Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where Is Gordon?

You would have thought that the absence of Gordon Brown would be something I would delight in, having spent many years convinced of how he was destroying the country.

I note that he has yet to turn up to Parliament, despite having being elected as an MP in Kirkcaldy. This is clearly not following his constitutional duty, something he banged on about a lot after the election.

I think this is a further disgrace. After all, he is getting paid to work as an MP.

My theory is that he is getting psychiatric treatment, following discovering that the nation is not happy enough with him, despite him believing and announcing some time ago that he saved the world.

Less Ugly New Manager

I would like to congratulate the chairman of Hull City, Adam Pearson, for appointing a less ugly manager than the previous sloth-like character of Iain Dowie, and also a less hideous looking manager than the perma-tanned Phil Brown (born in Sunderland, living in Hull, and without bleach blonde hair - how the hell do you think an all-year orange glow is a good idea).

Not only that I think Nigel Pearson could be a good manager. He seems quite successful.

Our chairman does have a habit of picking a shit manager followed by a successful one;

Jan Molby (erm, where is he now?)
Peter Taylor (2 promotions)
Phil Parkinson (sacked after 4 months)
Phil Brown (saved us from relegation, promoted via Wembley, kept us in Premiership)
Iain Dowie (less said the better)

I don't want to get promoted. I will be happy just to beat Reading.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fabric is OK

I'm a little late in giving out the good news, but fabric lives, see link in title for more information.

I did go the other week with my very good friend, JP, and it was rather awesome.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

More good news, unless you don't like good weather of course.

Tomorrow will be less hot though, down to 25'C. And some more cloud. And possibly a shower in the morning.

Wednesday will be similar, without the shower risk.

Thursday will be hotter again, perhaps up to 28'C.

Friday should remain sunny and hot, but there is a chance of rain on Friday.

The weekend looks to remain very warm, though not as warm as this one, and a chance of rain or showers perhaps, it is pretty uncertain at the moment.

I favour something a bit more mixed for the week after with the hot weather cleared to the south for now.

And that is all for now.

One More Reason

That'll do for now.

11 Reasons To Be Cheerful, In A Post-England Defeat Way

1. Plenty more hot, sunny weather to come.
2. Only one more week of Wimbledon to suffer.
3. Only two more weeks of a non-England World Cup to suffer.
4. Lots of festivals to come, including Cocoon In The Park, for me.
5. Ibiza still open for 3 months, and 12 more Cocoon parties.
6. Gordon Brown is nowhere to be seen.
7. The Labour government are not wasting huge sums of our money any more.
8. Sven Vath is 15 years older than me and as crazy as ever.
9. House music is sounding great again.
10. Only 6 months until Christmas.
11. Lots more legs and breasts on display due to the good weather (how did I not post this as number 1?)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Went Wrong?

I did say that we didn't deserve to win the World Cup, given that the Premiership has ruined football. But it isn't exactly as if I chose to be English. I am. And I still like football. And I still wanted England to win.

Maybe I got it completely wrong on Friday, and that it was the English who were always going to capitulate to Germany so as to build the German's confidence to ensure they can knock the smile off the face of Diego Maradona.

Clearly though, picking Scousers was always going to be a downfall, and I don't think a foreign manager can understand quite as easily that there is quite a divide between Scouse thinking and London thinking.

Having Gerrard as captain was a mistake, but Capello probably had no choice, having stripped Terry of the captaincy.

Continuing to play an out-of-sorts Rooney was a mistake. Just look at Crouch's goal record.

And why Carragher went when he previously resigned from playing for England, I just do not know.

John Terry did enough to fuck it all up by fucking around. I must admit I do find it a bit difficult to cheer on teams with cheaters.

It does at least feel pretty normal to have lost against Germany. Disappointment is quite reassuring, as winning the World Cup would have been a bit too strange.

I can at least go back to the rest of my life now and forget that football exists, though I might recover in time for the World Cup final.

Though that will be the night after Cocoon In The Park - something far more important and enjoyable than bloody football.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh, and Diego...

If I wasn't English, I would be able to see the funny side of it - its all brings people together like nothing :-)

Why England Cannot Possibly Lose To Germany

Some things will be classed as fate, but other things will be classed as the collective will of the absolute total majority of the right-thinking population of the world.

Now unless Mexico throw a spanner in the works, whoever wins out of England and Germany on Sunday, will play Argentina in the next round.

It is in every Englishman's blood to beat any Argentinian, far more than it is a German - after all the Germans are good people (I'm sure the Argentinians are too but I just get a tiny bit irked by their Falklands demands, and one or two other bits of history).

