Monday, May 31, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Not much to say really, high pressure is going to build this week and we will get several really nice days, with temperatures between 21'C and 25'C.

Though we will have rain on Tuesday before we get the good weather.

The big question is how the break-down of the good weather will occur. I originally thought that the good weather might last until the 10th June and then there would be thunderstorms, but it is perhaps now more likely that it will last until about 6/7th June and then there will be more Atlantic lows.

I think it will depend on the jet-stream. We shall see.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Scientific Study

Being 30 is all about trying out new things.

I have a scientific theory which I want to test out. I don't think it has ever been studied, or if it has, then I am not aware of it. Even so, I have to test my theory, I cannot just rely on my own subjective opinion to back-up my theory forever.

I am not going to give any details out of this theory, as I will need volunteers to help collate data.

I still don't know if there is relevant scientific data available to compare it to, so I will not be asking for volunteers yet. But I hope a few of you will be willing to take part if I discover that it is a go-ahead.

It is oh so good me having these theories on how the world works but until someone proves it, then people can think I am talking bollocks.

When I was a child, I was convinced that volcanoes affected global temperatures, and cooled the planet. Nobody in any education that I came across could answer me, and there were no books on the matter. Nowadays it does seem to be accepted that this is the case though there is no conclusive proof, and no conclusive study done, as the sample of volcanoes that could affect weather patterns is relatively small, at least for the duration of good measurable global temperatures (roughly 1970 onwards I think - anything prior to that is not very substantiated due to the lack of available data). But the point is, I think my theory is now being proved right.

So this new theory, it seems I need to test myself. I hope I can, and I hope I will have some volunteers to collate data for me. About time I could call myself a Scientist!

Why Not Turkey?

I see that the Euro 2016 football tournament hosting rights have been awarded to France.

Italy and Turkey were also in the running. Now one can think of many reasons why Italy should not host the tournament. France, the only reason I have against it is that they hosted a World Cup in 1998.

Surely it should have gone to Turkey?

Turkey is a country which is progressing on many levels, both economically and socially. It will increasingly become an important trading partner, but more than that they are a connection to the Middle East, which is full of countries which trust Turkey far more than western countries.

Turkey should in my opinion, be working towards European Union integration. And before anyone gets worried about a nation of 70m relatively poor muslims who suddenly have free immigration rights to the United Kingdom, then I think you need to re-assess the Turkish psyche.

They are feriously nationalistic and love their country. And I see no reason why they would want to come and live in a cold and wet country. Just like Romanians and Bulgarians didn't want to join the EU.

So Turkey should have got it. About time it fully integrated into Europe.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Well, we got our hot sunshine, followed by the cold blast. It really has not been easy to predict the weather recently, for short-term forecasts anyway, there is a lot of uncertainty out there.

This weekend will not be anything special. Friday will be nice, quite sunny and quite warm, maybe 19'C which is average and will do very nicely.

Saturday sees the return of the Atlantic, with a weather system pushing rain across - we haven't seen that for some time. So, rain, followed by showers.

Sunday should be fine but might feel a bit chilly, around 16'C. Monday should start off ok but there is some rain coming.

The weather is definitely starting to wake up. The Atlantic is starting to develop (ie Saturday's band of rain) and the jet-stream is finally moving north and it is pretty much over us right now (I swear the jetstream affects moods too not just the weather) and the Azores High is pushing towards us.

I am expecting good weather next week, sunshine and temperatures 20'C or more, thanks to the Azores High pushing its way northeastwards towards the UK, which will bring sunshine and warmth. Also I think there is hot air from Africa about to be sucked up over Spain, some of which will then probably make its way here.

But at the same time the Atlantic has just woken up I think. And the jetstream is over us. I am currently projecting some kind of thundery breakdown around 10th June.

We shall see. I will of course keep you updated.

No Gordon?

Did anyone notice that Gordon Brown didn't take his place on the back-benches of parliament on Wednesday? Why not?

The 3 previous losing leaders of John Major, William Hague and Michael Howard did.

Was he too embarrassed? Weak? Or does he just not like being the dictator any more?

Fabric In Trouble Too?

