Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Air Traffic Control

I recently upgraded my telephone to a HTC Desire.

I watched how people became consumed with their iphones - I wanted a Smart Phone too, but for many reasons, I really did not want to be part of the iphone gang - and also I didn't think iphones were that good.

I do love my HTC Desire, except for the fact it needs recharging every day.

It seems every day I can get a new obsession on it. Whether that be monitoring earthquakes around the world, finding out the names of stars when I point my phone in the sky or telephoning people.

Today my new obsession is Air Control, a game which simulates the landing of various types of aircraft at an airport, which travel at different speeds and you have to try to ensure that they do not crash into each other.

Only problem now being is that it is a bit more difficult to get to sleep as I am trying to land planes whenever I shut my eyes.

I have included a link to the game online, but it is much better on a telephone.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Well you may be pleased to hear that the weather is going to be boring this week. I am quite thankful as it makes my life easier, my computer has broken so it is making my life more difficult. And pretty boring too. So boring that I might go into work early tomorrow, even though my job is boring beyond reality.

Anyway enough about me.

This week will be fine. Variable amounts of cloud but I'm hopeful for reasonable amounts of sunshine. Temperatures of 20 or maybe a notch higher. Might be a bit chilly overnight though as the nights are quickly drawing in.

Fingers crossed it might last until the weekend.

Speak soon.

Queens Wharf

Until a couple of weeks ago I lived in a fabulous flat in Queens Wharf. It was my dream to live in a beautiful flat with a very good friend, a place in which I could host parties and numerous after parties and I certainly took advantage. Alas it was becoming unaffordable, it was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make. I really do miss that place as it was the only place I have ever truly loved living in. Maybe I just miss the ducks?
My new place isn't that bad, at least it is in a good area. Too small to entertain though.
I've had a taste of fabulous living, and I want it back. The only problem being that I don't know how to get it back. For now...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

There is a bit of a lack of detail this time due to my current work and accommodation situation which is hampering my research efforts, however I am currently expecting an improving picture over the weekend.

I think the worst of the rain is over, there may be some more tonight, there could be the odd shower over the weekend, but it will be predominantly dry and fine over the weekend, though noticeably cooler than you would expect, probably no higher than 19’C and could be quite chilly overnight.

From then on, I am expecting that high pressure that has been pushed over us will build to an extent and the Atlantic depressions, coupled with the remnants of tropical storms/hurricanes could then stall to our west and suck up warmer air for a period.

So we could actually end up with a week of summer, during the early part of September, with sunshine and temperatures above 25’C.

I’m hopeful for a reasonable September – kind of similar to June perhaps, with interspersed cool and warm spells, but predominantly dry – in preparation for a wild autumn perhaps?

It isn’t so set in stone as the track of major hurricanes can have a significant influence, and they are notoriously difficult to predict in advance.

But overall, an improving picture.

I’ve also done some more research into why my expected July heatwave didn’t occur in the UK, and consequently why Russia had such a severe heatwave, and it seems that it is down to an unusual jetstream pattern. I like to follow the jetstream projections but I do not have a huge amount of experience so I am not always sure how to connect it to future weather events, like I do pressure charts.

Going into more detail, jetstream patterns are influenced it seems by sea surface temperatures and the anomolies between them. A little more complex than I am currently able to understand in full. I’ll keep working on it.

If you want to know more, click the link, which shows the source of my research.

That’s all for now.


Another piece of research to back up my belief that broccoli is a super, magical food as it fights stomach problems. I always feel better after eating broccoli, and lets face it I do ingest enough rubbish to upset my stomach sometimes, especially at the weekend. Shame it doesn’t also repair liver damage!

I also believe that it is one of the most mis-spelled words in the English language.

I'm also a big fan of bananas, grapes, oranges and kiwi fruits for their magical properties in making me feel good. My diet has been unusually poor the last couple of weeks whilst my living situation has been very much in situ so I haven't really been planning my eating properly, and I have noticed the difference in decreased energy levels.

