn unusual.  Of course, hurricanes being of the unpredictable nature that they are, this forecast could all go to pot, but this is by far the most likely scenario.

Details, mere details.

Saturday, chilly but sunny start, more cloud later, 16'C
Sunday, cloudy, probably some bits of rain, 18'C
Monday, I think fair, chance of showery rain still though, 18 or 20'C depending on sunshine amounts.
Tuesday and Wednesday I reckon will be glorious, 22'C!  Well, perhaps.  My confidence is not very high but I think this is the most likely solution.
I don't rule out the odd thunderstorm or downpour either.

I'm guessing high pressure will then build towards the end of the month, and October may even start mild.

October will end stormy, that I am pretty damn certain of.  November - perhaps a cold snap at first then fairly unremarkable.  December I still fancy to be noted for its mildness, though probably quite wet.

And winter?  If you had asked me 6-12 months ago, I would have told you it was almost certain that we would have an even colder winter than 2009-10.  Now I am not so sure, thanks to La Nina and the very active hurricane season.  We may revert back to one of the winters we got used to 5-10 years ago - mild and wet.  Europe will almost certainly have a very harsh winter though.  I think it is 50-50 which way it will go now.  I'm on the case, I want to know too.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why You Should (Or Shouldn't) Vote In The DJ Mag Top 100 Poll

There are many reasons not to vote in DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs poll:

1. The inevitability that some shit trance DJ will win it again.
2. The fact that all the people who like underground music in the world are outnumbered by all the dumb Americans who went to see Tiesto last year.
3. The possibility that those who like trance are far more fanatical about one or two DJs, and those that like underground music probably like a far greater range of DJs, hence the votes for trance are going to the same people.
4. That it pays DJMag writers to swan around the world writing about the club and music scene we love from time to time, whilst getting lots of free entry, free drinks, etc for nights you would love to attend but cannot afford a flight to Brazil/Russia/Ibiza every other week, because you have a real job.
5. That lots of shit DJs are now going to get more work around the world because they managed to do well in a popularity poll.
6. The realistic chance that some cock with a mouse on his head who pretends he isn't a DJ will win it.
7. You only go to clubs for the drugs, not for the music.
8. You only go to clubs to pull some bird off her tits. Or more realistically grab various women's arses before realising 3 hours later that it isn't Yates'.
9. You think all dance music is shit.
10. You believe that anyone listening to repetitive beats is going to hell.

However, if you don't fight the morons, they are guaranteed to win.

My votes are going to:

1. Sven Vath
2. Ricardo Villalobos
3. Ivan Smagghe
4. A good friend of mine
5. Sir Jimmy Saville

Oh, and before any Tiesto voter gets upset by me calling them a moron, this only counts if trance is the only form of music you have bothered listening to of late. If you tried other music but still prefer Tiesto, no matter how ridiculous an idea it seems to me that someone who plays cheese-on-toast trance bullshit can be more appealing than someone who crowd-surfs, plays tambourines, sets fire to lighter fluid in his mouth and is an all-round party-animal, or someone who's eyes are more distant than the guy in the corner dribbling, with sweat pouring from him, playing 35-minute long percussive tracks with no beats despite there are 2000 people in front of him confused and unable to dance, then I cannot criticise you.

Even though my heroes will not win and probably couldn't care less, I'm still going to vote for them.  Just like some people voted for Lib Dems in the general election back in May.

You have until next Thursday - do it whilst you remember!

Hull Humour

The sense of humour from Hull can be rather self-defacating at times - and with good reason - the place is a shit-hole and there isn't much to shout about. Hence my opinion of Reading as tropical paradise - something that anyone not from Hull who has walked down Oxford Road in Reading would have me locked up for suggesting. But the Oxford Road is quite tropical - have you ever been to a tropical island and strayed away from your nice safe hotel complex?

Anyway, same with supporting the football team, Hull City, most of the time, except for that one time we got promoted to the Premier League.

I am amused to read that before we were away to Cardiff last weekend, we had gone 29 away games without a victory.

The Hull fans proceeded to sing, in order:

"30 games and we're still here"
"How shit must you be, we are drawing away from home"
"How shit must you be, you've only scored one"

Come the second Cardiff goal, we then changed to singing about Montenegro beating Wales.