Following matter's closure, rumours are abound that fabric might follow too. Here is my assessment:

For the last accounts filed for the year ending 2008, they had a negative net worth of £150k, and had made a loss of approx £220k, but that was on a turn-over of £8m.

Add on a loss of £180k that I read earlier for year ending 2009 (not filed at Companies House yet), this would give them a negative net worth of £330k, assuming there was no other financial input from the backers - I'm not sure how much the owners are worth, if they are able or willing to do so.

However I'm also led to believe that fabric is guarantor to matter, and if matter are £3m in debt and traded at a reputed loss of £1m last year, one can understand why matter had to stop trading immediately.

fabric was trading at a small profit in years prior to 2008 (when the recession kicked in) so I believe it is still a going concern, however I expect that it would need a restructure to continue. Which is where administrators would come in, and this is what my money is on. Less profitable parts of the business, less value-add employees (88 employees in 2008) and less profitable nights would have to go - as would over-priced DJs unless those particular nights were profitable (I have no idea of which individual nights are the most profitable).

Either that or they need to find a buyer, willing also to pay enough to cover the guarantee of matter. And would a new buyer let it continue to trade as an underground venue, or would they be looking at ways of making a quicker buck?

Credit rating agencies rate fabric as a higher risk of business failure than average, and that was on the figures from 2008 - long before matter failed.

My conclusion is that they may have to go into administration (unless the owners can pump money in). Fingers crossed it comes through the other side - London without fabric to all those who love dance music would be like London without Buckingham Palace to all the tourists.

Blog Stats Update

Well it might be of no interest to you but it is me, I am a bit of a stats fan.

I've now had 259 unique visitors to the blog, from 18 different countries. The only continent without a visitor now is South America. I've had visitors as far apart as Australia, India, USA, Russia, South Africa and much of Europe. Though 94% of my visitors are from the UK, which makes sense as that is my target audience!

My highest amount of unique visitors on one day was 48 (previous best was 18) - and that was on election day which is not a surprise with the amount of blog posts I did about the election. I guess people really were interested in the election, and also what I had to say :-)

In total, the site has had 823 visits, so the average person has been here 3 times. Not bad.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I can finally announce that I have achieved a promotion at work.

I will shortly no longer be doing Debt Recovery, which has definitely run its course after just under 3 years, and will now be working in the Commission Ops department, as a Specialist, trying to ensure that the internal sales people at Verizon get the correct commission paid for them, investigating queries and correcting it if it goes wrong.

Very much a finance-based role again but something much different to Debt Recovery.

Happy days (except that I might have to cut down my Friday lunch beers...and be more awake on a Monday morning!)


Another colleague of mine looking very attractive, I'm sure you will agree.

He joins esteemed company of those most attractive individuals with a photo on my blog; my colleague Adam after been attacked by a dildo, a homeless Gordon Brown and The Sloth.

The North

I would just like to confirm what part of the country the North is.

It is approximately 30-40 miles either side of the M62. It includes Blackpool, Scarborough, no further south of the river Humber, but does slope south-westwards to include Chesterfield and Sheffield, but definetely not Derby. Then westwards to Crewe, and just about includes Cheshire, but not the set of Hollyoaks.

Definitely not Birmingham, Cumbria or Newcastle. They are the midlands, the north-west and the north-east respectively.

Hope you appreciate the geography lesson. And all of these towns have a rugby league side. Any with a rugby union side of similar stature to the league side (such as Leeds) are traiturous northern places. Though as Sven loves Leeds, I do not propose it to be nuked.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cocoon In The Park

Listen to Sven talk and the music, on the video on the Facebook page on the title link, and tell me you don't want to go!

Feeling the love and the music :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

I hope you enjoyed the heat and humidity.

I'm sure that you are aware that cooler air is on its way.

When hot and cold air masses mix so dramatically, there are usually some kind of consequences.

Somewhere, over northern Europe, whether it be the UK, Germany, Holland, Denmark or maybe Poland, things are going to come to a bang I suspect.

I hope it isn't here, well I hope it isn't anywhere, but it will be somewhere. I cannot tell you what the weather will be like in a couple of days as I really don't know. I can say that I have concerns that there will be a major storm event, some kind of flooding, severe thunderstorms with tornadoes - something we are just not used to.