Anyway, so there is no choice but for England to beat Germany, to get the chance to beat Argentina.

But more importantly than that, every right-thinking mind in the world, will want to see that smug grin knocked off Diego Maradona's face by England, after he cheated his way to world cup victory, and the general disgrace he has been to the sport over the years.

And this I believe will include the majority of the German nation and their players.

Sure, they will make it look tough, maybe even take us to penalties, but they will let us win as surely it would give them even greater joy to see England knock Diego Maradona out of the World Cup?

Surely every German is thinking along these lines? Germans are not known for putting nationalism over decent-thinking nowadays - they are giving billions to Greece after all!

Got to give some love to the Germans, one of my favourite nations in the world (assuming they do as they should on Sunday).

And I hope you will love them forever too.

Other Weather Forecasts

I can see why people don't like the weather forecasts they receive from other sources - I hope this government privatises the Met Office so it can do its job properly.

It has an excellent reputation and in my eyes is currently being tarnished with bad forecasting, probably a relationship with the media.

Last night was such an obvious case, where it seemed the presenter was too scared of the consequences of people not understanding what she was saying.

She forecasted the weather for Friday and Saturday, but only the temperature for Sunday, and then carried on with the weather for Monday and Tuesday.

The reason why? I expect it is because she is, like myself, uncertain over whether there will be a thunderstorm on Sunday, and anything she says in the media, will sadly be held against her. So better to say nothing.

I however am free! I can tell you that there is a chance of a thunderstorm on Sunday. Just a chance. Maybe 30% likely?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Housing Benefit

According to the attached story, the maximum amount of housing benefit a family will be able to claim next year will be reduced from £103,000 to £20,800 a year.

What the fuck? £20,800 a year is nearly twice what the very damn nice 2-bedroom flat I am renting costs a year.

What does £103,000 get a year? Why have I been paying towards this as a tax-payer?

Two words - Labour government.

Howard Farrand, The Chartered Institute of Housing's president, said: “They [the changes] will impact on the ability of worse-off families to live in more affluent areas".

Oh no. Why not pay for me to live in a more affluent area too?

The country clearly went crazy over the last 13 years and I know who I blame.

Updated Weather Forecast

How hot will it get is the question...and for how long can it last?

I have little to forecast other than good weather, so I will get on with it.

Friday, quite sunny, 25'C
Saturday, sunny, 27'C
Sunday, sunny, 28'C. There is a but here as there is a 30% chance of a shower developing which could be thundery. Just one to keep in mind.
Monday, guess what - sunny, 29'C

After that, it should cool down a bit, with some more cloud perhaps at least for a couple of days, around 25'C again.

Then is a little uncertain. Now the reason for the additional heat this weekend is the low pressure I previously talked about is going to stall to our west and with the winds being anti-clockwise, this drags up air from the south or south-west, a warm direction. I don't actually rule out 30'C on Sunday or Monday!

Next Thursday looks at the moment to be a repeat, low pressure stalling to our west dragging up warmer air but as the continent will have warmed up further, this could mean temperatures of 30'C from Thursday onwards but this is too far out to be reliable. So think of this more as the current most likely outcome, as opposed to the definite outcome.

I hope you approve :-)


Thanks to my friend Martin for locating this gem... (did you go to Scotland, Martin)?

Originally on BBC news...

Mystery surrounds a man wearing a horse's head who has been captured on Google's Street View in Aberdeen.

The man - who has become known as 'horse-boy' - can be seen in the Hardgate area of the city.

The sighting has become a popular attraction on Google's service, which offers a photographic map of streets.

The man is wearing dark trousers, a purple shirt - and a brown and white horse's head.

Mobile Phone Shop Queues

I was walking past a mobile phone shop today and there was a massive queue outside, possibly 300-400 people.

This was at 8:30am.

What on earth would instruct someone to queue outside a mobile phone shop?

I am guessing today is the day that the new iphone is launched.

And this is exactly the reason why I do not want an iphone, nor do I want to be part of this strange cult that thinks queuing outside a shop at 8:30 in the morning just to be one of the first people with a new telephone. And they have no idea whether it is reliable - they just want to look cool to a certain set of society.

And no I am not jealous, I have a perfectly excellent telephone all of my own. I'm not going to shout about it but it does everything I could want in a telephone and more, much more.