Interest Rates

I’m interested to note that I am not the only one crazy enough to think that interest rates might have to rise to 8% to fight increasing inflation…something I have been worried about for a while, and it is nice to see someone with more economic credibility than little old me saying this publicly.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I know, there was no forecast on Monday. Like the weather, i've been a bit topsy turvy recently. I was not able to do a forecast due to my climate being too unsettled. Fingers crossed, normal service shall resume shortly.
For now, expect more rain at times on Thursday, a reasonable bank holiday weekend and maybe a week of summer in September, though that does depend on what hurricane danielle does.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Labour Going Bankrupt?

Oh what a wonderful outcome that would be if the Labour party itself went bankrupt.

The party that when in government, contrived to do everything they possibly could to bankrupt the country just to keep themselves in power, and to keep their selfish desires alive - for them to go bankrupt would go some way to compensate for all the economic pain that we are going through thanks to their disastrous mismanagement of the country's finances.

You can see how desperate it is, with them trying to create news stories to unsettle the Liberal Democrats, such as Charles Kennedy allegedly defecting to Labour.

In my eyes, Labour are trying to destroy the Lib Dems as a functioning party, to try to get those that are skeptical of the coalition, into their hands.

I find it all quite pathetic. I really hope they do not ever get back into power.

Labour, to me, are morally bankupt, and the political landscape would be better without them.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Updated Updated Weather Forecast

I normally only do my updates on Mondays and Thursdays, however I can see the potential for a news-worthy storm tomorrow, probably nearer Birmingham but Reading is possible. I mention because no television weatherman dare suggest it.

And further to my previous forecast, I can see a deluge of rain around next Thursday. Ho ho ho, I never liked rock music.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Facebook Hiatus

I find that Facebook can enhance one's life but also consume it, and it is a difficult beast to manage at times. Though perhaps, the difficulty is more to do with the user than the beast itself.
Facebook can be far too distracting, and I think a break from it, from time to time, is a good idea. Especially if one has challenges to overcome.
A lack of Facebook is providing clarity of thought. I am actually not sure if I will ever go back to it. I probably have no choice. But for now I am enjoying the peace and quiet.

Updated Weather Forecast

Well it has been a rather turbulent week but things seem to be settling down now.  I think you could almost call it autumnal, albeit with a slight tropical feel.

The Atlantic has finally taken control of our weather, and will push low pressure after low pressure across, which yes, means rain at times.

On the bright side it will suck up warm tropical air (from where hurricanes are formed, note), so it will feel very warm despite a lot of cloud at times...nights will probably be noticably warm and humid.

I do however think that the Reading area looks like it will miss out on the highest rainfall totals.

So in a bit more detail...

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be warm, 24'C to 25'C, but there will be outbreaks of rain at potentially any time, less so on Sunday I think though.  There will still be some sun.  It is hard to say when it will rain and when it will be dry.

The unsettled and changeable theme will continue into next week.  Temperatures will be back down to about 20'C next week.

Oh well.

Why Buy A House?

Interesting article on the BBC which backs up my opinion that renting property is much better than the moment anyway.

I cannot understand why someone nowadays would want to buy a house - having to save up 25% of the value as a deposit, then having to pay a mortgage, also having to pay for furniture, white goods, upkeep of the property.

Sure there are advantages that you get more freedom to do what you want with it, but you don't have so much freedom in life, if you end up in negative equity you are stuck there, unable to move.

It is like a blind obsession of a dumb nature, in my eyes.

Sure, if buying a house was a good investment, if property prices were under-valued instead of massively over-inflated then I can see the argument.

But to me it just seems like money down the drain.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Big Brother Flooding

I did warn on Monday of the potential of a flooding event this week, and so we have it, a downpour which not only caused the Big Brother house to be flooded and therefore evacuated, but also shockingly gives me reason to talk about Big Brother, oh shame of me.  And hell, it gave Channel 4 a reason to extend the nightly show to 90 minutes.

But wait, I love Big Brother.  And I am not ashamed to say it.  Maybe other people who have watched it and don't like it, watch it in a different way that I do.  It has taught me so much about people, about psychology and about society.  And I think it has informed society in many ways over the years too.  In way too many ways for me to be able to go into and provide enough evidence for to support my argument.

I don't think Big Brother has always had a positive effect on society, in fact it has had quite a negative one at times.  And that is probably a reason why many people do not watch it.

But this particular series has not only been so entertaining, it has also been so enlightening as I can compare people and scenarios and psychologies to people around me, and it really has helped my understanding of the world, or my world at least.

