Friday, July 30, 2010


I am going to blog about nothing.  I have nothing to blog about, but nothing is something so I do have to blog about it I suppose.

The idea of nothing is not easy to comprehend as there is always something, but if you have something then it is taken away then the sum should be nothing, surely?

Can there be nothing if there wasn't something there already?  I am not sure there can.

There cannot be no nothings, because if there is something, there is always the possibility that the something could be taken away, or could become nothing, so the concept of no nothings is not comprehendable.

So by having had nothing to say, I have said something, but really I guess in the scheme of things, it is much closer to nothing than something which isn't nothing.

I'd like to think this waffle about nothing has left you with nothing to think about, but again, I have just created something out of nothing, and unless I take it away then this post about nothing will always be something so I guess it will never be nothing.

So if assuming you read this post about nothing, then I delete the post about nothing, in your and my mind there was a post about nothing, which was something, and the past tense is still something, so then it wouldn't be nothing at all.

You probably do wish I had said nothing now.  Or at least that you hadn't had read something about nothing.

What have I concluded?  Nothing.  Which is something.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Remember that heatwave I was predicting a fair while back and then got excited about quite recently and now disappointed (if only because I am wrong, as I didn't actually want a heatwave)...well, spare a thought for Moscow.

I believe that they have had 13 consecutive days above 30'C.  It is currently 38'C over there, which I believe beats their record temperature, the city is having huge problems coping with the heat and the smog/smoke created, though I'm not sure I have seen it reported on my favourite news channel, Russia Today.

Even Finland is basking in temperatures of 33'C.

So I don't think I was far off the mark, granted 1000 miles or so but if the Atlantic had not started up (possibly due to La Nina but I don't fully understand this phenomenon yet) then it quite possibly would have been us suffering the heatwave right now.  I've learnt for next year anyway.  Though there is more heat building which could get us for the second half of August which I am keeping an eye on.

Back to boring day-to-day forecasting which you are probably more interested in anyway.

Friday should start quite sunny but there is a band of rain on the way, for the evening and for Saturday morning, it will drag its tails a bit, and won't have an awful lot of rain left to offer.

Saturday afternoon should improve and Sunday should be fairly sunny, variable cloud.with a chance of a shower.

Beyond that, I have to apologise but I am struggling to get any kind of certainty on detail.  Pretty much, next week will be like the one just gone, some sunnier days, some cloudier days, some showers or bits of rain possible at times, but very hard to say when, you might as well pick it yourself.  Or ask me nearer the day.

I do think a little cool-down the weekend of 7th August...then hopefully some good very warm summer weather after that.

Oh, temperatures will be between 22'C and 25'C, I don't rule out a 27'C early next week if we get a good sunny day.

Diego Maradona's Gone

Oh no, Diego Maradona has gone!

He feels he has been lied to, been cheated.


Erm, what goes around comes around, Senor Maradona.

If you read my previous posts about Maradona, you will understand why I am laughing inside.  I am also wondering if it was my previous blog posts that triggered this?  I did after all have a visitor from Argentina.

These blogs have their mysterious ways...if Sven Vath has read it, why not Diego Maradona's ex-boss?  I do recall seeing Diego Maradona in Privilege in Ibiza one year, or at least I thought it was him...and it was later reported that he were there though I cannot confirm if it were the night that I thought I saw when in Ibiza one can see a few illusions sometimes!

Me Me Me! And My Hair

I'm going to be a little bit selfish this morning and talk about me and try to get the blog (and Facebook, alas it gets more visitors than my blog...for now) make a decision for me.

For anyone who doesn't know me, this is me, above.

My hair is now nearly 3 weeks longer than then, and it is a bit too long and I get paid tomorrow so I am thinking maybe I might have to have another hair cut.

I was considering growing a quiff, but I think this is just something I am flirting with - I might come back to the idea when the winter comes around.

I'm tempted to shave my hair off, like I have done before.

So do I shave it off?  Or just get a normal short cut?

Apologies if this self-indulgence offends your sensitivities, or you feel you need to make a negative judgement about me not choosing my hair cut myself, but firstly I post lots of stuff which might interest you that is not in any way about me, and secondly it is only hair, not exactly as if you are choosing my wife.


Good news guys

I have come across a medical study which suggests that 10 minutes of staring at breasts is like a 30 minute aerobic workout!

Fantastic news!

I was going to put a picture up but other websites can probably do better than I can, boob photography is not area of my expertise.

If anyone finds a photo they think I should put up, do tell me quickly!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Music To Download In July

Alex Niggemann
Markus Fix & Nick Curly
Chris Tietjen
Stephan Bodzin
Matthias Tanzmann
Michael Mayer
Layo & Bushwacka

Dirty Phones

Apparantly mobile phones have 18 times more bacteria than a man's toilet flush handle.

They must have been testing iphones, dirty Steve Jobs.

Second Best Football Celebration Ever

Youtube link in title.

Definitely worth 22 seconds of your time.

Incidentally the best was Jimmy Bullard's Man City Finger Wagging Celebration.

Friends Keep You Alive

Finally there is proof (story link in title) that having a good network of friends can increase your survival chances by up to 50%

So I was right all along that my fabulous network of friends is keeping me alive (as well as happy...and inspired).

It is a significant study, having studied 300,000 people in 4 continents over 7 years.

Though it does state that having few friends is as damaging to survival as smoking 15 cigarettes or being an alcoholic.

So does having lots of fantastic friends, and drinking lots with them every week cancel out each other?

So therefore I might only have an average life-span?  But if it is filled with the amount of fabulous, funny, enjoyable moments I've had since meeting the best group of friends possible 4 years ago then the next 40-50 years should be pretty damn fantastic.

Thanks for increasing my life-span too, much love xx

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Good News for Sven!

Sven Vath and his partner have just had a baby boy born, Tiga.

It goes without saying that I would wish them well.  But I'll say it anyway.  Congratulations Sven :-)

I wonder if he has been named after Tiga the electro producer/DJ or if Tiga is a popular name in Germany?  Or if it has been inspired by the Party Animals theme?  Or because Sven is a Hull City fan (the Tigers)?

Oh, word of warning on the off-chance of any young attractive woman who would like to create babies with me in the future - firstly you will have to do a fair amount of persuading, I appreciate that I clearly have superior genes to many potential fathers of your wanted child, however I am quite happy with my life as it is.  Please remain patient.

Secondly, if I do ever crack (my mother does want to be a grand-mother at some point!), then I am fully set on calling a baby boy, Sven, and a baby girl, Tinkerbelle (I can be amenable on the spelling of Tinkerbelle if you wish).