Maybe it isn't funny. Maybe my sense of humour is just shit.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gordon Teaches Politics

It's been a while since I have had a rant about Gordon Brown. A quick reminder in case anyone has forgotten - he has severely damaged this country.

Bob Crow should however get more of my anger now - the other day he called for "civil disobidience". This is a disgusting man, and he is who you should blame every time your tube trains or normal trains are on strike and you struggle to get anywhere. He is pathetic.

Anyway, I don't want to think of him because I am in a reasonable mood, I will stick to Gordon.

Just a quick one to note that he is teaching politics at Harvard (a big and rather good university in America) over the next week.

One trusts that the subjects will include; bullying, harrassment, denial and a refusal to answer questions.

David Cameron is back on Prime Minister's questions today - he answers his questions! September is always one of the best months for politics, expect some interesting stories over the next few weeks.

New Peruvian Prime Minister

Is there not something a little ironic about Peru's new prime minister (bearing in mind what they export a lot of, a la Columbia), being called Jose Chang?

Or is it just my twisted mind which needs a little entertainment on this not especially exciting Wednesday?

People Will Read Anything

A busy day on the blog for visitors yesterday with 30 unique visitors - from 8 different countries.  I will achieve world peace.  Maybe a couple of years away still.

My most popular post was that of "What Are My Plans For The Next 6 Hours" - possibly my most pointless post ever.  Proving that people will read anything.

My most popular posts ever are:

Cocoon In The Park (150 views)
Gay Footballers (44 views)
Women DJs (43 views)
Why I Am Voting Conservative (43 views)

Just 4 visitors to my top tunes blog, but that does need some developing still.

I hope that is a little more interesting than my very average evening last night (which suited me perfectly).

By the way, I am finally on top of my washing and ironing.  Happy days.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Are My Plans For The Next 6 Hours?

I am trying to write the most unpopular, insignificant and boring post ever on my blog. I will let you know tomorrow morning if anyone read it.

I am currently reading about The Solutions Fishbone. Want to know more? No, I guessed not.

On the plus side I am listening to an excellent slow house set by Ivan Smagghe.

Then I shall walk home which will take about 50 minutes and is up and down hill so a reasonable amount of exercise. I may well do some ironing and/or washing at home.

I will cook and eat a roast lamb dinner, albeit no Yorkshire puddings.

Then listen to some music that I have downloaded to help with my new Top Tunes Blog (see link above if you need music), and I am not sure what else. Oh I might read some of my book on web design and a few pages of the Economist or Mixmag (I am 6 months behind).

Rock and roll it isn’t. It is Tuesday. I’m skint.

Did you actually read to the end? I promise not to write about my life until I am doing something of significance!


My Second Blog

I've decided that I need a second blog to showcase all my new favourite tunes that I discover.

Link attached as usual.  I hope you enjoy it too!

Updated Weather Forecast

I’m the first to sing my praises so I thought I better admit I got it pretty wrong with expecting yesterday and today to be nice and sunny and warm. I was rather wrong!

I blame hurricanes in the Atlantic.

The advantage of this more mobile set-up is that the cold blast will arrive quicker but not hang around so long, so hence the cold won’t dig in so much.

Today will be mainly cloudy with some rain later, 19’C (would be warm if sunny!).

Wednesday, some showers but brighter, 16’C.

Thursday and Friday should be fairly dry, but noticeably cool, 15’C assuming it is sunny. Nights could be particularly chilly, and some places will get a frost, though more likely up north.

I’m not awfully sure about the weekend at the moment.

The models seem to be suggesting an ex-hurricane moving towards Portugal and Spain which would suck up much warmer air probably after next weekend. I don’t see that as a particularly likely outcome though. I do think the weekend will be a little less cold.

Phew, I think I managed my weather forecast without anyone seeing me - I am the weather forecasting underground resistance - bringing it to you despite the peril I currently suffer.


Ok, I have done a bit more research, and as I thought, no other model agrees with the above outcome - I only had time to check one previously.  I now expect the weekend to be sunny, with 17'C during the day but perhaps only 5'Cat night.  And more unsettled the week after.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Why Were There Carrots In My Pie?