There is only a week or so left but if anyone has spare time in their lives right now then I thoroughly recommend it.  It is the last series so the last chance to experience something which I think is so intellectually stimulating, and also emotionally stimulating, I really think it is must-watch TV.  And I tend to despise TV.

And when this series is finished, there is the ultimate Big Brother, featuring previous favourite housemates, which might be even more of a spectacle.

Big Brother has taught me so much, and I also believe society, so much.  Enjoy it whilst you still can!

Oh and I'm led to believe that my flooding prophesy may not have so much significance as the guttering in the Big Brother house was blocked with the housemates socks, which led the rain to filter into the air conditioning system.  Though it was quite a downpour still!

And one last thing, currently in research is a possible significant weather event Sunday/Monday.  Did anyone warn you before me?  If so, please let me know.  It might not happen, but I have concerns, the picture is finally becoming clearer and I hope to have a clearer idea tomorrow evening.

Oh and I have to say that I do love the irony about the weather taking control of Big Brother.  That really does make me chuckle, the more I think about it, it really does!!


For me, charity is a very personal thing, and I do not intend to preach to anyone as I hate being preached to.  Previously I have always kept my charitable givings secret as I am very choosy over what I support and it can be such an emotional issue that I just decided best not to talk about it, I'll go along and do my thing when I feel the need to give and not make a fuss about it.

Everyone has their own causes that they want to give to, or don't want to give to and I believe that all such views should be respected and I try to, which again is another reason that I don't talk about it.  I also think that there is nothing wrong in giving nothing, I will go into more detail later.

However in the case of the floods in Pakistan, I do feel the need to talk about it as it really asked me a few questions.

Straight away, I knew how bad a situation it was, I like to think that I have above-average awareness of most countries around the world, and how the people that live there, live.  To me, giving money to the Haiti earthquake appeal was a no-brainer, given how poor the country was.  But Pakistan is a country that has nuclear weapons, my first reaction was why should I?  If you can spend money on nuclear weapons then why should I be helping you?

I got over that.  I always question my conclusions.  And anyone who knows me will know that I definitely question other people's conclusions.

Anyway, my new conclusion was that they are human beings.  I do through no fault of my own live a much more comfortable life than most of the people affected, I suspect, so if it means I go without a few of my indulgencies over the next week or so then so be it.

5 or so years ago I would not have been in a position to help out as I was not quite as comfortable financially.  I'm glad that I am in a position to now - who knows, I or someone I personally care about, might be in a position to need such help in the future, though that isn't the reason I did it.

I do hope I haven't come across as patronizing or attention-seeking or anything, I can help, I wanted to help, I believed that my contribution would help, so I did.  I wrote about it on the off-chance that it might help someone else in their thought-processes.

Met Office Humour

I can see now why I didn't get the BBC weather-forecasting contract when it was renewed.  It isn't just the fact that I only have fridge magnets rather than fancy computer graphics, to display the weather (and only 8 different temperatures to use that only go up to 25'C...not that I need anything higher than that unless I move to Ibiza one day...dream on, James!).  It is clearly the fact that my sense of humour is somewhat limited.

I have come across the above collection of humour from one particular weather forecaster (one assumes Michael Fish was also joking about the hurricane...there is a video of him doing Big Fish Cardboard Box on a Global Gathering weather forecast floating about somewhere, ahem).

This weather forecaster, not one of my favourites I add, previously called the Western Iles off Scotland, "nowheresville", called Glastonbury "muddy shite" and has now stuck up his middle finger to a BBC news presenter live on air.

I still think the Met Office should consider employing me but only if they agree to re-locate to Reading.

Where Are The Snakes?

I was just reading some self-promotion from my beloved American employers. This is not sarcasm, they are American...oh and mostly I do really like working for them, but they have disappointed me greatly in quoting a game called "Chutes And Ladders".

Where are the evil, scary-looking snakes that give every young child nightmares?

I guess it goes a long way to explaining why there are many problems in American society if they go down chutes rather than getting swallowed by snakes.

God bless America.

Cocoon Essential Mix

Two of the best things in the world come together at last.

The Essential Mix has been running on BBC Radio 1 for as long as I can remember, probably not far off 20 years and has featured so many amazing DJs over the years from all parts of the dance music world.