I am aware that as one of the superior members of society that I should really be spreading my high quality genes more than the average person, so if you are a young woman that can contribute to affording a few babies then I will allow you to name the third, fourth, etc.

I think that is a good deal.

Brown Is Back

No, not Phil Brown, but the shameful Gordon Brown.

Firstly amusingly, I hear that he invited 70 Labour MPs to his office for a reception the other day, but laughably only 10 turned up.  Shows how respected he is within his own party.

But scarily, he is publishing his own book.  Included in this book will be advice from Gordon Brown on measures that the world should adopt to overcome the financial crisis.


That is like me offering advice on sobriety in night-clubs.

One note of minor consolation is that his profits from the book will go to charities associated with him.  Though I would far rather it go back to repay some of the huge debt that we have because of his failed socialist anti-Tory policies.

I'll get over my anger with him one day, but only when the economy and society has been repaired to a reasonable extent.

Updated Weather Forecast

A little bit quicker than usual today.

Firstly a mention about the weather in the southern hemisphere as many areas are having a much colder winter than average, which also matches the pattern of the colder winter than we have across much of the northern hemisphere.  I hope you are prepared for the possibility of a colder winter than we just had.

And more bad news - the heatwave I was expecting isn't going to happen.  In fact, August is looking distinctly cooler than the last couple of months.  High pressure positions have shifted.

Don't expect temperatures much above 20'C for this week, today maybe an exception at around 23'C but it is going to rain at times.  And there could be some heavy bursts.

Wednesday and Thursday should be mainly dry, 22'C in any sunshine but don't get too optimistic.

Friday it could rain again.


Update for Friday, I think the rain will stay away until the evening, so Friday day-time might be quite nice, maybe even 24'C.


Apologies for the lack of detail but I actually have some work to do!

The Bank Know Who Is King

The bank know who is king - do you?

About 10 years ago when I worked at Natwest, I became inspired by a chav who wrote "Bad Boy" in his address, and decided I would change the salutation on my account to King.

The next day I was hauled into a room by management and it was explained how serious an offence this was, though I think they really did struggle not to laugh.  Anyway, I was requested to change it back.

Now address changes were an everyday part of my job but evidently I did not know how to do them properly as though my salutation is now Mr for most parts, it didn't fully change back and I did not ever work out how to do so.

So sometimes on the outside envelopes, Natwest write to me as King.  Not on cards or cheque books, just on the outside of letters.

However when I recently opened an e-savings account (which incidentally now has a grand total of 30p in it), Natwest managed to open it with the salutation of King.  There was no request from me to do so.

So revel in the glory that you are reading a blog by royalty.

Have a spiffing day, old beans.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Economic Growth

You'll be pleased to know that the UK economy grew much faster than expected in the last quarter.

It did beat my expectations too, though I remained hopeful that it would have had a significant rise as I expected that a Conservative victory in the general election would have a positive effect on economic growth for that quarter, and more likely for the quarter after that.

The reason I believe that we have seen much higher growth than expected (the highest change in growth between successive quarters I believe since 1999 - the dot-com boom years) is down to many companies based in the UK leaving investment decisions until the outcome of the election was known - having no faith in a Gordon-Brown led government.

This is what was implied by many business leaders before the election, and seems to be backed up now. Time will tell if this is just a short-term improvement or something more significant.

I certainly think things have felt much better recently.

Love Parade Sadness

I never really wanted to post anything sad or depressing on my blog but the news from the Love Parade on Saturday did affect me quite badly, and I'm sure many others, so I do feel compelled to say a few words.

I am very lucky in that I have only experienced death close to me when my grandad died when I was 12, and he was ill for some years so I was expecting it.

Having been to the Love Parade when it was in Berlin in 2006, and had one of the best days of my life there, I kind of feel connected to the people who suffered from the tragedy, not only because I went there, but also because they are the same kind of people as I am, people who share the same love of house/techno music, people who believe in the same kind of values that the music espouses, people who I may well have shared a dancefloor with somewhere across Europe. It is just like dance music's Hillsborough moment to me.

It doesn't really make a lot of sense, though having experienced how out of control one's movements can become in a crowd of 1.2 million at Berlin where people were pushing in opposite directions at the same time and it really did become very squashed for short periods of time, but luckily that was all in an open space so the crowd was never squashed for more than a short period of time as it was flexible - tunnels and walls are not flexible.

As I mentioned earlier the Berlin Love Parade was one of the best days out I have ever had in my life; 1.2 million people all dancing and enjoying music from 40 different floats, and also a few stands, people and DJs from all over the world, representing so many different forms of dance music - I met and talked to people from countries all over the world that I had never before, and saw so many erm, interesting sights like the man dressed in just post-it notes - it was such a happy occasion filled with the most amazing people, any of whom could easily have been a friend, and for that day 1.2 million people were. Even the German version of our chavs.

And the random American tourists who had come to see where Hitler had paraded his troups 60-70 years ago before going on a murderous rampage, who were totally bemusic by 1.2 million happy people from all over the world, dancing away to everything from Tiesto, to Detroit Techno, Drum'n'bass, house and nose-bleed Gabba.

What started as a celebration between a few techno fans driving cars around the city of Berlin to celebrate the demise of the Berlin Wall which had kept not only a city and country divided but a whole continent; and became a huge behemoth of a celebration has now had a very sad demise.

What is even sadder but totally understandable is that the organisers clearly feel unable to run this again as the tragedy will totally go against everything they believe in. Personally I would love now to see lots of smaller Love Parades the same day in cities across Europe, as a mark of respect but I cannot see it happening. Sadly I think many city authorities and organisers of events will think twice now before organising any music events without tickets.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cocoon In The Park - Video

To anyone who doesn't understand why I love Cocoon so much, and cannot appreciate how good the day out is...check this video, click the title as usual and enjoy. Again and again!

Message Board Amusement

Click the link above for what I think is the most hilarious message board conversation I have seen for some time.

It is a discussion on Resident Advisor (the online place for the underground house/techno scene) and the discussion with regards to the possible closure of fabric.

I would recommend just skim-reading the first few pages so you get an idea of what the thread is about, and the type of people that frequent Resident Advisor, and when you get to page 7, start reading it properly, especially when someone called Tonka gets involved.

Absolute hilarity! I will say no more...

Rugby League

One of the things I most miss about the north, by living down south, is rugby league.