Dear Pie Minister

I recently bought your Moo & Blue pie, advertised as the following:

“A very special pie filled with British beef steak, red wine gravy and aged stilton, all in a lovely pastry”.

Sounded good I thought.

Imagine my severe disappointment when I started eating it, only to discover that it also had carrots and onions inside. I did not want carrots and onions in my pie. Granted I know they were listed in small writing on the back of the box in the ingredients so perhaps I should have looked harder.

Still, it could have been worse – it could have had peas inside too.

I do feel cheated and recommend that you do not mislead customers in the future.

Kind regards
James Winfield

Get Out Of My Way Ignorant Fools!

It’s Monday morning and time for a moan. Perhaps I deserve a rubbish Monday morning due to having an excellent Sunday down the Oakford. It must be karma! And I thought I behaved myself, relatively speaking. I know I didn’t go to church this week. The thing I really want to moan about I am going to try to resist for a little longer due to the public nature of the internet and that it would probably not be to my benefit, but anyone who knows me well won’t take too long to guess what it is seeing as I was in a fairly good mood this morning despite a lack of sleep and slight hangover, and come mid-morning I am not so happy. But I expect to be in a better mood again this evening! I wonder what could be troubling me?!

The more important thing I need to set right is people’s inability to walk, and more importantly, not walk into people. It seems that I cannot walk anywhere nowadays, even within the very wide corridors of the building where I work, without someone trying their hardest not to acknowledge my existence and walk into me.

I make a lot of effort to move out of the way of people but sometimes it is just not possible. Sometimes I have a wall to the side of me, or some obstacles, and why the other people cannot see fit to get out of my way when I cannot physically move, I do not know.

And another thing – people walking slowly in a large group across the whole of the pavement. This is not necessary. Some people have somewhere to go. Can you not hear or sense someone behind you who might want to get past? Or even worse, combining my previous moan, when you walk towards a large group and they do not bother to make a tiny bit of space to allow you past.

Wake up people and start being polite and courteous.

Oh and one more thing – if I hold open a door for you, and normally I will go out of my way to do so – please say thank you. Just a vague acknowledgement that I have made the effort for you. I’m not asking for a kiss or a bunch of flowers, though money would be nice – or a hug – especially on a Monday.

I’m happier now I’ve had a moan. I still get paid at the end of the month. Ibiza and fabric still exist. I have beautiful friends. The Oakford is the best pub in the world and is a short walk from home. And I have M&S Toad In The Hole with broccoli and mange tout for dinner tonight. And I love writing my blog. Life is good and getting better. Enjoy your Monday.

And keep reading please – it makes me happy!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hello Belarus

I had my first visitors to the blog from Belarus yesterday, and they spent a fair bit of time here so they must have enjoyed it. This is one of my favourite things about writing my blog – the seemingly random places where people have discovered my ramblings.

Belarus became independent from the Soviet Union in 1991, though some may argue that it isn’t especially independent from Russia nowadays – Russia sell them gas cheaply and Belarus stick up for Russian policy.

It is a land-locked country, with Russia to the east, Ukraine to the south and Poland to the west, with about 10million inhabitants.

25% of the country is inhabitable, due to Chernobyl.

Unemployment is 1.5% though I suspect this is because much of the economy is government-controlled – only one out of 31 banks are privately-owned, though they probably do a much better job than some in the west in recent years!

Hello Belarus!

Ricardo Villalobos

Anyone that knows me knows I absolutely love Sven Vath, but you should also be equally aware that I absolutely love Ricardo Villalobos almost equally to Sven.

He isn't everyone's cup of tea and I know why - because he plays music to challenge the crowd, and at Cocoon In The Park, he certainly did so, and a fair proportion didn't get him, at least at the start, at least compared to the preceeding Loco Dice who played excellent groovy house music.

But I'm always up for a challenge to my ears musically, and every time I see him I experience music that I never thought could possibly exist.

I like to think I can write a bit, but I have found a much better review of him, and his set on the terrace at Amnesia, at Ibiza-Spotlight, on the title link. This is an excellent website by the way, for all things Ibiza, especially the party calendar, but much else besides.