I rarely listen to it nowadays as my tastes have become much less varied over the last few years, very much concentrating on minimal/techno/house, and the Essential Mix does tend to have too much ra ra ra music for my delicate ears.

However for the recent Radio 1 in Ibiza weekend, they finally featured the magic that is Cocoon Ibiza, with an hour from Andre Galluzzi and an hour, of course, from Sven.

Unfortunately I am coming to accept as reality that I probably will miss out on a trip to Ibiza, and, more disappointingly, Cocoon. I am in the process of re-prioritising but probably not in time to go to Ibiza this year...I remain hopeful but also realistic. I'll just have to go 4 times next year to make up for it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Inflation Update

I note that inflation has receded to 3.1% which to me is still scarily high considering interest rates are 0.5%. We know of upside to inflation in the future due to rising food prices thanks to the dramatic climate we currently have, and also clothing will go up significantly, and vat increases, but energy prices could push it further. And the we have the consequences of the previous reckless quantitative easing from the bank of England, and quite frankly, I do not trust the governor of the bank of England. Inflation is dangerous. I know I said last year that it could hit 10% and I was ridiculed, but anything over 3% especially when interest rates are much lower is still dangerous. Interest rates need to rise ASAP.

Fellow Reading Blogger

Just reading the attached story about a blogger who has been recruited to follow his passion...I wonder how long it will be before I am recruited by either the Met Office, Cocoon or Mi6?

Surely only a matter of time?!  (I jest by the way, I only do this for fun, I don't take myself that seriously).


Oh I've just realised that talking about Mi6 means that I will now not be recruited as a spy.  I have blown my chances.  Or have I?  Maybe I already am and I am just pretending to work for a large multi-national corporation?  Ooh.  Or maybe I am being spied on.  Or maybe I am just being stupid.  Or maybe my stupidity makes me the perfect spy as nobody would suspect?  Who knows?!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

So I'm back from my crazy adventure.  And the weather has gone a bit crazy too.  All kinds of outcomes are possible for the rest of August due to the amount of influences now becoming upon us - continental lows, atlantic lows, arctic blasts of unseasonably cold air, tropical air not that far to our south-west - and the possibility of ex-hurricanes influencing our weather.

My current favoured outcome is thus:

Tuesday, some early rain, brighter later, 20'C
Wednesday, mainly fine, perhaps a shower, 21'C
Thursday, increasing chance of a shower, perhaps some very heavy rain in the evening or overnight...or maybe not until Friday...both days around 22'C to 24'C

If Friday isn't a wash-out then it could be quite warm and sunny, as could Saturday and Sunday - I wouldn't be surprised to see temperatures over 25'C if it is sunny, but the potential for rain or showers will still be high so bringing it back down to 23'C if that is the outcome.

I expect it to remain very changeable throughout the rest of August, almost any scenario is possible for any day I'm afraid.  One more likely outcome is a northerly blast of cold showery air at some point maybe around 25th-28th.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Post Saloon

Well everything has been pointing to it for a while, I feel the need to escape and go experience some of the world.

As of tomorrow morning I won't have anywhere to live, and on top of that, I have a job that I hate (albeit in a company that I greatly admire and really do feel privileged to work for) and I have a little bit of money in the bank so, why not go somewhere and find something?  See a bit of the world.

Reading has been good to me, and I do really like the town, but now it is time for me to move on, I'm not sure where, and I am not sure what to, but that is part of the excitement!

I shall be back I expect as there are too many people in Reading that I treasure for me to be away for too long, and I will continue my blog whenever I can.

By the way, expect a very wet August though possibly some hotter days later, a shockingly early cold snap maybe even in September, followed by lots of autumnal storms, a mild December and from January onwards a very harsh winter...probably (though recent events are making me doubt this).

See you soon!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Well I really have to admit some kind of defeat here.  I was expecting high pressure to come up and give us a bit more summer before the storms started, and most models were pointing towards it but suddenly we are in a different scenario.

I remember posting about a month ago that summer was over, and I think I was right!  I should have stuck to it.  Even in the winter, I said summer would be good, but not especially warm, and I was right.  But I keep getting side-tracked with medium-term potential events like the heatwave I was predicting (which went to Russia) and this period of better weather from around 10th.