I wonder if this new iphone is any good for telephone calls?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sky Are Shit

I just wanted a quick moan. Sky is a waste of money and is shit. Our box has never worked properly, constantly breaks, sometimes starts working again, then breaks again.

Now I cannot watch ITV, and there is a perfectly good game of football on.


Oh and they have ruined football as well by encouraging and allowing the huge sums of money played to those players - how can anyone justify that?

I certainly will never again give any money to Sky, unless footballers are paid something more realistic in the future.

Music To Download In June. Part 1!

Well it has been a while since I looked for some new music, I have downloaded all these which look to be of interest to me, and I hope some are to you.

This is only part 1 - there is a second part to come in the next couple of days as I have a few more websites to search!

Oliver Huntemman
Smokin Jo
Seth Troxler at fabric
Raresh & Rhadoo
Nick Curly
Barem & Mark Meyer
Claude Vonstroke
Tania Vulcano
Andre Galluzzi
Joris Voorn
Reboot & Others at Pacha, Ibiza
And last but not least, Sven!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup Group Stage Predictions

OK, it is the last round of games in the group stages so about time I made some observations.

South Africa have to beat France. They are appalling, though South Africa are not much better. It is most likely that Mexico and Uraguay will draw, Latin American solidarity and all.

Argentina look very good, I hate to say it, and I think they will beat Greece. And South Korea I think are a decent enough team, so they are my qualifiers from Group B.

In Group C, I still have every confidence that England will pull it out of the bag. USA are a good team and I would not be surprised if they reach the semi-finals. OK we played shit against Algeria, but it is only one game. Slovenia have impressed but I think they will crack under the pressure. England and America to qualify.

Ghana are the best African team and I think Germany will not beat them. I am going for a high-scoring draw. Germany are clearing cheating having made the dodgy ball and do not deserve to qualify, though I would rather England be the team knocking them out. And hopefully Serbia will beat Australia to ensure Germany are knocked out.

In Group E, Netherlands will qualify but I haven't been that impressed by Japan and Denmark who play each other and don't care who qualifies.

For Group F, Paraguay have impressed me and at 40-1 I think are a good outside bet to win the tournament, each-way. Can Slovakia beat Italy? It would be lovely but I cannot see it.

Brazil and Portugal in Group G. It needs no further discussion.

And finally in Group H, Chile to draw with Spain and Switzerland to beat Honduras, knocking the Spanish out? Wouldn't that be amusing?!

Updated Weather Forecast

Sunshine and more sunshine you'll be pleased to know.

And temperatures between 23'C and 25'C. And this should last until Sunday.

A couple of small things to note, perhaps a little more cloud today, a small chance of a shower late on Thursday or Friday but I do mean a small chance.

And Sunday currently looks like the day it will break down. And that could be followed by an unsettled week with some quite heavy rain and winds, or that is at least how it looks like at the moment.

So plenty to enjoy :-)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Maradona And A Vuvuzela

Many thanks to my new-found friend for supplying me with this gem.

I do truly hate Maradona. If ever there was a good reason not to become a cocaine addict (allegedly of course) then a look at this disgrace of a human would be the reason.


Though if Rooney cheats to beat Argentina then he will be a hero.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

I think my recent previous forecasts have been pretty much spot on, I hope you agree. I would appreciate any feedback you have, good or bad, so I can make improvements. I did see further disturbances with the low pressure to the south of the country, though it happened to dump its rain on France rather than push it up here, and it rained massively there - some areas had as much rain in 24 hours as we have had to date all year (about 30 cms which is below average).

We could do with some rain, believe it or not. We have not had much wet weather since August, except an exceptionally wet November.

Today will be cloudier, 20'C. Chance of a shower just before the England game kicks off.

Tomorrow will be fine, but cooler with a northerly wind, 15-16'C.

Sunday will be nicer again, fairly sunny, maybe 19'C.

Then next week it currently looks like it will warm up, and quite quickly, and with an increase in humidity too.

I expect many pleasant days, temperatures possibly up to 25'C, maybe a little higher, maybe not so high. There will be a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm from Tuesday onwards, though I am not yet certain how high the chance is.

All should become clear in the next day or two.

I am however very concerned about what this sudden change of warm, into cool and back into very warm air will do, with low pressure systems starting to develop in the Atlantic and a jet-stream which seems to be awakening with some vigour all of a sudden.

Maybe it is just because it is Glastonbury next weekend, but I do think there is a good chance of a deluge of rain next weekend. I'll know more in the next couple of days but it is something to definitely keep an eye on.