But that is probably more likely to occur to the east of the UK, it will be news-worthy.

I am expecting some kind of significant rain event, before high pressure builds again in a week or so.

Apologies that I cannot give you any more certainty, the outlook is changing very rapidly and is giving very conflicting answers.

Instant Messaging

Does anyone still use instant messaging in their personal lives?

I still find it very useful at work to get an instant response from someone, but in my personal life, it has become pretty redundant, thanks to Facebook, and has been redundant for some time.

In fact, it wasn't really necessary in the first place as telephones are even better at achieving a goal of an instant answer.

I do believe that poor communication causes a lot of problems in our lives, and where technology should have made things easier, it has actually made it worse. The digital revolution has crept up on us all and we don't really fully understand it. It will take some more years yet I think for everything to be smooth and for everyone to be connected like we should be.

I don't blame individuals as such, just that the pace of change has been too difficult to grasp, and technology keeps advancing at a rate that we just cannot keep up with.

Interesting article in the link which backs up that nobody uses IM any more.

More Work

A little improvement to the below


Plenty of work does get done but sometimes there are distractions which need to be shared

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Afternoon Picture Humour

Link in title to Facebook group with 7000+ amusing photos - I know what I am doing for the rest of the afternoon


Check out the youtube video in the link for hailstones the size of eggs - pretty impressive!

Get Over Yourself Woman!

Link in the title is a report where a French woman called Zoe Renault, has hired a lawyer to stop the car company, Renault, from branding their new car with the name "Zoe".

Apparently she could not bear to be associated with a car for the rest of her life, and all the sarcastic jibes that would bring.

Like, hello woman, get over yourself and your sense of importance. This takes vanity and shallowness to a whole new level.

The Sandwich

Tesco are now selling the most amazing Meat Feast sandwich in the world possible, just for the World Cup.

It consists of:


Beat that if you can!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

I promised sunshine and warmth and here it is.

Enjoy it.

It will last through the weekend, around 25'C, possibly a bit more.

Tuesday is when I expect cooler air to push in from the north, and it is a really strong northerly flow direct from the Arctic so you will feel the difference.

Lovely fantastic weekend, but do not get too excited - cooler next week.

There is still a tiny chance of a thunderstorm at some point during the weekend, as the warm and cold air masses have arguments over which direction they can go.

I'm still hopeful though that next weekend may be pleasant with temperatures of 18'C or more.

Don't be surprised to be sunburnt this weekend, and next week to be reaching for your winter jacket. I hope that suffices. Feedback always welcome.

I'm A Celebrity!

I was just enjoying an orange, bathing in the sunlight on the balcony of Casa Wintang, when I heard from the beer garden of the pub over the canal/river opposite us, "Look at that guy on the balcony", from a woman, and the guy she was talking to turned his head towards me.

I waved.

They looked away at each other sheepishly.

So that is what it feels like. OK I can deal with it.

No Matter

Following on from the sad news that Matter is no longer going to continue, I thought I should ask Cocoon if they fancied buying it, seeing as Sven loved it so much.

They are not interested though. Oh well. I tried.

Plea For A Holiday Partner

OK, I need a holiday from work. So I'm going to take a week off.

I was thinking the week commencing 14th June.

Does anyone want to join me and go somewhere? Open to suggestions. Please send me a message if you do.

If not, then I am just going to chill out in Reading and watch the World Cup.

No More Scousers

I cannot believe that Jamie Carragher has just stated that the chance to play for Fabio Capello was a massive influence in his decision to come out of international retirement.

Erm, what about the chance to represent your country? England?

See I think most people from Liverpool, think that they are separate from England, and its governing laws. Very lovely people, but very much just looking after themselves.

And I think having people from Liverpool in the England squad could be detrimental, especially given the quotes from Mr Carragher.

Also, the midfield could easily do without Gerrard - who in my opinion is over-rated thanks to the media.

Man up, Capello!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Matter

So the rumours are true and matter is to close, at least for the summer.

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, this is the nightclub in London which most spectacularly hosts Cocoon.

They are trading at a loss and it seems they cannot continue.

