Friday, February 05, 2010

Richly Yawning

I came across this today. Now I do like Richie Hawtin's music, not as much as I used to but still I do like it. However...

CONTAINER is an event series seen at the intersection of conceptual ideas between the electronic labels m-nus and raster-noton.
In the last ten years both labels have set high standards for sound and visual performance.

With a strong affinity to minimalist design and a compelling musical catalogues, the collaboration between Richie Hawtin, Olaf Bender,
Carsten Nicolai and other label artists breathes new life into the electronic music scene.

CONTAINER events introduce an experimental platform of performative interaction that promotes the labels' overlapping conceptual structures to form a unique laboratory of sound and visual expression.

Were it a little later in the day and myself more awake then I would write a somewhat more elaborate descreditation.

For now, all I have to say, is...



  1. we know people who lean towards overly elaborate descriptions of their club nights (sync, I'm looking at you!)

  2. I guess it is just mis-guided passion for what they are doing!

    It's almost like a footballer spending 40 hours a week ironing their football shirt