I'm still learning, but definitely feel like the weather has punched me in the face for being too optimistic, and believing more what I wanted to believe rather than what I originally thought.

So I am afraid that all I have to offer is rain, cloud, rain and maybe a bit of thunder.

If the temperature reaches 21'C then you will be lucky, it could well only be 17'C on many days as we will be dragging in some really cold air from the north.

The rain will tend to be in the form of downpours.  Perhaps Sunday will be less wet.

There is the potential for a flooding event in the south too I feel.  Just a small risk, one I am keeping my eye on.

It could be worse - have a look at the link on the title which is a video of an immense storm in Finland!

RIP summer 2010

Cocoon at Amnesia

This will blow you away, whether you are a Cocoon aficionado, novice or have no idea what I am going on about.

I hope some of you will join me for the closing party on September 27th

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


You may noticed the lack of blogging from myself recently.  Well you should blame the environment around us.  I am unfortunately rather consumed in moving home right now.  That and the Gestapo watching my every move at "work", oh someone, tell me that I can achieve a greater being than thus I am now.

I spread love to you all, from Reading, through Russia, to Norfolk Island, and anywhere else good old Google has established an existence.

Goodnight...good posts are a-coming...

Newport State Of Mind

I'm quite tickled with the video in the link which is a parody of some probably incredibly important US rap star, I recognise it vaguely so considering I do everything I can to avoid mainstream music (unless it is actually really good) normally, it must have been a big track originally.

I like the idea that a few young people with a bit of imagination can create something which has got nearly 2 million viewers, has upset a major record company and got onto the homepage of BBC News, with just £100.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

I cannot say that I am especially in the mood for weather forecasting today - top of my mind is the stress of moving, but it will be for the best in the long run.

Anyway, this is my service to society so I shall endeavour to make it a good one - or an accurate one anyway.

Tomorrow could see some rain, more likely in the morning.  It isn't clear how far north it will go yet.  Should be brighter in the afternoon, 20'C
Wednesday should be fine, maybe a chance of a shower later on, 22'C
Thursday again should be fine, but there is again a chance of a shower later on, 21'C
Friday should be quite sunny, and dry, 22'C
Saturday and Sunday should again be pretty nice, 23'C

And from then on I am hopeful of it getting warmer and perhaps even quite hot, around 25'C - 27'C (as I have been threatening for a while, I am pleased to announce!).  How long it will last though...well you'll have to check back after I post my next updates on Thursday and Monday as usual.

Anyone want to share a flat with me in the town centre?!


I've heard a bit about people feeling better after giving up bread recently, and I have noticed that I always feel bloated on bread-eating days, so I decided that as an experiment, I would try to give it up, at least for a week, to see if there was any discernable difference in how I feel.

On an average bread day, I used to have 4-8 slices, though at the weekend probably only 2. Or 0 if I went clubbing.

Anyway, a week into it and I have to say it hasn't been easy - I've been so used to two sandwiches at work - I've had to fill it with something which has been some kind of salad concoction, not as satisfying as a nice big sandwich though.

I think I have actually eaten more, and haven't lost weight like some other people have reported. I do seem to feel like I have more energy though I'm not sure whether than is real or imaginery.

I am yet to reach a conclusion.

Has anyone else given up bread and felt better for it?

The Costs Of Being Single

And welcome to Monday. Great, isn't it?

And to cheer me up, I have discovered evidence that being single is going to cost me £250,000.00 more over my lifetime than it would have done if I were as part of a couple. This is due to the expenses of housing, bills and holidays all being more for a single person than for one person living as part of a couple.

Damn it, I thought I was being pretty economically efficient.

There I was thinking that I was saving loads of money on subsidising a woman's shopping habits, not having the expense of flowers, no Valentine's day expenses, no extra presents on Christmas - but no that apparently pales into significance.

To be fair, if I wasn't single, then the above-mentioned expenses would probably be mitigated by me spending less on socialising, drinking, etc.

So if any young single woman who can cope with my love of house/techno fancies being economically efficient with me, your applications will now be welcomed.

I have to say that I am finding women rather more attractive since I discovered that they could potentially make me more economically efficient.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Economic Prospects

It seems a while since I have talked about the economy, and economics is one of the most fascinating subjects for me.