I recommend it for reading - and there are 6 typical (if there is such a thing) Ricardo tracks at the bottom, or at least 6 that he played that night and most of which I have heard him play this year.

I hope you can gain a love of Ricardo too :-)

Stupid Game

I do really like rugby league, and miss it living down south. I am a northerner and it is expected of me. However the top league, known since Sky took over broadcasting as the “Super League” has 14 teams in it. They for some bizarre reason play 27 games a season, rather than 26 as you might expect a league of 14 teams to play. But once the 27 games have been played, the top 8 then compete to see who is the champion. So the team who finishes 8th can then be classed as the best team in the country. Granted the system of play-offs is weighted to favour the highest finishers and normally does tend to be the best or second best team who wins. But it is kind of like giving Bolton or Stoke the chance at the end of a Premiership season in football to be classed the best team in the country.

Terry Jones

This is the photo of the man who was allegedly going to burn copies of Kerrang on Saturday, so I over-heard on the news late last night.
Just because it isn't his taste in music, does not mean that he should be so disrespectful.
Outrage is such that leaders across the world in places like Indonesia and Malaysia have called upon Barack Obama to stop it.
I wonder if some nutjob was going to burn copies of Mixmag, would there be a united response from world leaders?  Would David Cameron unite with his old raving partners from Eton and condemn whomever was disrespecting dance music?
Metal still has a place in the world for all those misplaced teenagers to be miserable to.  Terry Jones is a disrespectful arsehole.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Somehow I kept myself so occupied tonight that I nearly didn't do my forecast, but I didn't want to let anyone down.
Things are going to get warmer then colder. But not as much as they did in 1919'c in the UK where around this time of September it reached 32'c but with 10 days it was snowing as far south as the midlands.
Enough history. Friday will be cloudy. Maybe a bit of rain or sun. Saturday pretty poor with a band of rain late morning most likely. Temperature not too bad, 19'c, maybe a touch cooler on Sunday but it will be a fairly nice day.
Monday and Tuesday sees the return of summer, should be lovely and 22'c, maybe 23?! Wednesday sees the first attempt from the north to control our weather, a band of rain coming down but it probably will be fine after that, audit might still reach 19'c.
At some point next weekend though or maybe just after, I fully expect a cold blast to establish itself all the way to the south. At this time of year that means about 12'c during the day, and a frost at night if clear, though I think it will be wet and cold. Long way off though.


I feel the need to blog about boredom. It seems to be a common theme at the moment. I changed jobs a few months ago to get a new challenge but it and the lack of work are boring. I spend all day bored.
Then I come home in the evening and struggle to keep my rather active mind entertained being on my own. It will be much easier when I get the internet in my flat a week on Monday.
Of course I can go out, but I've done this 6 nights in a row to one extent or the other and my already depleted bank balance is further bruised.
I have to say that my blog really does help reduce boredom for me. It might increase it for you? I doubt blogging around perennial boredom will help me at all, but it has kept me entertained for 6 minutes now, and it is weather forecast night too! Woohoo!
I am working on long-term solutions. I do wonder if London is calling next year?
Right now, ibiza is calling, anyone want to go with me? I cannot afford it financially, but mentally I cannot afford not to go!
I need a short term fix for my boredom, so I'm going to go book shopping with some vouchers I saved for this kind of occasion.
I hope you are less bored than me. Big love to those who keep me sane, I'm always up for conversation.
And if anyone in Reading wants to be entertained tomorrow, come to the venue for garden of Eden and dance to some house music, it is good for the soul x

Put Him In Bucca

The award for the wrongest thing on TV in the world, since Eldorado, has to go to “Put Him In Bucca”.

It is like a Beadle’s About type of prank show, where they play pranks on celebrities. The one which seems to be causing quite a bit of controversy, is where they invite celebrities to the television studio, and as they drive up, they are subject to a security vetting, and whilst this goes on, someone from the programme then plants a fake IED (improvised explosive device) inside the car, and then they are accused of being suicide bombers and threatened with prison.

Possibly not the most pleasant experience.

And the country that this is broadcast in?

Iraq, of course!

By the way, I used to watch Eldorado.  It got quite good near the end.