It has a very different dynamic to supporting a football team, it can be just as intense and as passionate, if not more so, but it doesn't matter so much if you lose, as there is not so often a sense of injustice, and when there is a sense of injustice, you know what what goes around does come around.

Add onto that that there is a salary cap, and the players are real humans, and really do seem to care, and it is in my eyes, much easier to follow than football.

And coming from Hull, we have two rugby league teams, Hull FC and Hull KR, representing the west of the River Hull and east of the River Hull, respectively. And there isn't the violence and animosity that you would get say between Chelsea and Millwall - at least not with the fans anyway. The players do a good enough job of that on the pitch (see video in link for latest example).

I also think it is a far more intelligent game than football.

I do wish there was a pub in the town centre and I had some people to go watch it with...but then again...when would I get time? Music and friends are more important than sport, so watching rugby league will have to wait until I am 65 and have retired and gone back to being a hooligan in Hull.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

OK I got the timing of those heavy showers a bit wrong, I was expecting first half of Friday, it was Thursday afternoon instead. I did however say that they would be rather potent if they occurred around 4-6pm, and anyone in Reading today, I think they could say that was quite a potent thunderstorm.

The models are showing, as I expected, high pressure to build. They are still not with me with my heatwave idea, though I have come across one website now saying a heatwave is a possible but unlikely outcome. So maybe other people have come to the same silly conclusion that I did.


Friday; Any remaining showers dying out, then fine, feeling fresh, 20'C
Saturday looks pretty cloudy, maybe a little light rain, 20'C
Sunday it could brighten up a bit, 22'C
Monday & Tuesday kind of nothing days, pretty cloudy, maybe some rain on Tuesday but not too much, maybe 23'C

From then on, I see it getting warmer and sunnier. I don't see any substantial rain for a while now.

There is going to be quite a bit of cloud to get rid of before we can really start to enjoy summer sunshine again, but it is on its way, all is good.

By the way, I read that it has been unusually cold in the Arctic this summer. Remember this.

Seth Troxler Update

He plays fabric on 7th August. Saturday.

Seth Troxler Youtube if you haven't already seen it

This guy needs to be seen, I need some of his energy, I might not like every track he plays but when he plays at fabric, that will surely be a special night?

Oh I mean to say, anyone up for coming with me?

Digital Drugs

There is a whole new world out there guys, the Daily Mail have discovered the future - getting high by listening to music, oh my, can change your emotions?

Fuck me.

You really do have to read the story first to understand I think.

Apparently you can download this shit, for free, man...I don't know what to do any more.

You can get high from a download?


Please click the story link before you see my comments. Its in the title. The orange bit. Then click the back button once you have consumed. Do not stay at that website. Come back. Please.


Did you read it?


Have you ever thought about downloading music to make you high? Because I can tell you that I know a far more potent version that any of those offered, if you are interested?

I call it, "house music".

But, shh, don't let the Daily Mail know.

Much love.

Ice Blocks

According to the BBC, a great big slab of ice smashed through somebody's roof in the early hours. This would have come from a plane.

The Civil Aviation Authority says that it is rare, and only 30 incidents reported each year.

It seems a little dangerous to me.

There are several news reports of similar incidents. Someone should be investigating. Because it could cause something really serious. Not good.

I am not impressed.

Cameron Leslie Speaks

To those not in the know, Cameron Leslie is the co-founder of fabric.

I love fabric.

fabric was in trouble a little while back, I explained it from what I could see, but here is much more information, and just a really good read from somebody really important in the nightclub scene in London...well...the world really.

He speaks a lot of sense, I suggest I read if you are at all interested. Link in title.

Let Him In Queeny!

I see the Queen has not allowed Nick Griffin into her little party today. Well that is a shame.

For I think she should have taken the opportunity to try to put some sense into that man. Introduce him into the things that make this country great (normally) and try to positively influence his views.

An opportunity lost in my opinion.

Then again, maybe he might have got on too well with some of the other Royals?!

When will the Queen know of my existence? I do expect one day to have been invited, I accept I currently do not deserve such an invitation but I think it is something to aspire to.

New Shoes Day

Today I am going to experience one of those days which makes me out to be a man, rather than a woman.

For it is the day that I begrudgingly have to wear a new pair of shoes.

For a woman, it seems that getting a new pair of shoes is like the thing that they have strived all their life to achieve, it is like a magical moment, like when as a child you went to EuroDisney - or so it seems to me.

For me, however, it is the day when I finally accept that my trusted shoes that have kept my feet warm and dry for day after day, and fit so well, no longer can have a place in my life, for they have come to the point where they are now making my life worse.

In this case, a big rip in the leather on the side. Irrepairable. Almost tear-inducing.

Luckily for me, I bought a new pair of shoes last November, when I first realised that I needed a new pair of shoes as I was regularly getting wet feet. However thanks to the drought, I have seldomly been caught in rain with shoes on since November.

But a big rip in the side doesn't really look good. Not that men look at shoes. But women do, so I am told.

So here I am, suffering in my new shoes, and they are fairly ugly shoes too, I have no idea why I bought them, but they will do for work. I hope they last two years. Most shoes last me 3-6 months.

The only shoes that I see that I like the look of, cost in excess of £100 and no way am I purchasing something of that expense, when I have no idea whether they will last 3 months or 2 years.

So today is a sad and painful day.

If I were a woman, I suspect today would be an exciting day...though I guess wouldn't have waited since November to wear them for the first time so today would not have been an exciting day. Unless I had bought a pair of shoes last night that I didn't really need.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

OK I think my last forecast wasn't brilliant. I am a bit disappointed in myself, I didn't put enough effort into it and I rushed it. I did say it would get nicer during Sunday and Monday, but it turned out better than I predicted on my lazy forecast, and looking back I did think it probably would go this way, but I was too lazy to research it properly, hence I went for a safe option.

So I was right in that it got better, but I didn't quite get the extent of it across for you. Apologies. I am learning still.

I'm going to talk long-term first.

All of the models, and all of the amateur forecasters I see, are either forecasting the end of July, to be similar to now, or to downgrade into a washout.

But I am not able to agree with any of those patterns.

I have been saying for a while that I am expecting a heat-wave at the end of July, similar to the record-breaking one but not quite as hot or as long, I would say 35'C.

I am still planning for it. If I get it wrong I know I will look pretty stupid. But at the same time, I predicted a noticeably cold winter for 2009/10 and I think I was pretty correct, give or take a few details. I also said this summer would be good, much better than previous, a bit cold at times early on (it was in May anyway), more unsettled later (it is becoming so) and would have a good chance of a heatwave. So I'm going for it. And I might pull back this time next week, and say no it isn't happening, as it might not happen. I rate the chance at 60-70%, which is high enough for me to have confidence and for me to say, yes a short-lived heat-wave is on its way.