You may have noticed that the recent quarter GDP growth rate was 1.1%, way above expectations, and the fastest quarterly rise I believe since 1999.

For me, this would not have happened, had we elected a Labour government, who had lost the plot completely with regards to business and economics many many years ago, and lost it further still during the recession (ie rescuing the banks - why reward a bank for doing so much economic damage by rescuing them?  Politics, dear sir.), companies that are head-quartered in the UK would have thought twice about staying, as would their talented employees.

In fact, these companies clearly did think twice, they were waiting for the outcome of the election to see whether they should invest or not in the UK.  We gave them a good election result, an environment in which they can now do business again, and they give us jobs.

Despite the doom-mongers who are predicting a double-dip recession (which I believe would have happened under Labour), I would not be surprised to now see the rate of growth go even higher.

But there are problems ahead.

Inflation is higher than it should be, and despite that it seems all of the revered economists, do not care about it.  I'm not sure who Mervyn King thinks he is - I would like to know about his personal finances (ie mortgages, etc) as I believe as the head of the Bank of England, his policies have been damaging to our medium-term prospects, not only that, but he was in charge of interest rate policy during the boom which led to this bust - questions really have to be asked.  I read that he has been governor since 1997 (oh hello again Labour won an election that year didn't they?) - surely a role as important as this should not be held for so long, this seems almost dictatorial.

Anyway, rant about Mervyn King over, I want to see an increase in interest rates and quickly.  Nothing too dramatic, but enough to give us leverage should there be further shocks down the line, as 0.5% does not give us any breathing space.

You cannot pump $200billion of new money into the economy and not expect inflation.  It is coming.  Interest rate changes take about 6 months to have an effect, and I feel that they need to rise now.  Only to 2% or so.

I really could go on forever, but this is just a little economic steam let off.  Phew, thanks.

Don't worry, things are looking up, we have a good government now :-)

Why I Love Germany More Than Holland

1. Sven Vath

2. Cocoon

3. Germany 4-0 Argentina (in your face Maradona you cheating scumbag)

4. Hot German women

5. Bratwurst

Compare that to what Holland provide - Tiesto, pah!  Cheesy Amsterdam clubs, pah!  When did the Dutch do anything good for England?  Ok their women are hot.  But their food is shit.

I do love Holland too though, it really is a good country to visit, thoroughly recommend it and really like the people.

I just love Germany a bit more.

Sorry Mr Hollenstelle.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Its that time of the week again.  I'm going to start with a look at Moscow again (I like this Russian attention I am getting every time I mention the word Russia or Moscow!).  Only 2 days since 9th July has the temperature not been above 30'C.  For a climate really not used to 30'C temperatures, this is quite incredible and I imagine unbearable.  The link in the title shows the temperature statistics, quite crazy, really is.

Nothing of the sort here.  High pressure makes half-arsed attempts to nudge towards the UK to break up the cloud and bring sunshine but never really delivers.  Nearly two weeks of this pattern now and another similar week to come.  I cannot see any change until the hurricane season starts to have some effect on the Atlantic, which could (should?) move the high pressure area our way.  The only named storm I can see, Colin, is probably about 8 days away from having an effect, if it does go towards the Atlantic - hurricane paths are notoriously tricky to predict.

So for the next few days;

Friday, cloudy with some rain, perhaps only 17'C much cooler than of late
Saturday, more cloud than sun, the odd shower, 21'C
Sunday could be quite sunny, perhaps up to 25'C - make the most of it!
Monday probably will be fairly cloudy, perhaps some brightness, 22'C
Tuesday & Wednesday will see low pressure on top of England which means yet more cloud, rain will probably be in the way of showers, they could perhaps be heavy and thundery on Tuesday, 20'C

I'm still hopeful of an improvement towards next weekend but would not be surprised if another low pressure came to vague life and we had to wait longer for an improvement in the weather.

Finally, I came across this video of an immense storm in the US.  That is really quite impressive.

One final thing.  You may have heard that there was a massive solar eruption on 1st August, and hence a possibility of the UK seeing the Northern Lights...well I am investigating to see if this is going to mitigate the expected very cold winter I am currently expecting.  I'll inform you if I discover anything.

Wyclef Jean for Haiti President?