An Idea For Coleen

I have an idea for Coleen.

If she wants to get back at Wayne, then perhaps she should sleep around a bit.

I've had a look at a few photos, and she isn't the best looking girl around, but for a small sum, I would consider doing it.  All I want is enough to be able to afford to go to Cocoon closing party in Ibiza - I'm not asking for £1,200.00.

I appreciate that I might not be rich, nor as muscular as Wayne, but I probably have better music taste than him, and that matters more to a young woman than money and muscles, does it not?

Does anyone know how I can get in touch with her to make my kind offer?

I am only making my offer out of consideration for their relationship - as if they have both cheated on each other than they are equal so they can put it behind them?

And maybe then we can talk about something important, like reform of the House of Lords?

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


This is the fee which Tiesto charged for a concert in LA according to the attached news story.


It makes Wayne Rooney look like a bargain.  I would rather see Wayne Rooney DJ too.  One assumes that he is a more talented DJ and producer than Tiesto.

Am I getting more bitchy or less?

Rooney Again

Stolen from Mr Arthur - thanks for amusing me :-)

I have to add, I have noticed that my more popular posts seem to be about celebrities.

I had 3-4 times more visitors to my Wayne Rooney rant than my weather forecast - come on, what is more important?  Hearing me defend Wayne Rooney or finding out what the weather is going to be?  Or is it just me obsessed with the weather?

Monday, September 06, 2010

Reading Pride

I went to Reading Pride on Saturday, and I have to say that I didn't really understand it! It certainly wasn't aimed at me - cocoon in the park it certainly wasn't.
I don't think it was only me either, there were about 6 drag queens at the front having a great time, but the rest of the crowd seemed a bit perplexed.
Cabaret acts and eurovision failures are far from sven and ricardo!
That said, it is always good to spend time with my beloved friends, so I don't regret going - and I saw my friend Amy's final day of her pregnancy, that was super.

Updated Weather Forecast

Well today was a bit rubbish and so is my forecast, unless you like rain?

The low pressure I was expecting isn't going to behave quite as I expected previously, there is one band of heavy rain for this evening but it will clear away. The rest of the week will have showers and be fairly cloudy. Less showers as the week goes on, Friday might be dry.
Saturday looks like there will be a band of rain but I am hopeful of high pressure building from the south west from Sunday but it is a bit 50/50 at the moment. If it does there might be another warm day or two next week.
Temperatures probably between 17'c and 19'c this week.
Roll on friday night!

Ahh Wayne Rooney

So I have an excuse to upload a picture of a prostitute.  Excellent.  I feel happier this morning.

I have a hangover today so I have no sympathy for anyone. Certainly not an over-paid footballer who is willing to throw away a marriage, nor his wife who stuck with him despite previous shenanigans – how dumb can you be? Oh wait a minute, he earns lots of money. She was clearly quite clever, now she is married to him, she can get a nice big divorce settlement. And the high-class girl who charges £1,200.00 a night – what an embarrassment to society. Though, I do have to admire her for being able to charge that much – in Hull, the adverts written in black marker pen alongside footways advertise sex for £20, and bum-shots for just £5.

Actually, I am starting to feel sorry for Wayne Rooney. All these women out there looking to take advantage of someone who just happens to be earning a lot of money, and he is probably too dumb to understand this. I hope he gets a large pay-rise to compensate him. And considering how much he earns a week, £1,200.00 is actually a bargain. That is like me being able to buy sex for the price of a pie.

Any young lady reading want a pie?! Later in the week though…I have a hangover and will be asleep by 7pm tonight.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Drunken Recalls

So last night, I decided the drink industry's profits were more important than my bank balance.
I don't for some reason blog about what I specifically get up to, but I'm bored with no proper internet connection at home so I am going to bore you, or perhaps amuse you, either way I am at least amusing myself right now and thinking about your current reactions, ok I shall stop randomly dithering then.
I woke up this morning with a rather hazy head, to find that I had managed to cut my toe nails. Why? I have no idea. I still have all 12 toes.
Secondly, I did the washing up. Well, half of it anyway.
I'm sure it wasn't long ago that I would only consider porn or poker as suitable activities after coming home alone, drunk.
I've changed. It's scary.
I have nothing more to do or say for now. I don't normally bother blogging at the weekend as nobody looks at my blog on a weekend, I assume because my potential readers are busy at the weekend, rather than being at work.
I wish anyone who is reading it this weekend, a good one, the last one of any real kind of warmth this year I expect. I shall do something but I have no idea what. I give you my love x.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Reduced Alcohol Consumption