Onto my explanation.

All the synoptics have been there during the summer; a good-strength Azores high, unusual heights to the east, lots of hot air being pumped into southern Spain at times, and more recently low pressures not able to cross the UK, winding themselves up to our west due to the aforementioned high pressure cells, and now I think this could all come together at the end of July. Of course, it might not, but I am certain of very very hot weather over the south of Spain and everything else seems to add up. Do not say I have not prepared you for the possibility. 35'C at the end of July/beginning of August.

Onto what I do know.

Temperatures will be on a downwards slide this week, 25'C perhaps on Tuesday, 23'C on Wednesday, towards 21'C by Friday. And then it should gradually go up again, 22'C on Saturday I currently project (well maybe 24'C) and then up and up...if I am right.

But sunshine?

Sorry. Not yet.

Another unsettled week, but if you are at work, or are taking holiday in Ibiza, what do you care?

Tuesday will probably stay dry in the Reading area though there is rain encroaching. It will feel warm and muggy, and there will be a noticeably large amount of rain somewhere in central England, it could be the Reading area, but I suspect it will be somewhere to the west and north of Reading that will bear the brunt, but it will rain at some point to some extent.

Wednesday also unsettled, but the worst of the unsettled weather will be to the west, it shouldn't be too wet.

Thursday I fancy to be a bit drier, but still chance of a shower or two.

Friday I do expect more in the way of heavy showers.

Saturday maybe a shower or two still left but much improved from Friday, and mainly fine.

The showers could be rather potent on any day if they occur around 4-6pm so be prepared.

And from then on things get better. And hotter. Much hotter???

Friday, July 16, 2010

Me & House Music

Given that Sven Vath has put a link to my review of Cocoon In The Park, I feel I should elaborate a little more about what my relationship is with house music, in the hope that it might get a few more people to understand house music.

Growing up in Hull, in the north of England, it wasn't the nicest of places and there was little hope for the future. Grim, would be a good descriptive word.

But as early as 1990 when I was about 10, mid-way through the Kylie Minogue & Jason Donavon thing, I begun to realise that I liked a beat - tracks like 'Ride On Time' by Black Box were beginning to inspire me.

It wasn't easy growing up in Hull, in fact, I would say it was quite traumatising at times, especially at school. My parents were fantastic, I'm not quite sure how they managed to cope with me - my dissatisfaction with the education system led me into troubled ways, but somehow I got through it, or more like, they got me through it. And all the way through it, was my love of dance music in all its forms, happy hardcore in the early years, rave, handbag house, jungle - anything with a beat that I could in future years dance to in a nightclub in Hull, such was my dream.

Every Friday I would get excited because I knew I could go home and listen to the Essential Selection by Pete Tong, and that was my only way of getting new music. I would have 2-3 hours of music, to last me a week, on repeat. That is all I could get. No internet, no ability to get to a record shop or nightclub, just one show.

Though there was another show that I enjoyed too, though most of the music I didn't like to listen to, I just found it interesting, and that was John Peel's show. And I am pretty sure he was the first person to introduce me to Sven Vath, by mentioning him and a club and playing a techno track, by, shock horror - a German! (Remember Italia 90? I cried. Never again). I might be mistaken, I would love it if someone could corroborate this strange old strand of memory - have I made it up? Surely not, but maybe it wasn't Sven? Surely not though.

Anyway, 18 years of growing up in Hull, which is still deprived and somewhat backwards to the day, which is a real shame as the people of Hull have such a good heart in them, they deserve more and if I can ever give anything back to my home city one day in the future, to help it back on its feet, I will do. People of Hull, hear me, immigrants are good people! Yes they might take a job, but they buy the services offered in the local area too.

Back to the music.

In 1998, I went to Ibiza for 2 weeks. I knew what music I liked, but having only ever been to little towny clubs in Hull playing chart dance at best - going to Pacha, Amnesia, El Divino, Privilidge, Eden, Space, Kaos, etc, one night after another was just too exciting, too much of a different world. I just could not understand why the crowd at Space on Sunday at 9am had so much energy for dancing - I had only just got out of bed...

Then I went to university. Again, very few shared my passion for house music, though perhaps that was all down to trance music (ATB - do da do da, do da da do da)...sorry.

I actually thought about 7 years ago that I would never find anyone to share my love of house music with.

Then all of a sudden in 2006 I stumbled upon and perhaps slightly helped create the most fantastic group of clubbing friends (it would never last, seen it all before, said the naysayers), who actually liked house music, albeit mainly funky house drinking music, the kind still played in Revolution bars across the land today.

Again I was frustrated as I had a couple of years ago been to Cocoon, and was slowly discovering something called minimal, which was widely derided (and in my opinion has very recently been the creator of the new house music scene).

Slowly I managed to get people to come to Cocoon with me. And I don't think the story needs telling much further. Does it?

Multiple trips to Ibiza, a trip to Frankfurt, crazy nights in matter...Sven giving our Carley a ring, when she just wanted to shake his hand! Our book of gratitude to celebrate Cocoon's 10th birthday to which they amazingly replied...the connection that everyone I know who has been to a Cocoon event feels to not only Sven, the other DJs, and all the staff behind the events.

I don't always find life satisfactory, it can be pretty shit at times. But any pain I do feel can always be outweighed by listening and dancing to the music I love, with the people I love.

I feel that there are a lot of not so happy people in society at the moment and I wish I could try to make the world a happier place as I think I know how to - through my experience, house music can bring people together, people of all ages, races, creeds and kinds, to dance in any location, to a beat, with a smile.

And I wish that there was a bit more of it around! For now I will just keep on trying to share the music I have discovered that I love, with the people that I love.

And I look forward to many more years of fantastic music, memories and friendships - and will try to spread a bit of love throughout the world, as it does need a bit of love at the moment, I hope you can help too. x

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Well as I speak, I think it is set to pour down, and probably will by time I have managed to write this.

I think my previous forecasts were pretty good - any complainers out their?

There is nothing to excite or interest me out there.

Go on then...

Friday, some showers, 20'C
Saturday, Sunday and Monday should be dry and will get increasingly nice and warm, 21'C, 23'C, 25'C.

And from there I really don't know.

The Atlantic is much more active, much more back to normal. But I still am expecting a heatwave at the end of July which none of the models are picking up on right now.

We shall see.