Whilst I don't love the place, and it is really far out, it should not be necessary to close it. Cocoon at matter was just one truly outstanding night out. I am saddened that it cannot be repeated.

Also, the same people back fabric - I hope this doesn't suffer too.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Love me, love my weather forecasts. Well, you can love me and my weather forecast today anyway.

Nothing has changed really since my previous forecast on Thursday, temperatures rising this week, 19'C on Tuesday, 20'C on Wednesday, 22'C on Thursday...and 25'C on Friday, Saturday, maybe Sunday and maybe even Monday. Maybe even 27'C at the peak??? Perhaps a little optimistic but certainly possible!

It won't be wall to wall sunshine though as there is a band of rain coming across on Wednesday but the high pressure will dissipate it's potential so it will be more cloud than rain, and rather humid.

So not as sunny as it could be - but increasing amounts of sunshine after Wednesday though I am expecting a breakdown at some point. Probably on Monday, maybe Sunday, with cooler air following. But high pressure should be nearly anyway after the weekend so it should stay fine.

However I do not rule out a heavy shower or thunderstorm any or every day from Friday to Monday. Far from certain but quite possible.

So increasing amounts of sunshine, increasingly warm and even quite hot - but potential for thunderstorms later. Then turning cooler but fine. That is my summery summary.


The link in the title is an explanation as to what a Pattie is.

By the way, a bread-cake is known in some places in the world, as a bread-roll.

My Life As We Know It Is Over

See link in title and below complaint:

Dear Sir

I am totally distraught to hear that you are changing the recipe of Heinz Ketchup - and not only that, but to be doing it on the sly.

Whilst my life does not revolve around ketchup, and I feel that I would still be able to live some kind of existance (thanks to gravy), I will have to take measures to limit the impact.

I have tried a reduced salt version from yourselves and it was definitely reduced enjoyment. In fact I would go to say that it was distinctly disappointing.

I will either be looking into getting a bank loan to get as much as possible, or if this is not possible then I will have to investigate the other brands on the market.

Not only that, I have noticed a significant increase in the cost recently, and also noticed that I am seemingly unable to get a top-down bottle any more.

I am very distraught to hear this most disturbing news.

I hope you can find it in your hearts to reverse this most revolting decision.

James Winfield

My Ex-Manager

The link in the title is a video to my ex-manager (ish) singing Abba.

If you ever knew her, or even heard about her, you might be able to imagine what we went through the last 18 months.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Techno Is So Good

I'm looking forward to seeing Sven Vath do a 10-hour long set at for Cocoon at matter in June. It goes to show just how good techno is that one DJ can play it for 10 hours and not get bored.

Can you imagine a hard house DJ doing a 10 hour set?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Updated Weather Forecast

Well what a lovely week that was. Not. Some very low overnight temperatures with temperatures down to 0'C in Reading the last couple of nights. And lots of cloud. Little in the way of rain. What was my long-term forecast for May? Wet and warm. Ahem. I cannot get them all right.

Just to cheer you up a little more, Moscow is currently enjoying temperatures of 25'C or more.

However, Madrid, Paris and Ibiza are in the same weather pattern as us and as such are recording temperatures no higher than about 17'C. So we are not alone.

We are about to lose the cold air. High pressure is going to build to the south and exert its influence, joy!

But it is a bit of a slow process. The weekend might if we are lucky see temperatures of 16'C with some sun, though I would not be surprised if it were closer to 14'C with fairly cloudy skies and the odd shower.

Next week, things should settle down, sunshine amounts will increase as will temperatures. 17'C on Monday, 19'C on Tuesday, 20'C on Wednesday & Thursday.

As for next weekend, well it could go one of two ways in my opinion; either we suck up some heat from Africa making it 25'C followed by thunderstorms, or we get a slight cooling to 17'C with a couple of showers.

One thing that does concern me is the jet stream. I would like to see it to the north of the UK. It is currently very far to the south. At some point it will shift northwards as it always does during the summer months. Also, the Atlantic is producing very little in the way of weather. This won't last forever. Awake the Atlantic and bring the jet stream back up north and you repeat the scenario of the last few summers.

I'm going to go out on a limb though and say - hot August. We all need some hope!