I see alcohol consumption has gone down by 6% over the last year, the biggest fall since 1948. One thought on the matter is the recession may have caused it. Another, incredibly amusing suggestion is that messages about responsible drinking are the reason behind lower drinking levels!
I have another suggestion. Has the use of drugs increased over the last year? I wonder if the influx of dodgy plant food which people oddly seem to be ingested, so I am told when I walk the streets, which could be cheaper than getting drunk, is a reason for less being drunk?
Maybe now plant food is illegal, alcohol consumption will go up? One assumes it is not so easy to get hold of now there is not the myriad of websites selling it!
Another thought, I wonder if the alcohol industry helped to ensure this stuff was made illegal? Rumours were abound many years ago that they paid for campaigns to highlight alleged dangers of ecstasy to ensure it was made illegal so it wouldn’t affect their profits. As alcohol is the safest drug around, we all know that!
I’m very suspicious of the alcohol industry. Oops I’ll be banned from every pub now for saying this.
Oh well, I need to reduce my alcohol consumption anyway.

My Second Ever Royal Mail/Post Office Rant (on this blog)

I see the Royal Mail have developed an intelligent stamp.

Couldn't the money have been spent on developing intelligent staff?

Just a thought.

Tony Blair's Achievements

Given Tony Blair's recent wave of publicity, I thought it only correct that I should help to improve the public perception of him, and write a list of his achievements over the 10 years that he was in charge.

Northern Ireland peace process is a good one – albeit John Major was the one who first started it.
Managed, along with some help from George Bush, to get rid of Saddam Hussein – something no previous leader in the West, or Iran, had previously managed.
Allowed Gordon Brown to get the country into $175billion of debt (albeit not all on his watch), which is a far lower figure than America’s debt.
Immigration has been so high that there are actually people living in Hull that were not born there or going to university there.
Some of the poor got richer, although the rich got much richer.
Vastly increased personal wealth for much of the population through hugely increased property prices for those with houses – and for those who are outpriced of buying a house – alcohol is far more available thanks to 24 hour licensing and drugs are so much more easier to get hold of. After all, you need something to spend your money on now interest rates are 0.5% there is no point in saving.
Jails are now full, so if you commit crime, you are unlikely to go to one.
Managed to increase his personal wealth spectacularly despite being one of the most unpopular people in the country.
He even got the Dan David prize from Tel Aviv university which is a cool $1million, for showing exceptional intelligence and foresight, and demonstrating moral courage and leadership
And lets not forget culture - the Millenium Dome was a relatively cheap year of celebration and wonder. And we are going to be the first country to host the Olympics 3 times.
And he achieved all of this with Gordon Brown stabbing him in the back and side on regular occasions.
And now the fastest-selling autobiography.

I can only dream of such a list of achievements. Though I did escape Hull despite being born there.

England vs Bulgaria

Since I was a young lad, infused by Italia 90 qualifiers - I have generally made it a sacrosanct tradition in my life to watch every single England qualifier that is possible. And most friendlies.

After the abject display in the World Cup, even my usual levels of misplaced optimism are not enough to persuade me that I really should be watching the game tonight.

For without a television, it means having to go to a pub to watch it. Which means spending money. And I don't know if I want to spend my limited funds towards something which will probably disappoint.

I think that my bizarre optimistic streak is coming out again, and due to the public upset about the World Cup performances, the England players will actually try to prove themselves, so therefore my prediction is a 6-1 victory (with the first goal going to Bulgaria).

There is another theory though that Fabio Capello is doing everything he can to get sacked, so he can get paid off his new contract that he cleverly managed to con the FA out of (though I suspect the FA are pretty easily conned - after all, Steve Maclaren managed to persuade them to give him a chance).