I like to think that I have a fairly high level of intelligence, but one of the subjects that has always had me floundered, was physics.

However I now can take great pleasure in that one noted scientist, Erik Verlinde, who is a respected string theorist (sounds like something I should read about!) and professor of physics at Amsterdam University has suggested that gravity doesn't exist.

Now I have previously questioned gravity myself. I'm pretty sure I used my Facebook status to post a question last year about whether gravity had changed.

I don't always feel like gravity on earth is 9.81 m/s2. Sometimes I feel like it is a little less, sometimes a little more, and not just because of how I feel it but how I interpret everything upon which this said force of gravity is supposed to act upon.

So if gravity is supposed to be a constant 9.81 m/s2 and if it isn't always acting as such, does this mean that there is actually no such thing as gravity and we are assuming something invalid?

The professor's explanation in the title link as usual is nothing like my ramblings, and makes little sense to me.

I don't think that I will ever get my head around physics as I just cannot accept and conceptualise everything into the world around me.

Should I talk about Big Brother instead? It is on my to-blog list, ha ha ha!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Reasons To Be Proud Of Hull

A young woman from Hull was on jury duty and sent a text message to another juror saying "..he's been in prison before and is a paedo and when he broke into the pub he took all the kids underwear xx."

She is 19 and only has one young child, and her only police caution was for shoplifting at the age of 10, so perhaps she should be forgiven.

Full story in title link.

Second, we now have a representative in the House of Lords. Yes, none other than Lord Prescott of Kingston-Upon-Hull.

I really do not know what you must think of me, given all the other examples I have given you of my fellow Hullensians.

Anyone fancy a road-trip to 'Ull? It will make you feel good :-)

Sweeney Todd's Pie Chart Update 3

Turkey & Bacon - 4. Disappointing lack of flavour, though I am willing to give it another try.
Chicken, brocolli and stilton. 9.3. This was truly fantastic, I loved every bite of this, I wasn't that hungry but I enjoyed it immensely. Best pie so far.



Chicken & ham - 8
Steak & Ale - 9
Mixed Game - 6.5 (Carrots? Did someone shoot a carrot? I should complain about false advertising, I would mind if it was sold as Mixed Game & Carrots)
Sweeneys - 4 (A mix of lamb, pork, beef and vegetables - it struggled to find a flavour of its own, hence its low score)

I think it will be Turkey & Bacon next.

Any recommendations or arguments?

Pork & Apple is rated 5.5 by Ellie

Anna Chapman

This post is for my male readers, or in this case perhaps not so much of the reading.

This is the Russian spy, Anna Chapman. Wow.

I think I am in love.


Sometimes I love doing things that are a little bit wrong, and there is little more wrong in some people's eyes in the sweet-eating world than these shockingly sour Tangfastics first thing in the morning.

You can stick your Weetabix where the sun doesn't shine - I want Tangfastics. Without the milk.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cocoon In The Park

I like to think I am good at writing but I am not convinced that I can do Saturday justice.

I have been to so many Cocoon nights over the last 6 years; Ibiza (6 times), London (4 times), Birmingham (twice), and Frankfurt. And seen so many amazing DJs and performers; Loco Dice, Laurent Garnier, Steve Bug, Luciano, Onur Ozer, Len Faki, Dubfire, Ricardo Villalobos, Reboot, Minilogue, Extrawelt...and of course Sven!

During the years one by one I have introduced so many friend to Cocoon, some of whom were a little reluctant at first, but all of whom have loved it, to the point now where 15 of us quite happily travelled 200 miles to Leeds to go to Cocoon In The Park, and everyone seemingly loved every single minute of it from start to finish. And I think we gained a few more converts to the techno ways of Cocoon again!

Everything about the festival was absolutely brilliant, I loved every single minute of it!

Very important to me is the sound-system, I am used to the best; fabric, matter, Cocoon, Amnesia - and this was by far the best sound system that I have ever heard at a festival. Superb, truly superb.

What also helped was just having one stage, it meant that everyone pretty much stuck together, there was no randomly walking around losing everyone.

And the small things were perfect - such as queueing systems for the bars.

The crowd was fabulous, as all Cocoon crowds seem to be. Very musically knowledgeable, ridiculously friendly, all with huge smiles on their faces and all well-dressed, it really felt like any of them could have been a close friend - though my theory is that Cocoon is such the perfect party that everyone aspires to be as fabulous as everyone else...and as fabulous as Sven, Ricardo and all the team behind the party.

Musically my extremely high expectations were met, Adam Shelton provided a good warm-up, Loco Dice really did get me into the groove with an excellent house set - loving my house at the moment. Ricardo was then his usual brilliant self, I think he purposely lost the crowd a bit at the beginning but long ago I learnt that to get the most from Ricardo, you have to stick through the warbling bits, the calmer bit as before you know it he will take you to a whole other level. And he did. Ricardo is my second favourite DJ and probably my favourite producer so there was no chance that I was not going to come away having loved every minute.

And of course there was Sven, who predictably calmed it down for a while, before playing some real Cocoon classics from years gone by, then played almost kind of rave tracks which took me by surprise before then really slamming the techno out, much more than the last couple of times I have heard him. Predictably absolutely superb.

Finally I have to mention my amazing friends, who are like my second family who keep me sane and happy, delightfully so at times, as though I would have really enjoyed it on my own, having so many of them come to Leeds and truly enjoy it too, made it far far more special than without. And to top it all off, being a northerner having lived in Reading now for nearly 12 years, and know most of my second family for 4 years (though it seems like a lifetime), it was even more special to have taken them up north, many of whom had never been anywhere near the north, and for them to come back "wow, everyone is so friendly and talkative"...brilliant, just brilliant :-)

Definitely the highlight of my year so far, and probably won't be beaten until (hopefully!) Cocoon closing party in Ibiza.

Life just wouldn't be the same without the music I love, friends I love...oh and Cocoon.

Videos to come too once I have worked out the password for my wifi connection at home! I'm hoping that they might be a bit special.

Timmy Mallet In Ibiza

Wrong wrong wrong.

Click link in title if you need to reduce your credibility level to zero. I know you want to. I know that you cannot resist.

Super Mario Brothers

Remember the very first Super Mario Brothers?

Well you can play it for free on your PC now. And not only that, you can play characters from other games, not just Mario. Link in title if you need to waste some time at work.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Summer is taking a break. As previously suggested, low pressure is taking over this week and is going to be sat on top of us by Wednesday.

Don't expect much in the way of sunshine this week. Temperatures around 18'C - 21'C but kind of unimportant as it won't feel great.