I'm still expecting more good weather for the summer months though, do not worry.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gordon Brown's Best Parliament Moments

A good friend of mine forwarded me this link to a compilation of Gordon Brown's best parliament moments.

Remember - he used to be our leader!

Did Robert Green Save It?

Click the link for a video which clearly shows that Robert Green saved the shot on Saturday. So was the equaliser a dream? Hey, we can still win it after all!

The Axe

The new government is axing projects.

Included in this list of savings, is £25m on a visitors centre for Stonehenge.

Seriously - could £25m not be better spent elsewhere?

Does a visitors centre for a tourist attraction really cost £25m?

I hope people are starting to see why the Labour government had to be thrown out.

The World Cup Ball

Why am I blogging at 6am on my week off you may ask? Well the answer is because I have a theory. A dark theory. And I need to get it into writing.

I was getting to like the Germans. Beating them 5-1 many years ago helped. Though not as much as Sven Vath did.

However it seems to me as though there is a problem in this World Cup that hardly any of the teams can control the new ball, the Jabulani.

Adidas, a German company, produced the ball.

I heard before the tournament, many footballers, especially goalkeepers, had concerns about the ball. Watching the football, I can see that players are struggling to get to grips with it. Maybe they will in time.

Though there was one team which looked rather good with the ball.

Germany. They won 4-0.

Oh, and I believe that the German league has been using this ball for the last 6 months.

Co-incidence? Conspiracy? There are questions to be answered...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Now here is something I have discovered for the future of watching video online.

If ever you are not satisfied with the camera angle you are shown, you can change it with your mouse.

Try the video on the link. Granted it is some kind of weird German vocalist choir, but attach the idea to whatever live event interests you, and I have to say - I like!

I suggest you try it out.

Updated Weather Forecast

Apologies that there was no forecast on Monday, events got slightly out of hand and I was unable to spend time studying the weather.

It does however look like, as I suggested last week, that high pressure will start to become the dominant force, but to our west, which means it will drag in chillier air as the winds move clock-wise around high pressure, ie from the north or north-west.

That said, the sun is just about at its strongest now.

The next week or so we can expect generally fine weather. The chance of an isolated shower but nothing substantial.

In the sunnier days, Wednesday and Thursday in particular, temperatures should reach around 20'C. Cloudier days then around 16'C.

There is uncertainty as to how sunny or cloudy it will be over the weekend and into next week, and the source of the air as to whether it will be cool, ok or warm, but generally I expect it to remain mainly dry with average temperatures.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The World Cup

For those who only get to watch Premiership football, the idea of watching the World Cup might seem like a super-ridiculous thing for me to do, given my disdain for the damage that the search for money does to all around us.

But the World Cup is not really about money, certainly not in the same way that the Premier League and Champsions League are. It is somewhat about football. But also about humanity.

It is the one time, every 4 years (unless you count the Olympics?!!), that the world can put its differences aside and celebrate the fact that we are all in this thing together.

And having it in South Africa, with all the previous and current divides and tensions is even more symbollic.

I did use to believe that surely it would be England's year to win the World Cup in 2010. The climate is suitable in that it is not boiling hot. We have an excellent manager. And I thought it would be our destiny as the country feels to me pretty much in a recesssionary despondency. Or post-recessionary, depending on your viewpoint.

But having watched the opening ceremony, I think it would be incredibly unfair if England won the World Cup this year.

After all, it was our (and America's) government and banks that caused much of the global financial instability and uncertainty, so why we should win it to give us a feel-good mood I just don't know, as we collectively let the recession happen.

And the bastardisation of football that we also pay for through Sky TV, which causes the inflated wages and egos of modern day footballers, must make many people across the world, truly repulse.

But I'll still be cheering England to win and the World Cup is a beautiful thing and deep down we are a fantastic, decent, honest and well-meaning country, just been a little out of order in my opinion over the last decade or so and I am sure we will put it right.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Oh the irony.

I've been looking forward to finishing my current role with my employer and starting a new role, still with my employer, who I fully trust I can build my long-term career with.

Even more than that, I have been looking forward to having a week off work, to relax and wind-down, and get ready and motivated for my new role.

So of course, on my last afternoon, I receive an e-mail advising that on my first day back, I will have to attend a court hearing, relating to something from the role I am leaving behind. Of which I would need to spend a lot of time preparing (ie the week of holiday I so desperately need). And I have never had to do attend any of the court hearings in the past 3 years of employment in this role.

This is irony in its truest form and it is happening to me.