I note that Wyclef Jean is running for president of Haiti.  Possibly an excellent idea as it will be very inspiring for the people of his home country that have suffered so much, and might bring them together in a way that ordinary politicians cannot.

So it got me thinking, who else could be president in the future?

I think Eminem would make an excellent president of the United States.
I'm tempted by Lily Allen as prime minister of the UK, or certainly a high respresentative to the EU.
Of course I would love to see Sven Vath in power, perhaps as European Union president, as I think he is too valuable to be leader of just one country.

Any other suggestions?

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Deadmau5 Collapses On Stage

Deadmau5 has collapsed on stage.

Lesson to be learnt, don't wear giant flashing mouse helmets every night?

I'm more of a hat man than a helmet man.  Though I wonder if I might suit a wig.  Perhaps a Chris Waddle style mullet?  Maybe a grey-haired mullet?

Who Is Watching Me - The Follow Up

Well since my experiment, it seems that only Brazil, Australia and wait for it...Norfolk Island (WTF?) are sending spies to watch me just because I listed their name.  Though maybe they were real people?  Maybe not as many countries are spying on me as I thought.

But I am delighted that I have someone from Norfolk Island that has visited, which has a population of 2,141 according to Wikipedia - find out more about it on the link above as per usual.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Who Is Watching Me?

The other day, I mentioned Russia in my blog, and Moscow, and strangely enough I had visitors from Russia that very day.  It seems every time I mention the word Russia, that I get a visitor from there.  And they spend a total of 0 seconds on the site, so I guess they are not that interested in what I have to say.

So, as an experiment, here is a list of all countries across the world (according to the website in the title link as I know this can be a little controversial - this is not me saying I recognise all of these countries and no others!).  I will report my findings in due course.  Goodnight.

American Samoa
Antigua and Barbuda
Ashmore and Cartier Islands
Bahamas, The
Bassas da India
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bouvet Island
British Indian Ocean Territory
British Virgin Islands
Burkina Faso
Cape Verde
Cayman Islands
Central African Republic
Christmas Island
Clipperton Island
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
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Updated Weather Forecast

I'm afraid that this one is a little lacking in research compared to most of my forecasts, but I had ideas in advance anyway of what was going to happen so it isn't too difficult.  Saying whether it will definitely rain or not on a particular day is though.

So my idea for this week:

Tuesday, probably dry, fairly cloudy but there will be some sunshine.

Wednesday, cloudy with a band of rain lying horizontally across England somewhere, so it could rain all day, but it equally it could be dry, or fairly dry.
Thursday, some sunshine, possibly a shower.

Friday, more cloud, possibly with rain too, but not sure.

The weekend looks more unsettled and perhaps cool, but details are a little sketchy at the moment.

Temperatures will range from 20'C to 23'C in the sunnier days.

I'm still hopeful for sunny and hot weather developing for the middle part of August, around 10th onwards, give or take.

I hope this suffices for now.

Women DJs

Have you ever wondered why it seems that about 99% of DJs are men?  In my world it isn't quite that percentage, at least in my perception - the art of being a good DJ is being able to understand what the crowd are looking for and being able to respond to their desires, and I don't see why one sex would be better than the other sex at understanding a dancefloor's desires.

I've never been convinced of arguments about sexism, I think it perhaps tends towards more of a confidence thing.

I have many friends who are DJs, and who I have all seen get better through the years (whilst many well-paid ones seem not to develop), and they are a mix of men and women.

I absolutely love it when any of my friends get some recognition, as lets face it, everyone and his dog seems to want to be a DJ nowadays, and 'thanks' to technology it seems anyone with a few hundred pound can become a DJ.

So it feels even better when someone who I know has put so much effort into it, despite having a very challenging and rewarding full-time job which I admire her greatly for, get the recognition she deserves for doing something else that she loves.

To see my friend be written about in the editorial of one of the more influential magazines in dance music and compared to someone like Nina Kraviz who for me is producing some really ground-breaking new slow kind of house music, is really quite special.

It just goes to show what can be achieved by anyone if they put in a lot of effort and dedication into following their passion, and also having a fantastic group of friends around them to support them and keep them on the right track.

I think it is a truly inspiring story that has only just begun, and one I have known about for a few years, I hope everyone can get something from this.

Well done, Sam! x