There could be showers or longer spells of rain any day this week, and probably most days. I suspect Tuesday will remain mainly dry, but Wednesday will probably see some hefty showers. Thursday perhaps less showers, or less potent anyway, Friday perhaps more general rain for a time.

I am however hopeful of a dry weekend, and slightly warmer, 22'C to 24'C. Maybe 25'C.

And then? I currently favour another low pressure for early next week followed by high pressure building, though maybe not the warmest high pressure.

Still plenty to be optimistic about...just remember we don't live in Spain, it cannot and will not be hot and sunny all the time. Plenty more summer to come :-)

Friday, July 09, 2010

James vs The Met Office

On Monday I said 31'C on Friday. Only late last night did the Met Office pick up on how hot it is going to be today. Granted it probably will top out at 29'C and not 31'C but I think I win.

Yesterday, I said it would remain dry and hot for Cocoon In The Park in Leeds, the Met Office was predicting heavy rain and only warm. They have now changed their minds.

2-0 to me this week I think.

Go on Met Office, give me some more predictions, inflate my weather-forecasting ego some more :-)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Despite my confusion, I am pretty happy with what I projected on Monday for this coming weekend, I was not far off. Closer to the mark than the BBC/Met Office were on Monday anyway. I often find the wording of the Met Office forecasts rather ambiguous and imagine that it must be misleading to the average person (by average, here I mean someone without my meteorological obsession!).

The low pressure is stalling to the west again and moving north, again sucking up hot air.

Friday will be fairly sunny, 28'C. Saturday even hotter at around 30'C (the Met Office actually has a heat-health watch level 2 up, yet the wording of the forecast would not suggest it necessary) and probably sunny or at least mainly sunny.

Sunday is where things start to go wrong a bit and I think there will be a weak band of rain crossing, but it will still be very warm, if not hot, and the sun might break it up. Around 26'C. And there is also a chance of dragging up thunderstorms from France, but I think that will be more for the eastern side of the UK.

Everything in the Atlantic is still set up for us to get a battering of rain and wind, and as every system comes, it seems it is digging its way back in slowly.

The next low pressure system looks like it might spawn a separate low pressure system of its own and if so, this more southerly track I suspect will lead to rain and wind for the middle of next week. Though Monday and Tuesday should be ok, unless there is a thunderstorm still to clear perhaps from Sunday night...

And from there?

Well, the hurricane season is expected to be rather active and with the amount of hot air over the Atlantic, the amount of high pressure to the north of us, I wonder if a hurricane could get squeezed our way during August - clearly it would not be a hurricane if one did arrive here, but the elements and structure could just be possible, it is an incredibly rare event...I just wonder...

On the bright side too, for heat lovers anyway, there is lots of heat to the south and east, Europe is going to have a scorching summer by the looks of things and it really is not that difficult to tap into it.

So although we may be about to go through a somewhat more unsettled period, there is still plenty of summer potential.

* * * * * *

And for those coming with me to see the magical Sven Vath and Ricardo Villalobos at Cocoon In The Park, in Leeds, I am expecting 26'C, the cloud will probably break way to sunshine...probably. Maybe a little early rain, maybe a shower late on. On this I really do hope I am right!

Reading Council Wants Hard-Man

According to the story in the Reading Evening Post, Reading Council are looking for a hard man to lead it.

Now as Ross Kemp is normally galavanting around Afghanstan, Somalia and Slough, I would like to propose an alternative - Charles Bronson.

According to Wikipedia, he has the following relevant experience:

36 years prison experience over 120 different prisons, 32 of which were in solitary confinement.

Involved in a dozen hostage incidents.
Threats issued to eat hostages, demands issued including helicopters, Uzi's, 5000 rounds of ammunition.
In an incident in 1998, he demanded one of his hostages hit him over the head very hard with a metal tray - when the hostage refused, he slashed his shoulder with a razor blade 6 times.
Willingness to sing the song "Yellow Submarine" whilst walking around with a spear.
Can do 172 press-ups in 60 seconds.

He gets my vote.

Met Office Wins BBC Contract

I note that the Met Office have won the BBC contract to supply the weather forecasts for the next 5 years.

This surprises me as in my eyes their integrity has been greatly damaged, and there are more accurate weather forecasting organisations on the internet.

There are still a few excellent forecasters at the Met Office, such as Rob McKellwee, however there are too many poor ones, and as an organisation, it is far too obsessed with the limp idea of man-made global warming, which I suspect is to help it pander to the previous government and their obsession with the global warming farce. I still suspect that their models may have been involved in predicting the Swine Flu epidemic that I somehow managed to survive last year. Along with no planes dropping out of the air following the vast expanse of volcanic ash, the SARS epidemic, and BSE. I survived them all, can you believe?

In case you are wondering why I did not win the BBC contract, well that is because I did not tender for it. Why you may ask? Well my fridge magnet display is not up to the standards of the graphics that the Met Office supply, they don't give quite the accepted level of detail.

I know, if I had got my back-side in gear, then it probably would have been mine for the taking, but you probably know what I am like by now, I like an easy life.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Attention Non-Jellyfish-Believers

This is for anyone who doubted me when I said the other Friday that I had seen a large jellyfish swimming down the Kennet & Avon canal when I was on my way to work in the morning.

Those of you who doubted my eye-site, and accused me of confusing it for a Tesco carrier bag, well screw you, I have come across someone else who also thinks they saw a jellyfish in the canal that morning.

So screw you, you non-believers. I saw a jellyfish in the canal and you cannot accuse me of being crazy due to my jellyfish-spotting abilities.

You are all clearly jealous as I spotted it and you didn't.

Go back to Tesco's. I feel pity for you. I saw a jellyfish and you didn't, ha ha!

Tiesto Is Not Dead

On the off chance that you care, Tiesto is not dead.

Seems a rumour was started about him and that he was fatally wounded in a car crash.

It did get me thinking though - what would it be like if one of my or your DJ heros did actually die? It isn't exactly as if none of them live a headonistic lifestyle, all the time spent in parties, jetting around the world.

If Sven Vath died then I don't think my life would ever be the same again.

Well, unless I got back into trance or something?


Update, I've just been sent to this link of a Youtube video of an interview with him, well worth watching

Gordon Brown Rumours

Apologies if I seem a little obsessed about Mr Brown, he has just caused me fair amoutn of misery and a lot of misery to many others (and a gilted glorious life for some lucky public sector workers).