I trust that posting this is acceptable to my employer (and anyone else) as there are no details of what the case is, however if anyone reads it and finds it unacceptable please do tell me.

I just had to get it off my mind though.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

I think perhaps I went a bit over-board on the doom and gloom of the prospect of lots of rain in my previous forecast. So apologies.

Though some parts not far from where I currently live, did get lots of rain. And the link in the title will take you to quite an interesting video of someone driving under a mini-tornado.

So it is gloomy and windy again. This is the back of the low pressure which has dominated our weather for the last week, though not quite as much as I originally thought it would.

It has one final twist and turn and will dump a lot of rain somewhere over southern England tonight or tomorrow morning, and then will be gone.

The weekend should be fine, mainly dry with quite a bit of sunshine. 20'C. Good times.

And next week should also be mainly dry, however I don't think the low pressure which is to the south of us is done quite yet, so though the forecast is currently fine, I would not be surprised to see one or two disturbances.

I am expecting a reasonable week, I do not rule out some showers, and temperatures should be around 18-20'C but possibly getting towards 25'C next weekend.

Pleasingly, the weather patterns are following what I would expect of an English summer, and the jet-stream seems to be behaving itself at the moment.

So we should get a summer of interchanging hot spells with showers, then rain and cooler spells with sun, and recycle. We might come close to breaking the record temperature later in July but if we do, I think it will be a brief heatwave.

Should I be correct, then you should be prepared for an autumn storm or two, come October. Give or take.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Big Brother

Oh dear, it is back. This is a programme that I refused to watch in season 1, but completely sucked me in the next few years. Since then I have admittedly ended up watching it as I find it an interesting psychological experiment, albeit slightly annoying at times.

Do I have the patience and the time in my life to be able to follow the final Big Brother? Last year it came down to following it for financial reasons, as I was convinced that one of the outsiders, Markus, would win. And I put some money on it, but I didn't especially enjoy watching it as a television programme.

So maybe for that reason only, I will try again. I probably shouldn't. I know I will regret it.

I guess I just have to think of it in my head as one long horse race.

Here's Maggie!

Ahh, I feel a bit relieved now. Margaret Thatcher has been to 10 Downing Street, which to me is a kind of a seal of approval for the new government.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

I'm in a bit of a foul mood today, partly Monday-itus and also that I have way way over-spent this month already and am not in a good place financially - unless I break my rules (a bit of a common occurence this year) and go overdrawn, I will only have 50p a day for the rest of the month. Yes I know it is my fault and I only have myself to blame, hence I am pissed off with myself.

So it brings me some selfish satisfaction to tell you how shit the weather is going to be this week.

It is going to rain tonight. Possibly heavy at times.

It is going to rain on Tuesday. Probably heavy and maybe thundery in the afternoon.

Ditto Wednesday.

And ditto Thursday as more moves in from the south-east though how far west it will get is still debatable. But at the moment it looks like it will get as far west as Reading, and also be pretty heavy and maybe thundery again.

Friday should see the rain more back eastwards as high pressure moves in.

Temperatures will be nothing to write home about, 16'C to 20'C.

Exactly as I predicted last week.

I feel a bit better now.

Unfortunately it is going to be nicer over the weekend, though not especially warm, just pleasant.

Next week will be better which will please me as I won't be at work.

Friday, June 04, 2010

How Hot Is It?

Well for those of us lucky enough to be living in Reading, we can find out how hot (or cold) it is, very accurately, thanks to the University of Reading, and their Meteorlogy Department.

The title link will take you to a site which is not the easiest to understand at first as it is primarily aimed at the scientific community, but give it chance and you might grow to love it.

Of interest to you is the Dry Bulb temperature - the rows of maximum and latest value, are those probably what you are looking for.

It is updated every 5 minutes I think, so count yourselves very lucky, and the weather station has been in operation for a long time so is well respected.

Any questions, I can try to answer, but a lot of it is past my scientific knowledge I'm afraid.

For anyone not in Reading, the Met Office has reasonable data for many weather stations on this link

Rubicon Mango Juice

One of the advantages of getting a bus from the train station in the morning, is that often someone wants to give you something.

Today I had Rubicon Mango Juice thrust into my hand, and I very gladly accepted as I really did have a thirst and was considering buying a drink, but didn't want to spend unnecessary money.

My life must be mapped out for me. This promotion was clearly all about giving me a drink.

So I feel I have to respond in kind by mentioning them. And I have to say, it was really nice. I would actually buy it.