Personally, I am disappointed to see Steven Gerrard playing, let alone being captain. I cannot help but think that his lack of positional discipline costs England goals, and I don't see how he has contributed positively for many a year now.

But the question still remains - will I get the motivation from somewhere to watch it? Or will I just finish my ironing, and check the score on my telephone from time to time? It isn't just me feeling this lack of interest is it?

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Enjoy the last few nice days. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be fairly or mainly sunny again, chance of a shower on Sunday, around 21'c.
Then low pressure is going to come in from the south west in a southerly motion, and with high pressure to the east and nowhere to go, it will dump all its rain on England.
I'm not sure exactly when it will start raining,most likely during the day on Monday and I expect it to be heavy. It could still be quite warm and humid on Monday.
Tuesday to Thursday it will be raining somewhere across the south or midlands. So you could get wet every day. And it could feel rather cool at 15'c with an easterly wind.
Friday and Saturday next week should be drier with some sub, 17'c. Then Sunday or Monday I expect rain from the north west.
From then on I am hopeful it will settle down but not expecting it to be warm at all, perhaps a frost or two.
Still predicting noticeable storms to end October and the first cold blast of note in the second half of November. Mild December? But probably a colder winter than last when it gets going, but la nina makes me less sure of this outcome.
I hope that satisfies your expectations of me. X

Miraj Computers

I feel the need to blog where credit is due.

I spend enough time moaning about companies that provide terrible service, or at least not up to my standards, and I am very pleased that my expectations have been exceeded (and no I'm not getting a discount or anything for saying this).

My PC broke, which after moving house, buying a new PC was the last expense I needed.

However my good friend, Ellie, suggested Miraj Computers, on London Street in Reading, might be able to repair it.

I was impressed not only by the quick turnaround - I took it in on Sunday evening and it was repaired by Wednesday morning (they were closed bank holiday Monday), they charged £35 for a diagnostic check then just £30 for the part.

Far cheaper than buying a new computer!

If only everything in life was this simple, efficient and cost-effective.  Anyway, should you need your computer repairing, they come with my recommendation.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Sir Jimmy Saville

It seems according to the article that Sir Jimmy Saville doesn't want to be voted into DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs poll.

That has just made me include him.  Along with Sven and Ricardo.

And who else?  I've not actually seen huge amounts of great DJ sets this year...

My First Ever Post Office/Royal Mail Rant (on this blog anyway)

I needed to redirect my mail.

So I tried online. My first attempt to locate the address failed so I had to type the whole application again as it could not be amended. The second attempt advised me that it could not be done online and that I should call them.

I called them and went through an unnecessary menu system, only to be told eventually by someone rather rude and unpleasant that I had the wrong number.

I was given another number, another menu system, and no, I cannot do it by phone, I need to go to a Post Office.

Post Offices only seem to be open when I am working. Thankfully a colleague drove me to one today.

Cue frustrating discussion as to whether they could accept my many forms of ID which I had brought, none of which happened to be a utility company bill or bank statement – as I nicely do those online, like we are encouraged.

Can I dare hope for privatisation under the lovely new government?

White Rabbits

Well it is on Wikipedia so it must be true.

I've known for some time that saying white rabbits when you wake up on the 1st of the month brings a good month.

I didn't say it last month.  And it was crap!

Be relieved - I said it this morning whilst making my salad (did I just admit to eating salad?).

September Blog Stats Update

Being 1st September, I thought I would provide an update on my blog stats - I'm interested anyway! By the way, I did say White Rabbits as the first thing I said today. Though even if I had told them where to go, it surely cannot be as unlucky a month as last month (yes I forgot to say White Rabbits on the 1st August).

Anyway, I have now had 2093 visits to the blog since I started it back in January, which is 706 unique visitors (approx 0.000012% of the world's population).

Cocoon In The Park was by far the most read page with 158 views.

The average weekday I get about 15 visitors, but this can be easily bumped up to 25 or so if I bother to post on Facebook.

My favourite stat though is the countries that I have had visitors from - 89% of them come from the UK, 75% of those from Reading/London area. But most impressively (well I think so anyway) is that I have visitors from 43 different countries/territories.

Norfolk Island is still the most obscure - I think they might deserve a blog post of their own though as 0.2% of their population has visited!