Anyway the latest rumours are that he could take up a post in a university, possibly at Harvard or similar Ivy League university. Now what has he done, intellectually, to deserve this?

Further to this, it is speculated that he might run for head of the IMF (that is the International Monetary Fund, which rescues countries whose finances are badly run and have requested help to stop them going bankrupt) - now again, what credibility would the IMF then have if a country-bankrupting ex-leader became its head? Or does he want to make up for his disastrous mistakes by "saving the world once more"?.

Further to that, it is thought that he is writing a book about the economic crisis and his role in it. Will he admit his part in creating it? Or will it be full of insights such as his famous quote "We have abolished boom and bust".

I really hope he doesn't cause any more harm...

Lindsey Lohan

I have no idea who she is but the BBC have it is their top story that she has been jailed for 90 days so she must be famous for something.

In 2007 she pleaded guilty to one count of being under the influence of cocaine and drink-driving twice.

Seemingly she has now, 3 years later, been jailed for missed some alcohol education meetings.

I have one piece of advice for you, Miss Lohan - move to England, we revere people like you that swan around society doing such 'terrible acts'.

All we ask in return is that you 'agree' to be photographed for a few shoddy magazines, preferably after a few drinks, coming out of some pretentious West End bar full of wannabes.

You won't even have to audition for the role. Just turn up, be famous for nothing, go to parties with Pete Doherty, and we will never send you to jail. Unless of course you don't pay your TV license.


I have an update, a very good friend of mine advises that she is an actress. Well I have more good news for Miss Lohan, the lesser-intelligent can also be an actress in the UK. We have a perfectly suitable television show called Hollyoaks which she could apply to work for.


Ooh one more idea, how about Babestation? They are always looking for girls who can do a bit of acting.


Another update, apparently she works for Hollywood, the US governments mind-control project. She deserves to be in jail to protect people like me from having our thoughts subjugated into banal thought processes from those evil movie cinema people.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ralf Kollmann

Ever heard of him?

No, me neither. But I'm always one to promote someone unknown.

If you click the link in the title, you will hear a really excellent 90 minute house mix by someone who I haven't got a clue who he is or where he is from, but just plays a load of really good house music tracks that I want to hear on any particular dancefloor available to me. Totally on my musical wavelength (yes I know the mixing is not perfect but it works for me).

Nicolas Jaar - Time For Us

I'm loving the Wolf & Lamb kind of music at the moment, and Nicolas Jaar is produced some of the most amazing stuff.

It doesn't quite fit into my usual genre boxes, it is quite a bit slower than house/minimal, with a very very warm feeling. Kind of deep house but far too interesting to send you to sleep like most deep house.

I haven't quite worked out what it is yet, but check the track on the title link if you want to hear what I love.

I might have to call it Slow House.

Fat Bridesmaids

According to the story in the title link, brides are picking fat bridesmaids to make themselves look better (well a third of them anyway, so don't get too paranoid if you get picked to be a bridesmaid, there is only a 33% chance you will have been picked because the bride thinks you are fat enough to make her look better).

One blames Tony Blair for this phenomenan as the only reason he looked so good (well prior to the slightly questionable war or two anyway), was that he had the extremely laughable and incidentally fat, John Prescott, as deputy leader.

Just how good did Tony Blair look compared to John Prescott?

I wonder if maybe I should recruit a few ugly fat people to be friends so then I might have more chance with women?

UFO's In Reading

The Daily Telegraph is reporting UFO's seen above Reading.

I am too scared to make any comment in case I get abducted once again. These blogs are dangerous things. Someone has been visiting it from an unknown territory according to my Google Analytics thing. I would have thought Google would know all the territories on Earth so surely this must be an off-earth destination?

So not only am I being watched by the Russians, I am being watched from outer space, potentially by an alien species.

I hope you are watching out for me - I might need your protection!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

I have to apologise, the weather models are causing me all kinds of confusion. I've not seen these kind of scenarios in previous summers so I am struggling a little to understand what the outcome will be. Hence my previous post of concern of 'summer over?'...maybe it is just the sunniest part of it is over? I think that is my conclusion.

I will say what I am confident on.

Tuesday, sunny though increasingly cloudy later on, 22'C
Wednesday, potential for some showers, but warmer, 25'C
Thursday, sunny, 26'C

This is where it goes a bit wrong, there seems to be a low pressure developing which will swing southwards with the intention of going across the south of England, but its preferred path looks likely to be rebuffed. I think. So it will end up stalling out west and winding itself up, but because there is a little more mobility over the north of the country, it should cross the country at some point.

If you ask me today, then I say, Friday is 31'C, probably sunny but perhaps hazy, expect it to be uncomfortable, Saturday 28'C, and at some point possibly a thunderstorm to clear it away, maybe not until Sunday.

But I'm confused. Ask me again tomorrow! Not easy at the moment.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

My German Love Affair

I found myself cheering surprisingly loudly for the Germans yesterday, when they were playing Argentina.

I hope every right-thinking person could smile when they saw that cheating Diego Maradona's Argentinian team were thrashed by the ever-efficient and organised Germany.

I took great pleasure in it. Cheating and deceiving should not be rewarded with victory.

And also, the Germans do a huge amount of good for me (and therefore by association, I hope they do for you too).

They manufacture excellent products, they didn't over-extend themselves with debt like the UK and many other European countries have done, and now, although they are suffering the consequences of other European countries economic profligacy due to being in the Euro but not having being reckless in their spending, they are rescuing and propping up other countries in the Euro-zone like Spain and Greece, which really did take the piss economically.

Let the Germans have their glory. They deserve it as they are trying to save Europe, the European Union and the Euro as a currency. And as much as we might moan about silly little rules, the EU makes our lives far easier and more enjoyable.

Oh, and they gave us Sven Vath!

And their beer is better. And Bratwurst - oh my. And the women...

I need to stop writing or I will be on the first plane to Berlin.

Friday, July 02, 2010

I Love Fabric

Did you know I love fabric? Look what brilliant apology I have just received for them cocking up the CD mailing up again for the second month in a row, hardly a surprise given what has gone on!


Have you ever forgotten to pay a house bill, and had the final court summons come through the post? That’s what this feels like. But on a really big level, where it affects more than just your own bank account, or your current flatmates – it affects thousands of your nearest and dearest around the world (that’s you guys).

Don’t worry – we’re getting there. We’re sorry it’s taking so long.

We don’t have all the answers just yet, so apologies in advance if this email seems clouded in mystery and seeping with vagueness… not intentional, it’s just that we’re sitting between a rock and a hard place. And we’re not sitting very comfortably at this exact moment. But we hope to stand up tall in a very short while.