Altocumulus Floccus

Now, whenever I see this type of cloud, I get a little bit excited. I've not seen it recently, but I hope I will soon. It means conditions are favourable for a thunderstorm.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Fantasy Fund Manager

I thought I should have a go at playing the City - in fantasy of course due to lack of real money (not sure the bank would lend it to me just to invest in shares?).

I have always fancied that I could get my brain around the City and make lots of money out of doing so if I put the time and effort into it, but I'm not convinced that I would ever want to, or that I would enjoy the kind of lifestyle that goes with it.

So they give you an imaginary £100,000.00 and you have to decide which funds to invest. I did the following:

JPMorgan Global Ex UK Bond 15,000.00
JPMorgan Global High Yield Bond 10,000.00
First State Scottish Oriental Smaller Companies 12,000.00
JPMorgan US Smaller Companies 12,000.00
JPMorgan US Smaller Companies IT plc 12,000.00
Threadneedle American Smaller Companies 12,000.00
JPMorgan Brazil Investment Trust plc 18,000.00
Premier Renewable Energy 9,000.00

I trust you won't need an explanation as to why I picked them? Anyone think they can do better than me? I'm up for the challenge. Let me know if you sign up (you can click lucky draw rather than have to try to work out what the hell they are talking about).

I promise not to talk finance too often! It is a bit of a head-fuck at times.

Updated Weather Forecast

Well it has been lovely but it isn't going to last as long as I initiated hoped for.

Friday will still be glorious, sunny, hot, probably cloud-less, 25'C, maybe a touch higher.

Saturday there is likely to be somewhat more cloud, but still hot at 25'C. Possible chance of a shower later on, small chance but a chance.

Sunday is going to be down to about 20'C and there is a good chance of a shower or some rain, which could well be heavy and thundery. Perhaps a little sunshine later in the afternoon.

Low pressure edges closer on Monday, but perhaps will suck up a little more warmth, which probably means heavy rain and thunderstorms though.

On Tuesday onwards for the rest of the week, low pressure will be over us and will generate showers or longer spells of rain, which could be heavy and thundery.

There could be a dry day though, don't rule it out. Temperatures won't be too bad, around the normal between 16'C and 19'C I expect. I don't rule out 21'C perhaps.

For next weekend, there is a good chance of a nice warm day on Saturday for the start of the world cup. A little too early to tell. Then it does look like high pressure will build again, but to our west which doesn't especially help temperatures. Again far too early to see if this will happen.

I'm still going for a mainly good end to June, I always expected a blip around the middle after a nice start, albeit I didn't originally expect it until around 10th.

Enjoy the rest of the sunshine - and hopefully the thunderstorms if we get them :-)

Reduced Salt Ketchup

You may remember a complaint I made to Heinz (copy in title link) about the fact that they are reducing their salt content.

Well I have now spoken to them on the phone, and they advise that it is a government guideline and they have to reduce the salt content by law.

Yet again the government is messing with my happiness. One is attributing the blame to the previous bastards in charge, as the original news story was only just after the new government had been agreed.

Maybe I need to start a petition?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Fabric Update

Just had an e-mail from fabric, not only are they still going to be open during June, but members (like me!) get in free, woohoo!

London Street Trams

Did anyone know that London Street in Reading still had tram tracks under it?

Until today anyway...

Fabric in Administration

As I speculated last week, fabric has gone into administration.

This is not something to panic about necessarily.

When a company goes into administration, the administrators that are appointed, assess whether it can remain as a going concern and be handed back to the original company directors, whether it can be sold on as a going concern, or finally whether all assets have to be sold, creditors paid off and the company liquidated (ie no more company).

I remain convinced from what I have seen that fabric can remain a going concern and become profitable once more. The losses in the last couple of years have been about 2% of turnover, hardly a problem.

However the problem is the guarantee for matter which is in too bad a state to rescue in my opinion. This means the current owners unless they have loads of money tucked away, cannot afford to run fabric and pay off the guarantee for matter.

A buyer needs to be found. Fabric can be profitable once more in good hands. And there is a certain sense of prestige in owning one of the world's best nightclubs.

My worry would be whether it would continue to be a bastion of undergound music, or whether a buyer would look to cash in on it's reputation and go totally for the tourist market, and send it more commercial.

Time will tell. I suggest everyone get down there whilst they can though, make sure it is a profitable business whilst in administration.

Love These Shoes

I want these shoes - but no way am I paying £195!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Steve Lawler at Space Opening

Ahhh Ibiza is open again! The link is Steve Lawler's set at Space Opening.

I'll have a look for some more too!