Luxury BBQ

I have been invited to a BBQ at some hotel in the middle of nowhere.

Entry fee is £30.

This supreme offer includes half a bottle of house wine.


David Cameron's House Party

Anyone up for a trip to Downing Street on 31st July?

See link in title - 135,167 confirmed guests and counting, could be a good party :-)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome New Era

I think it is about time I summarised what just happened. In short, we are receiving hope, as opposed to fear. Encouragement for private business as opposed to increased public sector waste. Liberty as opposed state control. Honesty as opposed to lies and deceit.

I'm hopeful it will bring the best parts of Conservatism and the best parts of Liberal Democratism together to make the country go forward in the most positive direction possible.

It will take time. It took a long time for Gordon Brown to ruin the economy. It will take a long time for it to be repaired.

I think I have talked enough politics. I hope you have enjoyed it. I hope you have been encouraged to take notice and to participate. After all, it affects your life.

I will be holding this government to account. I will not be afraid to vote for another party in 5 years time if I feel it has failed in providing the governance required. I will be actively communicating with my local MP and the Conservative party to ensure my views are heard (I did after all contact them to advise them to run a positive campaign, and also not to be scared of a referendum on political reform as a price of ensuring a stable government - they seem to have listened).

I hope you also feel more motivated to advise your local MP on how you would like matters dealt with.

I also hope you are patient and give the government 5 years or a good portion of it to sort the mess out.

Onwards and upwards.

I'll start talking more about proper parties soon!

Goodbye Gordon

Let's not get carried away in the emotion of a guy leaving a job that he loved doing.

We should remember how much he has done to ruin the country.

The link in the title goes to a 45-minute documentary called "Gordon Brown's Missing Billions" from 2005 which I have just discovered, which lambastes Gordon Brown for his economic policy as chancellor, explains how it did not bring the expected improvements in public services, gives many examples of deceit, and also warns of potential economic problems to come.

That was quite a good prophecy, it is worth watching if you get chance. If only more people had taken notice in time.

I hope lessons are learnt. Anyway, onwards and upwards, at last :-)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm a man of few words today...

30 Seconds Of Amusement

I cannot be bothered to make any more posts about politics.

Check the title link if you want to know what the fuck you should make for dinner.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cocoon Line-Ups

The link in the title lists the Cocoon line-ups in Ibiza this summer.

If you know what I am talking about, then you know why it excites me.

If you don't know what I am talking about, search my blog for the word "Cocoon" for video and music links and you will soon know why I live my life to go to Cocoon parties!

Finally! Gordon Brown To Resign!

Gordon Brown has confirmed that he is going to resign as Labour leader, and hence Prime Minister.

Thank fuck for that.

It doesn't really matter what happens next. He destroyed the economy and by doing so caused massive problems.

What a relief! The dictator is no more!

More comment from me later, of course! News story link in title.

Updated Weather Forecast

Well it is about time I stopped talking politics. The weather is hardly inspiring me to blog about it either, but I feel I should. I will try to get into a regular pattern of Monday & Thursday forecasts.

This week will be dominated by cold weather. Temperatures will vary between 10'C and 13'C. Rainfall amounts will be fairly low, sunshine amounts will be variable.

I am hopeful that Saturday and Sunday will be fine with more pleasant temperatures of 16-17'C. Hardly warm, but just about average.

After that, I see a battle between warmer air to the south and cooler air to the north. Things to the east might start to warm up soon, so any further easterlies after the end of the month should start to be more appealing. The continent hasn't done much warming up yet so cannot be a positive influence yet.

My long-term prediction of a wet and warm May is looking far off the mark. I guess I cannot get them all right. This was the kind of weather I was expecting for July/August - pretty dry but not exactly hot. Oh well, it could be worse!

Getting Angry

It appears a lot of Lib Dem activists are vehemently anti-Conservative.

If that is the case, then screw them. David Cameron should state that a deal is off and try to form a minority government.

Although I am starting to think maybe the best outcome would be for Gordon Brown to form a government, thereby completely screwing things up so those that voted him and Labour can experience properly, the damage that he has done to the country and the economy.

And then the Conservatives can come to the rescue in a couple of years time. If that is the case I doubt I will be the only person looking to emigrate, at least for a short period.