We just hope you can give us your patience and understanding in the meantime.

Firstly, and sadly, your Zero T CD is still not ready to be released. You and your speakers will be treated to the impeccable mix as soon as we’ve ironed out all of these wrinkles. News soon come, and that’s a promise.

Your bank account will remain untouched, meanwhile - we won’t take payment until the CD is ready to be sent out. If you pay through Worldpay, you will have received an automated email saying July’s payment has been authorised – ignore that. Those automated services love to jump the gun. This transaction will be cancelled, so you won’t be out of pocket by any means.

We know, we know. This whole thing is wack. And it’s not what you signed up for. If we were you, we’d go picketing down Charterhouse Street and start rioting through Smithfield (but please don’t). We owe you in a big way. So as a small token of apology, to make up for it, we’ll give all y’all FREE entry to the club in July, August AND September!* Through the summer, and even a little into the autumn’s beginning. And your friends are our friends, standard – you can bring a friend in for the concession rate on any given night.

*Unfortunately, there is a tiny bit of small print to go with this gift. It’s not that it was too good to be true, it’s just that we still have those pesky bills to worry about. Of course your standard queue jump privilege still applies at all events, but there are a few exceptions to the free entry rule:
- Saturday, JULY 10TH - our massive half raveathon (15 hour nonstop party), ON.
fabricfirst members entry at concession rate (varies throughout the night).
- Saturday, AUGUST 23RD - our next ON party with Ricardo Villalobos.
fabricfirst members entry at concession rate (varies throughout the night).

For these next three events, the first 100 fabricfirst members free (+ 1 concession guest).
Thereafter fabricfirst members entry at concession rate (+ 1 guest at full price).
- Friday, JULY 2ND – Hospitality.
- Friday, AUGUST 8TH – RAM.
- Friday, SEPTEMBER 10TH - FWD>> + Rinse.

Last but by no means least, if you’re missing your new music fix, head to the exclusive fabricfirst members’ content at
There’s lots of little diamonds and gems waiting to be discovered, so get digging.

Any questions, feel free to hit up


Woohoo 3 months free entry (except the Villalobos night, meh, they clearly know I fully intend to go to that one!). And I haven't even had to pay the £7 subscription fee. What a beautiful friend of a nightclub. If only human beings could be like this ;-)

Thursday Night Syndrome

Last night was the first night in quite some time that I did not experience Thursday Night Syndrome.


4 days at work.
3 evenings in by myself doing productive but ultimately fairly dull things.
3-4 days and nights without consuming alcohol, etc.
The sense that I can now step into my weekend budget from my weekday budget.
Any excitement about what lays ahead on Friday and Saturday.


A propensity to have a drink or two or four, depending on social outcomes.
A propensity to then have a couple more of drinks at home which were intended for the weekend.
An unusually high enjoyment of channels such as BBC Parliament.
A rash of inspiration, such as deciding to draft a letter to a member of the House of Lords after watching BBC Parliament, investigations into newly-inspired scientific theories, especially about the weather and climate...and many others which tend to be forgotten unless I have written them down.
A distinct inability to sleep due to my new-found levels of inspiration, sometimes leading to further frustration and another drink or two to try to get to sleep.
On rare occasions, a complete lack of sleep.


A desire to do nothing at work on Friday.
An incapability to do anything at work on Friday.
A strong desire to have a couple of beers at lunch otherwise fearing self-destruction. And a good excuse not to work for an hour or two.
A strange desire not to go out on the Friday night and to have an early night.


I feel the benefits of Thursday Night Syndrome generally, currently outweigh the negatives. As last night was the first night without Thursday Night Syndrome for some time, one assumes I will now go on a 36-hour bender tonight into tomorrow...after all I've actually slept!


I'm taking them to the bank.

The answer is £32.49.

It took me 11 years. Never accuse me of not being able to complete long-term projects!


I have noticed a significant increase in selfishness, and self-obsession with people at the moment. Well I have been noticing it for at least a year now. I wonder if I was always deluded in that I have not particularly noticed it in the years preceeding?

I think I know what to blame, and that is the recession. Many people have become worried about their financial security, and many probably have debt issues. I am seeing examples constantly nowadays of people just not caring about anyone but themselves.

I still believe that to be successful in life, you have to do what you can to ensure those around you; family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, are looked after in whatever way you can. I'm sure I don't always get it right myself, but the intention is there.

Unfortunately greedy selfish people also seem to be successful - notice the bankers, and England football players, though I wonder how many of them are truly happy given the vitriol against them recently?

It's a sad state of affairs and I believe it is making society a worse place. I don't like society as much as I used to. Maybe I am just used to more of a community feel coming from up north - then again it was a pretty violent and crime-ridden community, so maybe that is a delusion.

Maybe everyone is out for themselves. I guess I am, but I want those that I care about and care about me to be as equally successful and happy, if not more as in a very selfish greedy way, that will make my life better ;-)

Music To Download In June. Part 2!

I promised would be appreciated if you value this post as there is a fair bit of work behind it!

Julien Chaptal
Florian Meindl
Anja Schneider
Ivan Smagghe
Dominik Eulberg
Sven Vath (not the best quality sound though)

Enjoy - I am :-)

........................some minutes later....................

Oh no! Forgive me please! I have just noticed that it is actually July. I started writing the list in June and finished the last two this morning.

Is it all over? Will you ever trust me again? What have I done? Nooooooooooooo!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Summer over?


A little rain in the morning, a little brightness in the afternoon, and still very warm, around 24'C. Chance of a thunderstorm later but a small chance.

Saturday should be nice and sunny, probably not as warm, probably will feel fresher though I don't rule out another very warm day, between 22'C and 24'C.

Sunday, sunny start but cloudy later, with some light rain, 22'C.

Monday and Tuesday should still be mainly dry, with a fair amount of sunshine, and warm. I'm not 100% confident on this though.

From then on, it gets confusing. I have seen some horrible potential outcomes, but equally strong high pressure over Europe could well keep the south and east of the dry, sunny and times, and warm.

I am really hesitant to make any predictions for the end of the week, I expect rain but I have been wrong a few times on predictions of unsettled weather recently.

Maybe it isn't summer over, but the best part of it probably is.

June was always the month of summer I expected to be the best. I don't think July will be awful, just will have more rain. I do not rule out a short-lived heatwave, especially towards the end of the month. I just don't think it will be as nice overall as June. I think we have had an exceptional month, especially compared with recent years.