The country voted for uncertainty. Does the country want to go to ruin? Or does the country want to be rescued?

The political argument should really be whether we are more Liberal or Conservative.

Socialism is bankrupt. Socialism makes us bankrupt.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Jamie Jones Set

The link in the title is worth listening to, if only for the most amazing track at around 8 minutes.

Absolutely astonishing.

Friday, May 07, 2010

There Is Still Hope

Just a short comment.

I see David Cameron is in the process of making an open and comprehensive offer to the Liberal Democrats for a coalition government.

Whilst I believe that a Conservative majority would have been best for the country, there always were a few areas of Conservatism that I didn't fully agree with as they were not liberal enough. So from a selfish point of view, I might actually end up with the perfect government for me.

And there would be no more Gordon Brown.

One assumes he is desperately trying to think of ways to stay in power somehow. Power is a drug, and Gordon likes this particular drug a lot.

But we can be thankful of living in a democracy, and I think once an agreement is in place, we can truly be proud not only to have lived in one, but to be actively taking part in one.

By the way, there might be some sunshine next weekend, though not especially warm. Warmth could increase significantly after 20th. I'll keep you updated :-)

Have a good weekend.

Scottish Independence

This is clearly the biggest argument for Scottish independence that there has ever been.

If the results of the English constituencies are taken on their own, then there is a clear result - a Conservative majority.

Only 1 MP in Scotland will be Conservative.

So, why not let Scotland be its own country? It has a parliament and sets much of its laws anyway, whilst still influencing ours.

What have the Scottish ever done for the English? They gave us Gordon Brown. The Royal Bank of Scotland. Haggis. Bagpipes. Erm...

This isn't an anti-Scottish rant, because I have been to Scotland many times - it is a beautiful place, the people are admirably passionate, and humorous.

Lots of Scottish people want independence, maybe it really is about time they were granted it. I don't want them having sway over how this part of the country down here is run.

I love Scotland, and its people, but I also love England, and I live in England and we should be allowed to govern how we choose - and the English chose Conservative.

Vote For Uncertainty?

I give up. I was hoping that right now I would have a huge smile on my face, and my fears about the future would be put to rest, and the Conservatives under David Cameron would now in a position to take up government to sort the mess out.

But although they will have more MPs and the highest percentage of the vote, they are still not in government. Labour are desperately clinging on. Gordon Brown's regime reminds me of many others around the world - Robert Mugabe is a good example (granted less murderous), but in psychology at least, I see little difference.

All the talk is of a hung parliament on the news. Not good.

I'm going to sleep instead (with Sky News on the background) and then get up tomorrow and go shopping or something equally trivial but which I might actually be able to get what I choose. Then again I am terribly indecisive when it comes to buying clothes. Oh I'll do a weather forecast for you too.

There still could be a Conservative majority.

And if the worst comes to the worst and we have a hung parliament with Labour under Gordon Brown still involved, then at least when the shit hits the fan and the country falls to pieces, I can say "I told you so"! And the Conservatives will be re-elected time and time again as nobody would ever dare trust Labour, surely...

Or maybe, all 3 main parties will form a coalition government? David Cameron as Prime Minister, Gordon Brown as Foreign Secretary, Alastair Darling as Chancellor, Nick Clegg as Deputy Leader...

Who knows!

Thursday, May 06, 2010


Please. For me. And for you. Please.

Tottenham Hotspur

Congratulations should go to Tottenham Hotspur for qualifying for the Champions League.

They have many young English players, probably the best English manager - it is good to keep out the over-spending Man City, and the moaning Rafa Benitez and Liverpool fans who think they deserve to win (shut up with your moaning).

One day, Hull City. One day.

Why I Am Voting Conservative

Originally when I about 10 years old, it was just because I preferred the colour blue.

Now it is because I want the economy to be repaired. I want a bright, prosperous future for the country I live in, and love.

I fully believe that Labour ruined the country in the 1970's (3 days a week of electricity, rubbish piled in streets, the country was bankrupt and known as the "sick-man of Europe").

The Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher rescued the country in the 1980's and made the country prosperous and proud once more.

Sure, there were some bad ideas like the poll tax (reversed once the unpopularity was accepted), and not everyone prospered - coal-miners for example. However coal mines were not profitable, miners were holding the country to ransom and quite frankly I would rather work in an office than down a mine. The country shifted from one of dirty industry, to more intellectually-based service industries. I am very very happy this transformation took place.

Now we face problems created during the Labour years, the most pressing of which is the perilous economic state due to the huge budget deficit - we owe about £800-$900 billion in loans, and we increase our debt by £160-£170 billion per year (the budget deficit). This has to stop. We are close to bankruptcy. Someone has to grasp this.

Until a few months ago, Gordon Brown was arguing to spend more. Only a little realism from Alastair Darling (the chancellor) has persuaded him otherwise and that was after a year of the Conservatives requesting the we make sensible cuts.

The Conservatives offer hope, as opposed to fear. I trust David Cameron. I believe he really does want the best for the country. I can aspire to be like him. I want to be led by him.

I believe their policies in such things as education and immigration will be very positive for the future of the UK. They also understand that good work has been done to the NHS under Labour and want to continue it (less the thousands of unnecessary managers duplicating administration).

Further to this, the Conservatives want to stop early releases from prisons. They are the only party likely to seriously try to tackle crime, without politically-correct pandering to "criminals human rights".

There are so many reasons not to vote Labour especially under Gordon Brown, the most negative leader I have known. They give no reasons to vote them - only scare stories not to vote Conservative.

The Liberal Democrats might have some interesting ideas, but they will significantly increase immigration, release 60,000 prisoners from jail, and want to join the Euro. None of which I can agree with.

Labour have had 13 years. If the Conservatives don't get it right in the next 5, there will be another election, another chance to change things.

Personally I hope for a Conservative majority, but with Liberal Democrats in second, forming the official opposition (they do deserve a chance in direct opposition).

I want the Labour party to go back to their socialist roots and start to represent their core vote.

I've given up trying to persuade people who to vote for. But not to persuade people to vote. Thousands if not millions of people died in the past to give us freedom and democracy. Voting is not only a right, it is a responsibility to society.

You should vote in what you believe in. And if you really cannot decide, if you think they are all the same, then pick your favourite colour.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Election Fatigue

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days. I haven't been feeling quite myself, but I think I am back on form now.

On my sickness evaluation form at work, I put down that I had a stomach bug. But upon evaluation, realistically I think it might more accurately be something like election fatigue. I've watched so much politics recently that I've actually started to like television again!

I have been waiting for many a year for a government, and a leader, to come along who could inspire, and get the country to work. I believe that unless you are capable of living in your very own little bubble (and I think some people are), that you and your thoughts are not only a product of yourself, but a product of the society around you. Everything around you reinforces your beliefs.

Take yourself out of your part of society and into another, and you will find your thoughts changing.

Anyway, so the last 13 years politically kind of went like this for me.

1997 - OK Labour are in. There are societal problems, give them a chance to sort it out, but I am worried they will mess the economy up.
2001 - OK they haven't fucked up the economy, but they haven't fixed many of the problems like they said they would.
2002 - Gordon Brown starts pouring money into health and education and this is where our debt starts to build.
2003 - This is where I started to become worried about the amount that I thought was recklessly being spent.
2005 - Another election. I really could not understand why the economy had not tipped into recession by now, and was convinced that it was about to so I wasn't too worried that Labour won another election as I did not want my preferred Conservatives to get tarred with the brush of causing a recession.
2006 - Where is the recession? Clearly I do not know anything. Absolutely confused despite now studying economics.
2007 - Oh dear, not Gordon Brown. At least he miraculously abolished 'boom and bust', as he stated. But I would far rather we had chosen our leader rather than our leader be dictated upon us.
2008 - The reason we didn't have a much earlier recession is explained to me, in that risk was packaged up in securitisation of structured financial products by the banks, not properly regulated, not properly understood. And we still have Gordon Brown.
2009 - Oh no please not more Gordon Brown
2010 - How much longer do we have to go on for?

I'm worn out. I have election fatigue. I so desperately either want a good new government - or a cock-up of a government to prove my predictions of worse to come correct. I just want it over and done with.

I cannot wait for election day.